[Update] Probably no more katahane

Actually, that´s something I forgot to talk about for a few days xD


At the katahane page, it´s written that:



It pretty much means: Because this novel has violated the terms of service for content, it has been removed.


Now, I dunno if the author licensed the story or if it was some kind of mistake on the staff, but it is probably the former.


I wonder if I should remove the katahane chapters…


By the way, I translated like twice as fast as I usually would, so I am in a good mood :3


Just saying, ok…? -.-


26.Little girl scolds26.Little girl scolds


14 thoughts on “[Update] Probably no more katahane

  1. Oh yeah, I remember reading the final chapter & backing it up after reading the little note. The author left it there until it went through the deadline & “violated the terms” huh.


  2. author moved it to alphapolis, around 97th chapter there was an info that it will be deleted from syosetu on 1st of September and moved to alphapolis, and before that the story has concluded at 100th chapter


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