“By the way Willian-kun, if you have your hands free now, I would like to have you help me with a job. Of course, I will be paying you for that.”


It was the first thing Louran said when he came to Willian´s room. Although Willian had just now been suppressing himself in his inner battle reasonably well, his consciousness now returned back to where he was, the Teirah residence, Arkas.


Besides that, Karl had things to deal with their ten-man squad, so he was out at the moment.


“A job, you say?”


Willian was someone that only had basic knowledge about jewels. He didn´t have technical knowledge about it.


“It is something that anyone that can read, write and do calculus can do. And unsurprisingly, there aren´t many people like that in Arkas.”


Willian had nothing to do right now. He had been thinking about going out to meet Kail or visit Havella´s house, but this would be him just killing time. It was obvious to Willian which choice was the one that would let him learn the most things.


“In that case, I will give you my help.”


A job the rich dealt with. It was the ideal opportunity for him to learn from the experienced people.


“First question. How do you think “we” earn money?”


While they were in the carriage heading to the working place, Louran was asking Willian.


“By saying “we”, do you mean your company?”


“No, it would be better to say “we” in the meaning of the commerce as a whole.”


The commerce as a whole. If he had to answer it in only the general idea, then this was to the scope that Willian, who had experience in business, had knowledge of.


“The most primitive form of making money is by changing useless things into gold. The next thing we can do to earn money is by producing agricultural products. By exporting and importing, we can use the difference in the prices to make money. For instance, exporting water from a region that has abundance on it and selling it to a region that lacks it. And then, you just add some to the price. Also, working iron into houseware or into swords. By adding the service price, they can be sold for higher than simply selling just iron.”


Satisfied, Louran nodded.


“That´s right. To trade is to do any of those things you said, or perhaps, a combination of them. Whichever product you deal with, the basics don´t change. Buy cheaply and sell expensively. Everything is concluded in that.”


Louran paused for a bit before continuing…


“Then, why is it that our company can buy things cheaply? Why can we get gold for shipping expenses and indirect labor costs? Do you know it?”


Louran asked Willian. This too was part of the basics of trading.


“To make the most use of the prices in different locations and the added value of services…  Stocking up the product in great quantities… I guess.” (TL note: I had to add so much to this sentence -.- The way it was said was so vague ¬¬ ->価値の差と付加価値、大量に仕入れ、かと<- Putting it here just in case -.-)


“Incredible. The third one in particular is one that surprisingly most people don´t notice. Just like you said before about the difference in prices and the added price for services, we buy gems in from the regions that produce them in great quantities as cheap as possible, cut in shapes and make ornaments with them for the added price, and then, we sell. From of all the money from the sellings, the money for the shipping charges and the additional services becomes our profit. This is how the flow generally goes. “We”, the companies affiliated to the Teirah family can then buy even more products from the same place, and so, cutting the unit cost for having purchased it in a big batch.”


“However, can we really cut the costs to such extents?”


Louran answered with a smile to Willian´s question.


“Once you start working, you will understand. You will understand about the foundation of trading, and also how much money we actually get from it.”


Louran said with confidence. Did he really earn that much money just like he was saying?


“This is something you still don´t need to know, but there is something you must never do as someone that runs business with jewelries; a certain flow you must never let yourself be carried by.”


Louran looked at Willian. That was something Willian needed to know now that he was going to participate in the business. By looking at Louran´s eyes, it could be said that he had dropped all the pretenses for a bit at that moment. Willian´s face became slightly stiff.


“It is to lower the price. Rather than that, you are to raise it. What people want is gems that have high prices put on them and not cheap stones that sparkle. What we deal with is something that is not part of anyone´s basic necessities in life. It is not even beverages or extravagant foods. If it is not precious, there is no meaning to it; once it is thought as having no value, it is the end. This is the same for the gem that is hanging at your neck. You should take this to your heart.”


Do not lower the prices. This was a strict rule, or so Louran said. Once again, Willian had no power over the situation. However, if he can help Louran, it is possible that he might be entrusted to a position that would deal with things of that sort. Rather, it was exactly with that intent that Louran asked Willian to take the job. The proof of that was how Louran was teaching Willian starting from the flow of commerce.


“Now then, we should soon be there.”


