60.The second meeting between White and Black


The war was still on a stalemate. Both the attacking side and defending side were lacking enough momentum to break through each other. Excluding the soldiers that were taking part on the bloody battle unfolding at the upper stream between Gilberto and Ywein, both armies were already sick of the attrition war. The Nehderks side still had the upper lead for the moment. They have been able to keep their advantage while still maintaining a grasp of their front lines. To Volf, a time like this was not to be wasted standing behind to help the strategical value of the army, hence why he had decided to push onto the middle.


“Now then, let’s put an end to this, shall we?”


And with that being said…


Though they haven’t been able to bring the center down yet, Volf was indeed still worth his name [Black Wolf]. They had speed, fierceness and great momentum. The troops Volf led were indeed strong. Using their shields as umbrellas, they were advancing through the rain of arrows as if they already knew it would be their victory once they engaged. Charging at the enemy position, they braved through the arrows.


“I don’t really get your intentions on that you’re doing… But you will end up being eaten if you carry on like that.”


The flow of the battlefield in the center changes with Volf’s fearsome offensive.



“Tch, it’s that blockheaded boy doing that again. I already got bored of it.”


Before Nikka’s eyes was Gregour’s barricade. Much like how Anzerm experienced himself, Gregour soon saw the effects of the defensive measures, even though it had been hastily built. Once effect is shown, others are to soon follow the suit. Going through the instructions on Willian’s booklet, he built up a makeshift earth fortification.


This was giving Nikka some difficulties. She was never able to capture the position no matter how many days were to pass. The loss ratio on both sides were quite on Gregour’s favour. Even to the battle-crazed Nikka, this was not funny at all.


“Ahhhhh!! So annoying!! Get out of there already, you shut-in!”


No matter how much Nikka shouted, Gregour wouldn’t move one foot outside.


“”You know, this really makes things easy.””


It was easy to realize the difference just after one fight.


That was the fruit of the knowledge Willian earned from a variety of books. That accumulation of knowledge equated to the experience of a thousand lifespans, if not ten thousand. Simplifying that knowledge, Willian wrote down instructions in an easy to understand manner while focusing only on the essential points. The effects it had affected the mindset of the whole Arcadian army to the point of surprise.


“”I feel as if I won’t lose as long as I can build up a good defense.””


It was inevitable that it would turn out into a bloody fight if both sides were to fight face-to-face. The fighting strength of both were almost equal. In a battle such as this, it was expected that Gregour would constantly have his life at risk. Gregour’s usual fighting style was chivalrous, noble-like; it couldn’t be said to be following any sort of rational thought. However, this time Gregour has been experiencing the logical way of fighting first-hand.


“After being able to ward them off so many times, I am really starting to feel like we won’t fall.”


Gregour’s troops had the terrain advantage. His unit was strong enough to be capable of fighting off Nikka’s troops even on the plain field. Being on the defending side, a situation of absolute advantage was created. Defeat was impossible on these terms. At least so Gregour believed based on the effectiveness he saw in the fortification.


“Besides, today…. Things will become a little interesting. Guhuhu”


Having nothing but a mysterious smile on his face, his subordinates were left out a bit confused.



What came up before Volf’s eyes was clearly a fortification that was on another level. The fortress was built in many places with wood; the quality was definitely high. That wasn’t something that was made in just one morning and one night, but something built based on the assumption that Volf would have been able to push through all the way there. There was only one person Volf knew that would be insane enough to presume that.


“Alright! Let’s have our rematch, White Mask!”


The White Mask, Willian Rivius, looked down at Volf from above on his fortress. He had such a calm demeanor to him to the point one could feel it even with his mask blocking his face. It seemed that he was now in a good condition for the most part. His complexion was fine, and there wasn’t any visible wounds in his body.


“I will play with you if you can come all the way here.”


Willian provoked Volf. Hearing that…


“You cheeky little bastard!”


Volf suddenly rebutted the provocation.


There were no doubts that was a very well-built fortress. Willian was able to build this in such a short time. He even already had the workforce prepared beforehand. No matter which angle one was to look from, it was incredible; there weren’t any flaws. However, even with that Volf did not doubt his own superiority even once. He stepped forward, confident that he could break through that fortress; confident that he would win.


“I will bring that fortress down!”


With his characteristic speed allowing him to, Volf rushed in. It was much more now in this battlefield horses were unuseable that the speed of the wolves knew no bounds to stop.


“Hou, so you can really do it.”


Any army can do something as simple as guarding against a rain of arrows. However, for Volf’s troops to be able to maintain this much speed in such circumstances while still being able to have flexibility in his attack was something very commendable.


“Shara!”(Tl:シャラッ!sound of the arrows being released)


As long as one paid attention to the direction of the arrows, one could make the rain of arrows not feel like a rain anymore. In a mountain range there were many obstacles present on the mountains and below. Even the most overwhelmingly effective weapon in plain terrain in existence, the bow and arrow, would be made useless by trees, its branches, and even the leaves.


There was no way Volf would let the opportunity created by that fault escape his eyes.


“Excuse me, I will be intruding here.”


He was fast. With a speed there was nothing left to say but that, Volf shortened the distance to the fortress in one go. As long as one knew how to properly deal with it, even something as scary as a rain of arrows wasn’t of any problem. Now that he was able to get inside the fortress….


“Let’s have our second match…. White Mask.”


Volf’s two swords sent flying the head of two soldiers in an instant. Using that as the breach point for their invasion to begin, Volf’s troops were getting inside the fortress; fast and unwaveringly.


William could see the spectacle happening from where he was standing. Volf’s speed was indeed very troublesome. It would be one thing if that was just his own speed; however, even the speed of his warriors led by him was on another level.


“Hmph, you are not my match.”


Willian had already prepared a plan in order to deal with that troublesome mobility.


White and Black. Once again, both were going to meet each other; now in a group battle. (TL note: Any better wording than group battle? Couldn’t think of anything -.- ->集団戦)


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(TL:“”After being able to ward them off so many times, I am really starting to feel like we won’t fall.”” この倍来たところで、落ちる気もせんぞ somebody help ;-; I have the impression that he is talking about the good ratio of losses, or the situation itself, but idk)

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