34.The foe before his eyes


The hall was becoming livened up. The crowd began to dance in the tone of the musical performance of the orchestra playing at the back.


The cheeks of the noble ladies redenned for Eahart after he had gone downstairs. The beauty of the two princesses that had finally gone down to the hall made the men in the crowd catch their breaths. Eahart and Claudia started to dance. Baldias and Eleonora were casually dancing as well.


“Alright, let´s go dance to our heart’s content!”(TL note: Not sure how to translate this line properly ->さー、カールガンガン踊るわよ!<-)


“N-no. I am bad at dancing.”


Karl was once again being dragged around. Willian made a wry smile as he looked at it. Gregour and Anzerm were also dancing with other ladies. The finesse of their dance was what it could be expected of nobleman. Even if Willian was to go dance himself, he wouldn´t be able to have the same elegance.


“”This will come to be necessary though.””


Willian still hasn´t been invited to dance. He didn´t have the status nor the technique to be invited either. All he could do was to quietly watch.


“You suck!”




He had the confidence he would do better than Karl, who was stepping onto Hilda´s feet all the time, though…


“…But good graciousness, count has a really good taste for alcohol.”


“What, there is nobody that can be compared to viscount-dono in regards of that.”


Suddenly, that conversation entered Willian´s ears. It was a talk that didn´t have any particular significance.


“Only wine from the south is good. However, the ones from Garius aren´t tasty. Why is it?”


“It should be something of their. They have the mentality of utilidy. They won´t improve the quality of their luxury products no matter what. They rely only on their imports for that.”


Garius was a big country. It was the biggest kingdom in the world; there was nothing they couldn´t obtain. However, this would be accounted mostly for imports. It wasn´t like they were producing those products on their own.


“”Conversation between drunktards. How boring.””


Willian slightly regretted listening to their conversation. That said, even if there was to be any proper conversation, it would still be meaningless. It wasn´t like Willian expecting much from it either though. The problem was that he was incredibly bored. It was to the point he could listen to such boring conversation…


“As to be expected of count Vrad´s knowledge.”


Willian immediately turned his face to them.


What entered in his sight was an elderly gentleman with a gentle face. He had a honest and gentle aura.




It was possible he had the same name. It wasn´t possible to think that man was that kind of person. Willian imagined him to be a more low-life, more vulgar type of person. But Willian´s instincts told him…


…That he was the man that stole his beloved sister.


In an instant, a vast amount of killing intent gushed out from him. Without laughing, the corpses started running amok, with anger in their faces. Kill, kill, kill, kill; the hatred, anger and despair coming from the sole of feet was tainting his mind. He would break that neck that still moved, gouge his eyeballs, smash his chin, slice off his nose, destroy his eardrums, crush his genitals underfoot. Willian was being overrun by the desire of wanting to torture him to death with all sorts of methods.




Hilda and the others noticed his charge. Eahart and Baldias also turned their eyes to Willian´s direction. The hall which silence was something impossible before fell in a period of stillness.


“”Calm down, stupid me. There is no way I can do as I wish in this place.””


The silence let Willian recover his composure. However, it was already too late by that time. Many people were looking at Willian with faces that clearly had puzzled expressions on them.


“You bastard, what are you intending to do?”


The one standing in front of Willian was Gilberto. Hostility was clearly mixed in his gaze.


“What would you mean by asking me that? I cannot understand what you mean.”


Willian answered with a voice as clear as possible so that people could easily hear him.


“How shameless. What is the reason for you to have shown such vulgar display!? Answer me, you foreigner bastard!”


The killing intent became a sword and grazed at Willian. The aura Gilberto had was like a sharp blade. It was a sword that would protect its country, and also the symbol of his loyalty to the country as a noble. He was a noble to his bones.


“”That´s bad. Really… He caught me in such a bad time.””


It seemed that Gilberto didn´t have the intention to let Willian off.


“”How am I supposed to escape from this place…. It will be difficult, shit.””


The fact there were many talented people gathered at the place made it even more difficult for Willian. It hadn´t been an amount of killing intent of the extent where he could fool them. One´s aura was one´s traits. Even if he was to say it wasn´t his, the people that could see it would immediately expose his lies.




Karl tried to come towards him, but Hilda stopped him. The situation was too bad. It wasn´t like Willian had done anything in particular, but it was a fact that he had avoided the topic using an excuse. (TL note: I´m not sure about the translation there -.- ->特に何をしでかしたわけでもないが、ギルベルトに決定的な口実を与えたのは事実<-  It might be “but it was a fact that he had given an excuse to Gilberto in his last efforts”, but I think the former makes more sense)


“Answer me. Depending on how you answer, the Osvalt family will do anything to eliminate you.”


Yes, even if Gilberto was not going to do something about Willian himself, he had enough influence to eliminate him. The family of a duke had this much power.


Sweat was running through his back. He was in a predicament. He was in a much more desperate situation than at the times he was at the battlefield.




Nobody had noticed the thin mist surging at the feet´s height yet.


“”This… Could it be?””


Willian searched through his memory. This place shouldn´t have the requirements for mist to appear. Besides, it wasn´t natural that mist would collect by his feet. In that case….


“”…Fuh, it seems my luck is really good.””


The source of the mist. Willian thanked those people that were supposed to be there. Willian showed a smile.


“Why are you smiling? Are you belittling of the Osvalt family?”


“How could I. I was only surprised how let alone the common nobles, even sir Gilberto hadn´t noticed what is happening.”


“Noticed? Noticed what?”


Gilberto showed a puzzled face. Willian smiled.


“We have a visitor. An uninvited guest, if you may.”


Then, he turned his eyes to [there].


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2 thoughts on “34.The foe before his eyes

  1. Perhaps change:
    They have the mentality of utilidy


    They have a utilitarian mentality.

    Utilitarian – definition of utilitarian by The Free Dictionary –
    Of, relating to, or in the interests of utility: utilitarian considerations in industrial design. 2. Exhibiting or stressing utility over other values; practical: plain, utilitarian kitchenware. 3. Of, characterized by, or advocating utilitarianism.


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