33.The ones that watch over from the top


“Baldias, would it be there the people that had good prospects are gathered at?”


Eahart was looking at one group in the buffet party happening at the lower floor. The young centurions were talking to each other. Away from them were many other groups, but they didn´t give off auras that were as thick as the aura being given off from that one group. Eahart picked people by their auras. Their goodness and wickedness would appear in their appearance. One´s aura was individual; it was like a meter that would show one´s characteristics. Whichever field may the person be good at, as long as the person has talent, it would naturally be retained in the aura.


“That´s right. But I didn´t think Karl von Teirah would be together with them.”


The blonde blue eyed young man. He was still young in terms of age, but his figure made him seem childish. At first glance, he didn´t give off any aura. In Eahart´s view, that person was someone he wouldn´t think of appointing to an important position.


“He is that man´s front cover. The excellent one is the masked. He is very good; I really want him.”




Eahart was drooling. Eahart was a collector of talented people. It would be no problems for him to get capable pawns no matter how many he wanted. What would shine the most was the talented. Eahart was fond of that shine.


“Why did you have to call me for such worthless gathering.”


Behind Eahart was an peerlessly beautiful woman who elegantly relaxed and felt at her own home as maid servants washed her feet and fanned her with a traditional fan.


“Don´t say that Claudia. Isn´t their resume reasonably good?”


“They don´t have enough prestige. Not enough to see me.”


To Eahart, it was exciting for him to have so many talented people gathered together, but for the woman called Claudia, they didn´t have enough status. To her, there was nothing to be seen there.


“This is the first time I have seen so many people together, ani-sama.”


In contrast to Claudia, there was a girl that looked at the lower floor with interest. The girl was also an unparalleled beauty. If Claudia was bewitching, the girl would be sweet. It was a type of charm that went into another direction. Of course, both were still beauties to the point that if there were a hundred man, all the hundred of the men would ask them for marriage. It was beautifulness they had since they were born.


“That´s right, Eleonora. Hey Claudia, you come over too.”


Claudia was feeling annoyed from the depths of her heart. Eleonora was excited and full interest. Because this was the first time she left the royal palace, all she would see and hear would be new.


Both of them were the princesses that held the surname of Arcadia. The first princess was Claudia, and the second was Eleonora. They had royal blood and held a status that was different to the common crowds.


“Oh, this is a face I have seen before.”


“He is from the Osvalt family, your Highness.”


It was a face that drew Claudia´s attention and which she had seen before. In other words, except for the royalty that was present at the place, that person was the one with the highest standing. It was Gilberto, whose family held the title of duke.


“He is reasonably skillful and has also raised military achievements. He is a prodigy that will one day carry the kingdom on his back.”


“Hmph, but he is the second son, isn´t he? If so, he doesn´t have the standing to meet me.”


Even though he would still get a good share of power from his family, he didn´t pose as worthy to Claudia´s eyes. She didn´t have any consideration for the others either. Claudia believed their lack of status was too much.


“The one that defeated that polar bear is him?”


Eleonora asked Baldias. Baldias nodded. As soon as he did, she put on a cheerful expression. The battle between Baldias and Shulvester that happened at their young age was one that became a legend in both countries. They had many times met their blades at the northern plains that were filled with snow. Sometimes he would win, sometimes he would lose. Those numerous tales originated from there. There was no way the man that ended this legend wouldn´t excite the interest of this story-loving girl.


“But I´ve heard Shulvester grew very old though?”


As to be expected, Eahart was composed. To him, strength had priority over established reputation. While Shulvester was a legend at his period, by now he was just an old man. There was still a great gap until Willian could reach the likes of Baldias, the cornerstone of the military.


“Although old, that man is strong. The only ones present here that are capable of bringing him down is me and that brat; only us. Although I had faced him head-on, brat probably plotted a plan against him… Besides, it should be a plan so childish to the point it makes me up in arms.”


Baldias was grinding his teeth. The general Baldias was strong to the point his strength could be seen just by looking at him. He became far stronger than he used to be, but even so, he wasn´t strong enough to the point of do as he wished when moving head-on against Shulvester. Even if he had plotted a plan, it wouldn´t have made enough difference to the point he would have been able easily surround him.


“That´s right. The local hundred-man squad was pretty much annihilated at that time. It was because of that that centurion wasn´t invited.”


The devastated hundred-man squad. They were probably used to their skin of their bone for Willian´s plan. There were many arrow wounds and contusions made by throwing stones in Shulvester´s body that had been recovered. To begin with, his army had been cut off from the supply line, so his body was considerably thin due to the lack of food. He wasn´t fighting at his best.


“But it´s Ratolukia´s fault. They stationed such a legend at that little garrison after all. It was as if they were telling us to kill him…. Well, but it is on us for how he hadn´t been killed until now.”


The humane characteristic in the plan; though the lack of respect for a legend, it is an fact he killed Shulvester. The old soldier that kept leisurely holding back Arcadia´s invasions wasn´t there anymore. With that, peace came to the north. The little country that had been difficult to deal with was no more. (TL note: 策の人道性= humane characteristic in the plan? Weird line to translate -.- The meaning should be something along those lines though. ‘ 3’)


“Well, he is talented. A type of talent I cannot stand however.”


Willian could be seen as crooked for someone of the military. This was something Baldias couldn´t stand no matter how.


“A man that is only skilled is boring. A man has to be wise.”


The parts that Baldias couldn´t stand became the parts that were valued for Eahart. In the end, Eahart became interestested in Willian; interested in such ambitious man that aimed for the sky, going beyond means or position.


“Now then, I am tired of eating. Let´s have some after-meal exercise, shall we?”


Eahart stood up. The party had only just begun.

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