37.The strongest appears


The capital of Arcadia, Arkas. It wasn´t the most outstanding capital among the seven kingdoms, but there were only a few people in the whole world that would say it wasn´t a great capital. Its productivity as a capital  and also how it is able to hold such a big amount of people could only be said to be something that could only be expected from one of the seven kingdoms. However, it was because it was so big that there was unsightly things, and also people hiding in places that was difficult to find in this kingdom.




Lurking around Havella were the people that lived at this dark side. All of them were using the same uniform. They had masks on their faces, so their expressions couldn´t be guessed. What filled the place was an inorganic killing intent. Seeing they came to that place, Havella wielded her knife.


“An assassin that fails in killing is not an assassin.”


“Death to the one that isn´t an assassin any longer.”


“This one must die.”


There wasn´t anger, nor sadness, nor happiness, nor anything at all. They were existences that were made only to kill people. Those were the assassins that were members of the assassin´s guild. All the people were lacking any kind of emotion.


“…I can´t die. I still, can´t…”


The one f with emotions nobody else other than Havella. Even though she was normally an expressionless girl, there were many emotions jumbled together that simply wasn´t shown in her expression. She didn´t know how she was supposed to express them. Those emotions even without her expressing it in her face to begin with, so she didn´t care.


“The three of us, I will live together with them!”


The three of them: Al, Kail and Havella. They were connected.


“That one must die.”


One of the assassins jumped in front of Havella. Havella readied herself for battle.




Havella skillfully handled her knife. If it is of the level of the opponent right in front of her, then she should be able to cut through. Actually, once they started crossing their blades, it was Havella that was at the advantage. However…


“This one must die.”


With two of them…


“Not yet!”


Taking on two opponents, it became a balanced fight. Havella´s movement wasn´t limited to just being nimble. Gravity not being felt in her moves would be an accurate description of it. But even so….


“You will die.”


With three of them…




Havella was kicked from behind and fell down. Havella moved around like a butterfly, but once she was caught, all was to no use.


“You will die.”


Without unnecessary movements and without even an instant of hesitation, the knife covered in poison approached her throat. It was a deadly poison that would immediately kill by a single scratch. Without pain or agony, Havella was now going to….


“Sorry, Al, Kail.”


And so those were Havella´s last moments….


“Really…. If you were going to apologize, you should have done it right from the beginning.”


The three assassins that were fighting Havella. At that same time, their torsos were cut off. The wound was brutal; their organs were thrown out to the surroundings. The one to have set up that display was…




“I will scold you later. Now, about you guys…. Go die.”


Kail, Havella´s and Al´s childhood friends, and also a man that lived as a gladiator.


An assassin lurked from behind Kail without giving off any presence. Against such move, Kail casually hit him with a back fist strike. With only that, the head of the assassin was burst open. The head that was blown away had its mask broken in pieces. The face was caved-in to the point one wouldn´t make out how it used to be from it.




The emotionless assassins.


“You better run. Right now, I… won´t be able to stop [myself].”


The aura of a strong person was gushed out. A thick scent of death of the extent that even the assassins that were supposed to be emotionless couldn´t approach. No matter how many assassins were to attack at once, they wouldn´t be able to live. The absolute power was standing there.


“Sorry there.”


The strongest moved. He grabbed the head of an assassin and crushed it in his hand. There was no need to use his weapon to fight off small fry. With only his physical strength, it was enough to trample them down. His fist pierced through the stomach of one of the assassins. Doing so, he took hold of the assassin´s movement by grabbing his spine. The assassin who was caught was then finished off by another strike.


“Ru-run away!”


The assassins that were supposed to not have any emotions. How much training and how many experiences did they have to go through for that sake? They had the confidence and the resolve to not be shaken even if death was in front of them. However…


“Run away by all means. I won´t go follow after you once you escape.”


The scenery the monster in front of their eyes brought forward would easily blow away something as trifle as resolve. Here was the capital of Arkas. Even if they were at a place people wouldn´t pass by, there was human activity just one street away. Even behind the scenes there wouldn´t such repulsive display brought about by this hell.


The escaping assassins. Kail didn´t do any effort to follow them.


“Hah, hah, hah, al-alright, I surviv… Hya!?”


For some reason, in their path of retreat…


“There was no way I would let you escape, retard!”


The path had already been blocked. The heads of the assassins flew. What shone was a silvery sword.


“I will start it by killing all of you. You can start babbling all you want then.”


It was a man wearing a cheap-looking wig and using a mask he had bought without much thought at some stall around there. The image of corpses were leaking out from the man. All the assassins that were standing before him understood.


They weren´t going to escape.




Blood flew to the air mercilessly.

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