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Read the chapter before reading all this. If you don´t, then don´t blame me for being ruthless!





You really need to read the chapter first, otherwise it won´t make any sense. @.@





Hello, students! Class will begin. Now, be quiet or I will throw chalk at you.


Ah, it is a white board, you say? You may have a pen to your face.


Today, we will be learning about loli types. We had a class about it a few days ago, but I will be touching this topic once again because there are some minimal details I need to add that will probably be on the tests… Or maybe not…


Well, let´s start.


As all of you know, there are many types of lolis.


There is the normal type loli, which are the lolis that most resemble normal human children.

There is also the genius loli, which have capabilities… Of a genius. They still act like lolis, though.

There is the silent loli, the pervert loli, the normally cute loli, the supposed to be cute retarded loli, the OP loli, the loli tsundere,the loli that is one of the powerful cannon fodders because why not, the yandere loli, the lolibaba, the trap loli…


But now there is a new one called the Charlotte-type.



Since I´m such a good teacher, the rest of the class will be this video I found somewhere on google.


Hey, you don´t need to pretend you will copy on your note. I already know you will record the video on your iPhone, you know? Teacher is wise.


I will play the video now. I don´t accept students being a pain in the ass afterclass, so don´t go bother me because your mobile sucks and got the sound all mumbled up, ok? This teacher is super kind, so I will put it on max volume. Don´t complain if your ears start ringing.


Now, I will go to the bathroom and totally be back soon.





Due to its very recent discovery, it was not possible to have a proper name for this loli species. Being the first specimen of its kind to be discovered and due to it still being its only representative of the species, this type has been named after it, hence the name Charlotte.


Its most distinguishable characteristic is the ability to have people suffer misfortune by sending them to their death. Just by standing next to it, or even having knowledge about its existence can prove to be dangerous, whether it is in a psychological or physical way. According to the studies, the most possible reason is because of its “special” brain waves, which causes any of its actions to lead to the possible death of other people, causing twists in the which may put them in danger, or in stressful situations. One must not stand beside one of them for extended periods of time, otherwise, there is a high possibility of death. It is also not recommendable to enter in contact with it without prior preparations as it has been notified this effect is aggravated and difficult to stop once it takes a liking to the victim.


Now, let´s hear what mister Bai Cao, the leader of the research team, has to say.




Through many attempts, I have reached enlightment. I was able to find a way to measure the potential of their doom.


Yes, now, I will present the table of measure. The name of the measure system is lotte.




In 1 lotte, there is no reason to worry of minor exposures with proper arrangements. Minor sympthoms as annoyance, stress and rage outbursts are very possible. Caution is advisable.


In 2 lottes, there is a need to be afraid. In 2 lottes, there is a considerable chance of you involving other people into tragic events and having them lose their life, or suffering permanent damage, as loss of limbs and organ damage. It is also possible of psychological damage. It is believed that resulted by actions of this stage, happenings of animal abuse, segregation of fat people, abortions and hittings of little fingers at the corners of walls came to exist in the world.


In 3 lottes, the reality is greatly changed and casuality effects become. You luck will cease to exist. When sleeping, one will always fall of the bed. When driving a car, one will always run over a cat. When walking at the street, one will always end up stepping on poop. When When frying eggs, the egg will always get stuck to the pan. When bitten by a mosquito, one won´t be able to stop scratching oneself. Possibilities of death are to happen at anytime. Most of the deaths would occur in this stage as it is extremely hard to survive through it.


In 4 lottes, its potential for destruction is unimaginable. Synthoms of  paranoia and hallucination are not uncommon. All effects are aggravated, however, due to the seclusion done by most of the victims in this state, which results in lack of material of possibilities of deaths, a slow death of the degeneration of the mind is prioritized by the misfortune.


In 5 lottes, you will definitely die. You will unjustly take the blame for a crime, your family will be violated and killed, and anybody that gets close to you will be tortured to death. You will kill yourself in solitude and your bloodline will end.


In theory, in case the approximate number of 100 lottes of power is accumulated, it is possible the end of the world happens. In 100 lottes of power, the world would implode and another big bang would happen, causing a new world to surface.





Well, I randomly tried to write some stuff because of Charlotte….


But, it is meh… I really didn´t want to post it, but it felt like a waste…. So, I suicided bomb this stupid satire on you, my dear readers^^   Please, be kind ;-;


Well, now that you read it, you can´t unread it. ¬¬