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Ummmm, so… These days, i´ve been thinking about start learning chinese.(so that I can play moonlight blade 0.0)

It would be nice if someone could recommend me a good blog or something like that that teaches chinese :3


Well, I don´t really think I would want to take classes though… In my experience on learning japanese at least, it was that… Taking classes won´t help much. I mean, sure you can go ask questions to the teacher, which is very convenient, but, really, really, 99% of studying japanese for me was self-learning. Back in the days, it had been like four years that I had been going to classes, but I wasn´t even able to properly speak japanese. Japanese has too much content, and so the person can´t just go to classes and after getting  home, just going to sleep(or go to the computer^^) and not study at all (slothslothsloth…). If you study though, it is nice, but only something like one hour only on the days the class happens feels like it falls a bit short… Hmm, I don´t know really -.-


I remember that I was a bit pissed about how I wasn´t able to speak japanese even though I was studying it for four years…(I think?) So I went to complain a bit about a certain thing of their method of education. Every half year, it was mandatory that you wrote a speech and then at the end of the semester, you would need to present the speech(needed to memorize ;-;). It is a nice method of learning right? But here is the problem… Most students didn´t have enough knowledge to properly completely write an entire speech, and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…  They actually made you write it so that they could translate it to japanese later.(…) I was a bit upset on the way they translated mine and was a bit upset about my incapability of speaking japanese, so I got pissed and went to complain.(I even cried a bit lol 0.0) Out of all the babblings about how the speech was a nice method of learning and so, all I noticed was that nobody would be wiping my ass :/ So I started learning it by myself -.-


I would take the dictionary and randomly memorize stuff :3


Uhh… I ended up writing all that -.-



Hmmm, either wayyy… I will put down the Q & A here: (Much lazy, much pain in the ass, i don´t want to go look for the questions ;-;)


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Today, somebody commented about me doing a quick Q & A. So, like, if anyone want to ask me anything, feel free to. It can be anywhere anytime anything you would like. I don´t particularly feel like there is a need to have a date limit, and if you would want me to properly organize the Q & A and present it at a post, then I guess I can do it at any post as long as there are people interested in that.



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