Just the usual.



Well, so, I was trying to add the series to aho updates, but I couldn´t find any way to do so. It would be nice if someone could tell me how to, or add it themselves, and if there is any need to contact the moderator there, to tell me how to contact.

…Though, I guess I should have looked more deeply into the forums to look for that answer.


By the way, I changed the font of the letters since some people complained about the letters being too small and kind of grayish at the mobile. I was wondering if it became better with this new font, or if there is any need to use another one with bigger letters.


Now, regarding the background of the site… I still have no idea how I should change it… If there are any suggestions, please tell me, and also, if the background is in anyway still annoying to have, just tell me so that I can remove it.


Also, I will start putting “next chapter” links in the chapters pages for more convenience. I kind of forgot to do that…

Today´s chapter and things regarding the reddit

Chapter link


Today, I finally noticed something stupidly obvious… Before, I was misunderstanding many things about how the rules were for posting chapter updates there. Before, I though that instead of simply posting the updates, instead there being some kind of space dedicated for each story, which in there the chapters would be updated… And also that one needed to ask permission for one to update any chapters…

I was innocently messaging the moderators asking for permition to update my stuff there, but instead all I got were responses asking wtf I´m asking them about…

So embarrassing…. ;-;

In fact, I even mistook flair with the supposed to exist sections where the chapters would be published to which I had misunderstood before. This moment was so braindead by me that perhaps I could have some talent for being those MCs at those japanese novels where the theme is the MC being so stupid that he misunderstands everything…


Well, not to waste the trip, I asked for the flair. My name in reddit is NotImportantTwo. With that, I can prove my identity.


Ah, and also, sorry there Aidal. You even went your way to go help me… But even though I was supposed to be the one updating the chapters after the first ten you did, seeing how I actually didn´t, you posted the updates for me… ;-;


Well, with that said, I will be properly posting the updates on reddit from now on. Well, unless somebody wants to do it instead.(My sloth is to the point of shamelessness, but I still appreciate any efforts given to help me ^^)


Also, I will now start working on remodeling the site.

Re-editing because I slacked off… Stuff I wanted to say on todays post in general.

Once, there was a comment saying about my translations having tons of grammar problems, so at the time, I went to check it and didn´t spot anything special…(Aka just giving a glance because lazy as to prove oneself that one did indeed check things out)


But just to be sure, I went to check it out more thoroughly and noticed that there were actually really a lot of engrish parts… Just thinking how I had published such engrish… Well, do you know those times when you just want to hit your head on the wall? (But its too scary so you don´t…)


I pretty much had rushed the edition and didn´t pay much attention to it…


But really, you guys are too kind -.- Out of all the comments, only one did point this out… If it were me, even as a leecher, even if it was not to directly complain, I would be silently wishing the translator death if the translations were to be of that quality. Like, really.

…In fact, there was even a part in the text that actually was left incomplete at the eighth chapter. This is just to show how much I slackened… (It was only a few words that one would still be able to understand by the context, so it shouldn´t have affected the story so far.)


I´m not sure if anybody noticed, but today(fortunately before the eletricity problems started), I re-edited all the chapters.


I won´t enter in much detail about what happened. I simply didn´t edit my first chapters properly, and because I was still not so used to translating from japanese to english at that time, without many changes from the sloppy edition, the first chapters came out with many engrish parts…

I would say that the engrish was so bad that maybe even reading all again might be worth it… Well, as some consolation to the ones that read the chapters before I edited everything again(and also as a consolation to myself-.-), the chapters that really had those engrish problems were the first to the eighth chapters mostly. From the ninth and so on, they only had a few unpolished parts and a few mistakes overall.


So, I promise that from now on, the quality of the translations will be better!! Well, although this promise feels a bit like those from corrupt politicians….


Well, because of the re-edition and the eletricity problems i´ve had recently, I will put off remodelying the background for now.

Really, so much stressful all this… It´s so much worse when you fail not because of your own fault, but because of other people -.- And worse than that is when you can´t even blame other people, but only fate.


I´ve heard the eletricity problems here in the apartment I live has been aggravating, so, it won´t be weird for something like that to happen again. So, if I happen to not post any chapters nor give any notice in the next days, the energy going down will have been most likely the reason why.

