One, two, three Rooklings…(Imagine a song that there are a number of things that are dying one by one through the song)

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The other half was very big 0.0


It was as big as most of the bigger chapters.


Hmm… So, because I am lazy, I will consider this as a chapter!!! Sorry, next chapter only tomorrow ;-;


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Word,(not wordpress, but microsoft word:D) why the f*ck didn´t you auto save????????????????????????? You are always like huhuhuhu i can auto save yea. But WHY WHYYYYYY?


It actually had frozen once, but my word properly auto saved… But it seems he didn´t feel like doing so this time.


My notebook is shit;-; im never ever going to translate there anymore;-; It was already a pain to do the translation itself here, but now, all my work has kicked the bucket.


I will draw a grave on a paper and glue on my door ;-; RIP my dear chapter 33, I will always remember you.


At least I don´t need to finish editing for now ^^




Well, double chap today… ;-;(I will try post the next chapter earlier to compensate :o)


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I shall never put “today´s: chapter XX” in the title -.-

I don´t know how to translate this title… Much less than the previous chapter´s



It seems Gortoberuk´s grandchild was a granddaughter… I didn´t know that 孫 could be used for both genders… Before, I put that it was Gortoberuk´s grandson, and I need to change it. D:   I don´t really have the time to waste on checking the many chapters his grandchild was mentioned, so please tell me if you see any chapter where instead of grandchild, grandson was written. ;D (I hate image emotes… True emotes are the ones made of letters!! My spirit won´t be broken as I still can input ;D instead of :´s  :D)


(Nanii?? The   😀 didn´t become :D… Did god take heed to my prayers?)


(What, it is inversed… What´s the gist with all that?) (No, I didn´t do it on purpose)


I have no idea how to translate this title though. I don´t want to put something chuunibyou by mistake ¬¬ (Actually, even if it is not by mistake, I don´t wanna -.-) (Chuuni titles are scary in languages that are not japanese @.@)






Yes, I have multiple mouths and eyes, and am totally a mutant that has a disfigured shape.





The post from the day before yesterday (aka chapter 31) didn’t show up… (But the chapter was still posted. The ones that noticed it were lucky @.@)


It’s impossible that I really forgot to click the publish button. Even if it is possible, I wont believe it, so I will just blame wordpress. (actually, I posted the post as a page instead of a post…………..)


It’s a pain in the ass to rewrite what I wrote before… (It’s a pain in the ass to copy paste after I wrote all this)It’s too annoying… It makes me want to suicide by hitting my head in the wall…


I’m feeling so much annoyed right now ;-;


I want to kill someone :/


Resume of what I needed to write at that post:


*I don’t know how to translate the chapter’s title.


*Needed to change the name of Rak to Raku(someone mentioned at the first chapter. Because of mistranslation, I though he was a man, but Raku is actually Riku’s elder sister.)


*Raku is awesome(even though she is a harem member)





Well, you can pretend that it is a bonus chapter.

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Chapter link



This chapter really took a long time to translate ;-; I don´t know if that was me just being tired though.


I really felt I was 100% ok before(I was studying chinese :D)


It´s very convenient that Chinese letters don´t have multiple ways of reading like the japanese ones… It´s so stressful to memorize japanese kanji D: