Hello, I have not died from an heartattack. Yup, that´s right

Yes, this one has not had a sudden death. I still dare walk on the dao of translation. Someday… Yes, hopefully… (maybe somewhere in february or march)


I have not given any updates in these few months, which means that I am literally a psycopath that knows no morals. It is likely that I have killed countless kittens and stolen ice cream from children.


I would rather not tell the reason why i suddenly stopped posting stuff, but dont worry, half the reason was pure sloth.


Another thing to add is that I am not sure whether i should continue translating Tower of Karma. I´m not sure will be able to handle the one chapter per day quota for some time, so I thought that maybe i should focus on lolibaba. Maybe I could also find another story to translate. Please give me guidance to help me decide, to know what story is worth translating, and to satiate loneliness as an extra. I would have made a poll for that if I knew how to. But well, I don´t….


Now that i think about it, i still havent translated the last few chapters of katahane. Geez, I guess I am really a psycopath. ‘ 3’

32 thoughts on “Hello, I have not died from an heartattack. Yup, that´s right

  1. My vote is for karma, however I feel you don’t have to produce chapters as frequently, I’m sure people would be happy with at least 1 chapter every 2 weeks (please don’t drop it lol)


  2. Ya know, this entire time, i’ve been thinking “Barusak” that’s in katakana right? Usually, “ru” just take the place of a singular “r” or “l”. Wouldn’t it be funny if this entire time, Barusak was actually BallSack?


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