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Meh… I forgot to edit yesterday´s post.


So, I was thinking about starting to write a story. But there is a little problem…

Although the story itself isn´t really slice of life, there will be a lot of slice of life parts, and I´m kind of lost. So, if anyone want to give me any tips or anything else, please tell me^^


As far as I´m concerned, the main focus of slice of life type of stories have a lot of focus on the characters themselves. Nothing is really happening, so you won´t really want to know what happens because of what will happen, but because you want to know what happens to the Character. As long as you have a good character, it is possible to keep it up.


Another thing I think is really important is to add whenever possible interesting random facts or random ideas for the characters to talk or think about. This would make the *nothing happens* story be a bit more possible to look forward for as it is a bit more interesting and makes character development more potent.


One more thing is minor incidents randomly happening. That is for the same reasons as the random ideas.


Well, no matter what it is, please tell me your opinion. The more information I can work with, the better it is for me^^ I´m the type of person that works better thinking about other people´s ideas rather than my own :/



Now, the last thing is about updates being published earlier than usual. I don´t want to ask about if you want them or not(because it is obvious anyone would want them), but it´s more of something I am a bit curious of…


Like, if you get an update earlier than usual, but the next day you don´t, then would you become upset or something like that? This kind of thing that I wanted to ask about.



With that said, while I will start publishing new chapters earlier when it is possible for me rather than waiting for the time when I usually post, this kind of thing won´t really happen very often :/

2 thoughts on “Title: Title

  1. I’m fine with any kind of update speed. The way you release new chapter daily are good enough for me because I have something to look forward to everyday.

    Personally, I think it would be great if you just release it whenever you feel like/comfortable with.


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