Read it. Do it. Just do it. Ok? Not ok?-.- Then go eat potatoes :D

Editing takes so long… -.-



I was planning to publish them sooner, but haven´t it already passed a whole day? 0.0



There are still two chapters of the same size of the first chapter remaining(need to finish editing…) and also two more stories I am planning to publish here.


Please, take a look @.@


(at least read the prologue)


Click me .-.

7 thoughts on “Read it. Do it. Just do it. Ok? Not ok?-.- Then go eat potatoes :D

    • It´s because there are too much to talk about in the synopsis that it is so large :/ I don´t really think I can compact it without affecting the “emotions?”(I couldn´t think of a word to use here) that the synopsis would be giving off, but I will try .-.


      • Mm, here’s the thing. A synopsis is a place for generating interest, not storytelling. You are currently giving the same information that you write in your prologue. As such, its fine just to hit the important points:

        A princess and her maid were about to be killed in an ambushed, but were accidentally transported to a different world. After spending years in that harsh world, they became the strongest; but a treacherous attack banishes them from that world, and returns them to their previous world. Now these two powerful experts will spend some time adventuring in a peaceful world…

        Something like that. Just give the basic idea, and then put all the important details in the actual chapters.


        • That said, generating interest doesn´t only come by giving information, but by how the information is given as well. If there are any ways of increasing how the person regards the story, and how much the person expects something from it, the best. A great part of “quality” of stories actually come from how well the author makes the people reading it expect something out of it. You could say this is what you would call the “interest” you were talking about, but the term interest is a bit too general for that. That is because what you expect from something isn´t simply some energy called interest that automatically makes you interested, but rather, certain actions, aspects, etc. If a character of some story makes a bunch of rushless things, and later, his level of ruthlessness in his actions is not as much, you would still feel it more ruthless that it should have been, and more ruthless than people that had never read the previous chapters would think it is. That is because this aspect was attributed to the character, hence, every action will carry together part of those feelings.That´s the same reason why there are some people that just become crazy about idols and how there has been cases of shitty works get accepted as very good because its author is well known or because it was very popular at the days. Nostalgia is actually what this I´ve just talked about is, which is attributing feelings to objects.

          That´s why, you need to get as many good emotions attributed as you can in the earliest chapters. That´s why the most important part of stories is not its climax, but the first chapters.

          If you were to read the synopsis again, there are no overdetail, except for the overdetailing that are usually put in other synopsises for the expectation. If you were to read the more compact one you proposed here, you would see how overly simplified it got. It doesn´t say much about where all this is happening, to who it is happening, what kind of emotions were related to those things. If you were to read it again, you would see almost everything it is simply describing is “verbs”. A maid and a princess did this, did that, were made to do that and this happened. For instance, in there, it says that the other world they went to is a harsh world. However, just by saying that, you wouldn´t imagine the things about the stuff of the xian xia, which filling as much as possible to get the vibe of ruthlessness and killing would be advantageous in this case. You didn´t say anything about the old man saving them, which can make the person wonder whether they survived by themselves for a long time or got to be accepted in a test for a sect instead of just being picked up by the old man and joining in their sect, which is the possible actions that are the most hinted. When you said about the two experts adventuring in the world, there was nothing talking about what emotions they were feeling. The exaggerated way(I guess it is really exaggerated -.-) I did hints surprise, confusion and disbelief when they got back to the world, which is important to the story since one of the main points there is their interaction to this new world, and feeling inexperienced despite how they had passed countless trials, etc, in that harsh world, which is what would generate the most interest compared to the other points in this story. The way you put it made it look like they were very carefree and adventuring in a totally “my pace” way. I understand what you were saying about the synopsis not being a place for story telling, since when seeing such a huge synopsis, the people might all get scared and not read it, or so. But the problem is that there is a lot of information that happened before the beginning of the story, and that leaving them out would make people feel like there is something amiss, and simplifying it too much would make loss of expectation and people getting mislead about certain details… Well, but… There is a solution for this that would fix the problem you stated about that huge synopsis while at the same time not having any loss of information…

          It would be making a new prologue!!! Having what happened to them written in that instead of the synopis. There would be some loss of views, since people would look at the synopsis before the prologue, and with part of what was supposed to be in the synopsis being in the prologue , if the person wasn´t to read the story, the person wouldn´t have read the complete “synopsis”. This is kind of a loss of potential…

          That said, the reason I don´t like this choice is just being lazy for the most part!!!^^

          Well, I will figure out a way to compact the prologue later. Doing this without losing the feelings there takes a long time… I need to finish translating today´s chapter :3


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