Eletricity problems…

Well, so, it´s been the third time the eletricity went down today… It seems that it is a problem happening only on the apartment I live on, but I don´t have any of that internet you pay thingy that you can use it anywhere with your mobile remaining, otherwise I could maybe copy paste the chapter just in case and try to work from there…


Well, either way, it has already been the third time the energy went down, so if it happened again, it wouldn´t be too weird. I will post this here just so you know the reason for no chapter being released in case such really ends up happening. I will probably need less than one hour before finishing the new chapter, which I think the energy will be able hold out for long enough.

Wondering about the website´s background. (New chapter)

New chapter!!


I was a bit late here. About 30 minutes late when comparing to the usual time I post the chapters… Or maybe 40 minutes… Well, I was lazying around to the last moment, so when I checked what time it was… Well, you can´t go back in time, so all I could do was to edit the chapter as fast as I could. I´m a bit surprised that I didn´t finish editing too late.


I can say that the chapter was edited well enough. At least, it is for sure good enough for reading… I wanted to double-check, but because it felt to me that I couldn´t waste any more time, I will do it after posting it and maybe edit some parts.


Well, today I was wondering about the website´s background. Because like, at the left side, there are a bunch of colors and stuff, so I was wondering whether it was annoying to have these when reading. Something like those being kind of distracting or so. It felt a bit distracting to me, but it could have been just bias… So I would like to ask your opinion.


Oh, and I also want to complain a bit about the author´s naming sense for the chapters -.- No real reason, I just want to be annoying a bit. It´s kind of too direct. The chapter titles, I mean.


Also, this time, because of lack of possible translations, it became delivery of *goods*.  ITS SOO MISLEADDINGGGG AHAFHSDUFAHFIJHFASUIN


New chapter and so…

Today´s chapter has been released.


Well, it felt a bit weird to lack something else other than just putting a link for the chapter because everybody loves convenience. So I was kind of wondering what to put here…


So like, nothing really happened today. I´m as healthy as usual, terrorists are still fighting somewhere in the globe and the possibility of me having an hiperdimentional imaginary dog is still a possibility.(I prefer cats though, but “imaginary cat” just doesn´t feel fitting for some reason… That´s bias I say)


With nothing to say about, let´s talk about business.(the only choice and only hope)


So, I would like to ask for information on other websites that work just like novel updates. I´m too lazy to be googling it around, so I will take the easy way. I´m already aware of baka updates and that novel updates reddit thread, but if there is anything else, I guess it would be nice? Well, there is really nothing to talk about…


I still didn´t add the novel on the reddit thread because I dunno how to use it ;-; But, one day I certainly will. Someday…

Today´s chapter is up

Here. Nothing to say about that.


Now, thinking about something just to add to the post, I´ve started to wonder which hour of the day I should be adding the new chapters. Which time would be more convenient for you or so… In fact, it wouldn´t be weird if the answer to that question were to be the first comment of the whole website!


Comment baiting commence.


For the sake of the dejected myself, and also just for the sake of it, really.

Heart-stopping excelling tragedy moment. Ah, and a new chapter as well.

First chapter posted in this site, yay!(If you don´t count the 7 first chapters)


Well, so, I was like 100% sure that I had put in the previous post I would start posting chapters daily from the day 14… Then, to go do some changes to the website, I took a break from translating and went to check it out. Then I saw… It was day 13 actually……..

So like… It was a pleasant surprise that would made any person fall of the chair, hit the head and die by cerebral contusion. Approved by psychological masochists, I failed to post the first chapter of the website that actually had a deadline. Editing like a madman, my wonderful adventure ended when I noticed that it was 1 a.m. in the clock, meaning that when I had seen what day it was, it was past midnight. Fortunately for me, I felt so relieved I forgot to feel stupid. Rare occurrences like that must definitely be recorded, so it can´t be helped that I post it.



Ah, and of course, today´s chapter has just been released by the way.

Translation start! Now is just surviving…

Although I´ve already written stories before, I don´t have much experience in translating, but I can at least assure that the translations will be accurate enough for reading.(hopefully ^^)


I will be translating Katahane no Riku and post one chapter every day(hopefully^^), and in the future, accept donations for extra chapters once I get it going. Please, take care of me :3(that stuff you say in japanese, right)


For now, I will publish the seven first chapters and start posting new chapters from the day 13/02 so that I can finish sorting out things about the website and things in RL.