The carriage stopped and the two went outside. It was the best region of the residential district of Arkas, which was controlled by the first class citizens. Because it was prohibited for common people to enter the noble district, and since Louran was running a company, it was this kind of place that was the best to settle at. The place where most of the money flowed in Arkas was at this district.


In this place, rather than prestige, it was money that controlled everything. Because of that, the instant Lord Teirah left the carriage, the ambience at the surroundings completely changed. Many gazes pierced them.


“Good morning Lord Teirah.”


“Yes, good morning.”


They were quickly greeted by the people at the place, who were standing in a row. Louran invited Willian to come.


“Now, come here, Willian-kun.”


Once Willian got inside the building, a plain and organized place entered his sight. Unnecessary gaudiness wasn´t required at the workplace. 特に事務方が仕事しやすいよう無駄なものは一切排してある(TL note: No idea on that one -.-)


“Teach him how things work here.”




Louran left Willian´s orientation to an office worker.


“Ah, I forgot to say one thing. I am thinking of having him one day become the president here. Guide him with that in mind.”


The workplace became in uproar. Everyone´s eyes gathered at Willian. Willian looked at Louran in surprise since he hadn´t heard anything about that.


“One day, Karl will succeed me. If his sword, you, are not in a position like this, you wouldn´t be able to discipline him, right? What, it isn´t anything difficult. All you need to do is to make money. If you think of any ideas, you should consult with me. From the next day on, you will become the president of this place.”


Louran was being lenient on Willian. Lenient to the point that it was too much. However, this was clearly a trap. That said, it wasn´t possible to avoid this trap. It was because he had chosen path to rise to prominence as Karl´s sword. Because of that, he was too much deeply indulged into it. He was too much deep into the position of the sword of Karl Von Teirah. By the time he noticed it, there was already the possibility that Willian was getting tightly bound by those chains.


“Do your best. During your assignment at this office work, do your job while thinking and feeling what the companies affiliated with the Teirah family lacks and what can become of advantage.”


Willian finally noticed Lord Teirah´s aim. Willian intended to throw Karl away once he got some extent of power. If he was able to obtain money and status, he woulnd´t need to be a shadow. His plan was to leave someone of the likes of Karl behind and stand at the top.


“”However, Lord Teirah is giving me all these favors so that I can´t cut off from Karl. If I become the president of a company affiliated to the Teirah family, he will be able to see the depth of the friendship between me and Karl. By the time I obtained enough power so that I could do as I wished, it wouldn´t be forgiven by society if I was to cut off from Karl. I see, so he had this sort of card in his hands.””


There was no way for Willian to refuse this request. After guessing some things, it was clear that their relationship was one ruled by power. Refusing such a good proposal was the same as saying that he had ill intents, and in his present situation, something like that was obviously a minus. In the end, it was preferable for him to jump into the flow.


“”Really… In just one move, I got my hands tied.”


Indeed, Lord Teirah was on a different level. He was an existence that managed companies. He was able to make such amounts of fortune. It was obvious that he wasn´t average.


“”Well, I will jump into it for now. It is more convenient this way.””


He was still being played around by the flow. Besides that, all he could do was to choose the best option. Once Willian obtained the power to create flows like that, he would show Lord Teirah what he could do. Rather, it couldn´t be helped that he was getting excited for what was to come.


“First I will teach you starting from how to use the account book.”(TL note: I´m not sure in the meaning here ->まずは帳簿のつけ方から教えます<- What would ->つけ方<- mean?)


“Please take care of me.”


For that sake, it was necessary for Willian to gather everything he can. If he was able to get knowledge, there wouldn´t be disadvantages to it after all.


“…They earn that much money, those guys.”


After having a look at the account book, Willian made a surprised expression. He wondered if it was fine for someone to make so much money, and also wondered if the price for the gems in raw form was really that much cheap to begin with.


Willian looked at the ruby that was hanging by his neck.


“”You… If it wasn´t for how you don´t appear on the market, you would be surprisingly cheap.””


To make a price. Once again, Willian realised that the jewelry companies were manipulators, and that people would pay their money for “labels”. (TL note: I used “manipulators” for ->演出家<- because it wouldn´t make much sense otherwise. In this case, at least for only the ->演出<- part since I wasn´t getting much lucky by googling it -.-, this would mean like managing your workshop or company with some kind of aim. Some sort of marketing stuff -.-  Since this was being highlighted in the line in a reaffirming meaning, I think manipulator would make a better word to represent that.)

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