[Update] Katahane is here 0.0


I know I set the deadline on March… but it’s your fault for not expecting me to leave it to the very end, hmph.


Saying you will do it somewhere in the next two months, it’s the same as saying you will do it after two months, alright!?


I am a fellow reader just as you, so I do know of pain.

…However, the dao of translation is deep. Hohohoho


Don’t resent me… For leaving the two last charpters untranslated for half an year….

Sorwyyyyyyy ;-;


By the way, I’ve been thinking on remodelling the site, but I really have no idea how to… I’ve found a few tutorials, but gimme tips anyway please ‘ 3’)


Katahane 99

(I remembered to use an uppercase letter when writing March :O)

14 thoughts on “[Update] Katahane is here 0.0

  1. Thanks for your 2 chapters.

    Eventhough I’ve read the raw ver, seeing your new post is more joyful than that.

    You have my thanks.

    Also, there’s a last chapter 100. I hope you’ll translate it soon.

    With my regards.

    P.s: 2 vols LN are quite good, and the illustrations are very beautiful.


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