29.Willian and Kail


Willian was walking at the city of Arkas. His plans for the night were very tight in time, but right now, he had free time. Because Karl was playing around at the garden and glancing at Willian´s room with longing eyes, it ended up that Willian had to quickly run away. It couldn´t be helped that he was already exhausted from the reception he was receiving from Karl since the start of his vacation.


“And so, with all that explained, please train with me.”


“…Yesterday I had a match, so I am tired right now though.”


Willian had come Kail´s house, and was now standing at the front of it. Because of how he would only visit Kail sometimes, and because his white hair would stand out, he would wear a wig and a hat. Because the mask would do the opposite effect and stand out too, he wouldn´t wear it.


“Wait a bit. I will sort myself out.”


In the end, Kail had a soft spot for Willian.






A parade of corpses enveloped Willian. When Kail saw that, he knew. He knew that Willian had understood the monster that was inside him. Willian had understood himself, and now had learned the technique to bring himself to his limits. (TL note: The word used for “parade” here is ->葬列<-, which is actually some kind of “parade” (maybe saying it like that is a bit disrespectful >_<) that people do when someone dies. They carry the coffin and walk to the place it is going to be buried. (Or maybe where the funeral is going to happen? I don´t remember -.-)


“How is it, Kail! I also learned how to do it too!”


The corpses laughed. “Katakatakatakatakatakata…” Both in joy and in displeasure… (TL note: Isn´t there that japanese horror monster that is a long haired girl that gets out of the TV and does that weird noise? Imagine that sound effect there.)


“That´s right. With that, it became even easier to understand it, right?”


Suddenly, a chill. Willian´s skin was full of goosebumps. And then, the corpses stopped laughing.


“Both of us are now able to clearly see our current limits. Or then, well, something like that.”


Kail let out from his whole body something unimaginable. It was a giant, or better said, a giant warrior. The Willian of right now couldn´t imagine how much training would he need to do, and how much carnage did he need to go through in order to bring forward something as strong as that warrior.


“I will be relying on you to take easy on me.”


“I´ve been doing so all this time though? Skinny-kun.”


By looking at the difference in power they had, it was possible to understand it liking it or not. It was possible to understand the distance he had from Kail as a warrior.




“Slow, light, weak.”


Recently, Willian had been undefeatable at war, but even so, it didn´t feel like he had even the slightest chance of winning against Kail. Willian was in a situation that he would be sent flying by his humming.


“Ouch, take it a bit easier.”


“I am taking it very easily. Even if you are in that state.”


Willian was all sweaty, and in comparison, Kail didn´t have even a single drop of sweat. The difference between them was experience. Willian´s friend was an existence that was very far further than him as a warrior to the point of it being annoying to him.


“There are only monsters at the coliseum after all.”


“No, I think you are going on the right track. I have said it before, right? I am strong.”


There was a trace of fatigue somewhere in Kail´s words.


“Could it be that you became the champion?”


“No comments. Well, even if I became it, there would be no meaning. Even if I have money, I have no way of using it, and even if I am surrounded by glory, it would be ignored by the people that want part of the glory.”


Dejected, Kail dropped his shoulders. Willian, who more or less guessed the situation, patted Kail´s shoulder. And then, remembering how he was being beaten, he started to feel a bit playful.


“By the way, I haven´t seen Havella around these days.”


“W-we weren´t talking about Havella though?”


Kail was flustered to the point it clearly showed on his face. When Willian looked at him acting like that, it took his all to hold his laugh back. He might have even Pfffed* a bit.(TL note: That “pfff” sound you do when laughing. I couldn´t find any verb for that -.-)


“Her busy season has already ended though? The summer festival has already passed, so if it is just like it had been these years, it should be her vacation right now.”


Kail silently nodded at Willian´s words.


“I had nothing to do at the time, so she treated me with a meal.”(TL note: I don´t know if it was Kail who treated Havella, or it was him the one being treated because it doesn´t specify T.T ->暇になったと思って昨日食事に誘ったんだがな<- It is probably Havella though, since it would make more sense)


“…Yesterday, is it? Could it be that it was also yesterday that you became the champion?”


“…No comments.”


Willian wanted to go to a bar to hear more of Kail´s too easy to understand excuses while ordering a lots of drinks, but because there was something he was worried about and because he had plans at night, there was no way he could be getting drunk.


“Once I finish this job, let´s the three of us hang out. Let´s put emphasis on the “three of us”.”


Kail put his hand on head. Willian ignored that and started thinking.


“Hang out, “the three of us”? That´s weird, even though


He knew about Havella´s attachment about the “three” of them being together. But letting aside Kail´s ideas, it was weird how he would propose this, which in his current situation it wouldn´t be possible to do, despite how even Havella understood how that wasn´t possible. No matter how much Willian was to disguise himself, if all the three were appear together in public, it was possible that he could be exposed by some kind of chance. Right now, except for places that there weren´t many people, it couldn´t be said that it would be acceptable.


Despite all that, for the three of them to hang out, and besides, about the reason for Kail to go his way to say that could only be…


““Well, no matter how much I think, this can´t be helped, I guess.””


He didn´t have enough information to consider about his situation. Even if he was to think, all he would do was to go in circles.


““Besides, if I don´t go soon…””


By looking at the sky, it could be seen that the sun was leaning towards the east considerably. He needed to make the preparations for tonight´s plans, so he couldn´t be late.


“Then, I will be going now.”


“Hm, are you busy with something?”


Kail, who was intending to do the whole course of training, looked at Willian.


“Kinda. There will be a very important party. The one being invited isn´t me though.”


“I see. I don´t really know about it, but do your best.”


Kail would be very careful about this kind of things. He wouldn´t inquire Willian about it, nor would he try to step into it. He was the type of person to separate private life very clearly.


“The next time we meet, I will be so strong that I will beat you to a pulp.”


“Then, this would mean that we won´t be able to meet for ten years.”


The two laughed. Whether it was for Willian or Kail, they could only show their smile among the three of them. Those bonds were more important than anything. Or at least, they still were…


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6 thoughts on “29.Willian and Kail

  1. Those bonds were more important than anything. Or at least, they still were… I find this sentence disturbing , does that mean that Willian will also kill the two of them in the future ?


  2. Finally caught up… My impression: interesting & decent writing, just chap 2 is terrible.

    Thank you for the Translations desu~



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