Chapter 45 was so hard to translate ;-;

Since I took some days off, I wonder if it is fine to count this double update as part of the queue.


I randomly found this while I was searching music to listen to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8me0G6dFZFY

Click it if you like touhou. It is so awesome 0.0




44.Rudolf le Housburk

45.The lion cubs; the key pieces of the offensive

[Update]Unfortunate news?



Sorry for not keeping up with the “promised” daily updates.


By the way, I will be taking a break for four of five days…


I haven´t been able to keep up with the schedule anyway, so it is good to get some time to organize myself. My fingers have started to hurt these days too, so I felt it would be better to take a break for now.


42.A fresh step forward

(Dunno how to translate the title of this one ^^)



17.Little girl gives special training




I know I said I was going to post the next lolibaba chapter yesterday


But I got stuck in the translation


So I got lazy and went to sleep!


I´ve been crying around a lot because of how tough those last chapters have been… (to the point of annoyance maybe? ;-;)


But this one got the price.


I guess I should just read the whole chapter before starting to translate when it gets tough like that.



16.Little girl proclaims he was bought as a sex slave



Working on Karma now…



[Update] Ooops… Hehehe~* ‘ 3’



It looks like I forgot to post the chapters yesterday.




Lucky me (and you?) that I came back to my website to check a name while I was translating lolibaba. (Next lolibaba chapter coming soon STILL TODAY)


Those will be my first two sponsored chapters. The lolibaba one will be using the katahane´s queue. The rest of all of my donations were just for karma, so there will still be more double chapters for it.


Other than that is that I will try adding a proper donation queue. (Hopefully I will succeed ;-;)



40.Nyuks, the ruler of the night

41.Making a deal with the ruler41.Making a deal with the ruler



14.Little girl meets with the man

15.Little girl shows her prided doll



[Update] Finally back -.-

Sorry for vanishing again all of the sudden ‘ 3’


Chapter 10 of lolibaba fixed*  -.-



91.Game time

92.Rook’s decision, dread of red hair

93.The silver flash

94.Running through the darkness of night

95.Vrusto’s all or nothing charge

96.The assault



32.The young lion cuds of Arcadia

33.The ones that watch over from the top

34.The foe before his eyes

35.A dance party for Willian

36.A man becoming of the moon

37.The strongest appears


12.Little girl is introduced to someone


I´ve finished translating all Katahane chapters there are up to now. Now I will be focusing more on Tower of Karma and Lolibaba.


I will also be posting new chapters regularly each day once again. Fighting!




I will take turns translating loli and karma each day, so it will be two days for each chapter of one of the stories. There will be extra chapters from day to day so that I can make up for the donations I´ve received until now.  I was thinking of having each extra chapter for 40$. I wonder if this is a good amount .-.


Also, some of the chapters for Tower of Karma are half the lenght of the usual, so I might do two chapters as an extra one.


I will start accepting donations once I clear up the queue I got until now.  -.-