[Update] Another nameless update

I will try finishing the katahane today… -.-


Working on the character list of Karma too…


I wonder if I should do one for Lolibaba.

By the way, I also wonder whether I should specify which chapters have been updated in the title.


Ah-ah, there really isn´t anything to talk about here…


Does someone know a good game to waste time on? (And that it is free ^^)



22.Little girl make preparations

6 thoughts on “[Update] Another nameless update

  1. Mm… a good free game huh? If you don’t mind a slight depressing, free, and, in my opinion, a darn good indie game that is a JRPG with 3 endings: Might I recommend Eternal Senia? It’s not terribly long but it’s still a couple hours anyway.


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