WTF!? 0.0

These days, I wasn´t really checking my paypal because I really doubted anyone would be donating me money without a proper donation queue, but…


I´ve recently received a donation of approx 150$ by a SINGLE person (I´m lazy to convert the numbers ^^)


This feels too much out of the world to me .-.


Thank you very much!! Once I add the donation queue, I will definitely consider it. Sorry for not having noticed it earlier.


The person wanted to remain anonymous, so I can´t say the name, but either way, thank you!! ^^


4 thoughts on “WTF!? 0.0

  1. I want my katahane no riku~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~….

    Now that I’m done whining like a spoiled brat, thanks for the chapters…(I still like katahane more 😛)

    PS: I probably misspelled the name but I don’t care~~~~~💃


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