Titles, titles and more titles! I had enough about titles…

It would have been so awesome if the ones there were the spiritualist captives… ;-;


Another tricky to translate title… I translated ->運命は転がる<-, which literally means destiny taking a different way or something like that, into choosing a different future.


I wonder if it is acceptable 0.0

Buh… Late again…(Good, because I don´t need to think of a name for the title^^)

More and more it looks like Charlotte is secretly the main character, with Riku being only a side story. I mean… The way the demons act is pretty much like she is the MC of those misunderstandings stories…@.@


By the way, in this chapter and another recent one(that very sad one), there is something that I have no idea how to translate. In those two cases, when Asty was described, she was said to be a 大柄なdemon. The translation that is most likely to be the correct one is that she has a large-build…..

But………………………….. Those are the FIRST TIMES she had been described like that. After something like 30 chapters, only now was she said to have a large build. The first time she had been described, she was said to have an appearance that by the outward appearance, she would be of about the same age of Riku.


Well, but 大柄な kind of can also mean that the person has an arrogant air around, or something like that… Asty is very happy-go-lucky, so it kind of doesn´t fit her, but it makes much more sense when thinking she is the grandaughter of Gortoberuk… The problem is that by the way the sentence the word was used was phrased out, most likely the one being used is the large build one… So, I don´t know about anything ‘ 3’


By the way, have you ever seen this -> ‘ 3’ being used?  If not, then I´ve just invented a new emote!  Yay!


(Although it feels like it is something anybody could think of….)



Since I can´t think of anything to put here, I will just say I am late once again^^

This power seems op… Why does it feel like nobody knew about that?


Another long chapter… Another subjective title ;-;


Today, I finally prevailed against my sloth and put links of the chapters on the Toc and Next chapter links!!!


Well, although there isn´t a “<-previous chapter” anymore D:…


Nobody uses that!! Why would I bother adding it ¬¬


I guess it will be annoying for the people that want to find where they had stopped at after not reading the story for a long time…..



By the way, later on,(after I get some rest ._.) I will add a few of my original works in the site. I just can´t find the motivation to keep them up, so I will post them here so that I can get some opinions.^^


Even if you don´t go read them, make sure to at least check the synopsis. D: