[Update]Unfortunate news?



Sorry for not keeping up with the “promised” daily updates.


By the way, I will be taking a break for four of five days…


I haven´t been able to keep up with the schedule anyway, so it is good to get some time to organize myself. My fingers have started to hurt these days too, so I felt it would be better to take a break for now.


42.A fresh step forward

(Dunno how to translate the title of this one ^^)



17.Little girl gives special training

6 thoughts on “[Update]Unfortunate news?

    • Any kind of help is good ^^

      Well, I usually let a lot of things halfway done that I only complete when I go edit the chapter, so I don´t think I would want help with editing since it would be a bit messy.

      If you really want to help me, please call out for me ^^

      Besides… I really need help in setting up some things in the site since I don´t really know how to do those sort of things -.-


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