38.The three make their move



The three came to stay at Kail´s home. It has been a long time since they´ve come to stay at one another´s place. Havella became happy just by that, but seeing the grim faces Willian and Kail had, she hanged her head down. Of course while she herself was depressed, she was still expressionless as always when looking up close.


“So it is about Count Vrad… I understand your feelings, but that was stupid. Far too stupid.”


Kail said as if he was spitting those words. He was angry at Havella´s imprudence, but he was much more angry at his powerless self that was, nor was consulted. They would have definitely stopped Havella if she consulted them, or if they were to at least help her, they would have definitely been able to deal with Vrad.


“Havella, the end of an assassin is about whether to die during the mission or to die after it; that´s all there is to it. It isn´t something you can r from. You should be aware of that, right?”


Willian said in a persuasive tone. However, his heart was far from being tranquil.


“…But, it was a chance to kill Vrad.”


Havella tried to make an excuse. Kail immediately clenched his fists, but Willian calmed him down.


“Because of all that happened, I will be bluntly telling you that. To me, Vrad is nothing more than a little problem anymore, and besides, in this city, there is no way the three of us can live comfortably together. What you´ve done was completely useless.”


For the first time now Havella´s expressionless face was dismantled enough to the point anyone would notice it. Kail gave up on stepping forward and calmly leaned against the wall.


“I think of you as my important friends that are even more important that my life. I never had any doubts about that, and it won´t be from now on that I will. I swear this on this path I follow that this will definitely never pass up on that.”


Willian lightly hugged Havella, who seemed to be about to fall in tears.


“But you know, it is exactly because of that that we being too close to each other is dangerous. If I make any blunders, of if any of you do, we will all be goners in case we are too close to each other. There are many risks that can be avoided just by not getting too close too me. I would rather not entangle you two into my ambitions, Havella.”


“You can´t! There is no way I can accept!”


No matter where Willian was to go, to Havella, he would be nobody else other than Al. Willian gave a wry smile. It was exactly because of that reason that Havella couldn´t understand why they had to part ways. No, perhaps rather than understanding, it was something that was instead difficult to accept.


“Let´s put off this for later. We should focus on Havella for now.”


Composed words. Havella glared at Kail due to the coldness she felt from those words. In the end, Havella prioritized her own opinion over theirs. That was the same case for the other two. It was because of that reason that they wouldn´t fight over about those kind of things. If the time they would do so came, then…


“It is just like Kail said. Not only there is the pursuers from the assassins guild, but the city too has also started to become turbulent. The amount of time we bought is not much.”


Willian released Havella and sat down onto a chair. He put on a thoughtful posture.


“Are there any methods? I can´t think of any way other than to escape from the country.”


Havella shook her head when she heard that. It was inadmissible that she would have to get separated from them. Havella liked the two to the point she would prefer death if that was to be the case. In any case, she emotionally dependent on them.


“The worst way to do it is to keep up running around the city like that until it cools down. Because the kingdom is the assassins guild special playground, they will definitely not give up. If me and Kail were able to protect you all day and night, then it would be different, but the amount of time I will be fighting in the wars is too long, and Kail has his job too.”


“…You don´t really need to protect her the whole time.”


Willian ignored Kail´s comment.


“The most safe and reliable way is to escape the country. Once you cross the borders, it will be difficult that the influence of the kingdom and the influence of the guild reaches you. Even the guild doesn´t have the spare time and have limited personnel. Even if one or two follows, then Havella should be able to do something about it herself. If Kail goes along with her, then she should be completely safe.”


Willian wanted they would go for this method. After thinking back on how it would be like then, he started to feel it would be lonely, but it was still the best option for both of them to have a future. Willian´s path was too distant from other people. If the possibility for the two of them to become caught in his affairs was to become absolutely zero, he would be able to feel relieved.(TL note: -><二人を巻き込む可能性が限りなくゼロになれば、ウィリアムも安心して博打を打てるというもの- I don´t know how ->博打を打てる<- fits in)




Havella rejected the proposal. Kail also agreed on the rejection. Although that was a method Willian himself had told them, there was no way Kail would accept escaping from the kingdom. There was no way he could leave Willian by himself and run away. There was no way he would do it. He was going to do imprudent things by himself for what he knew of ulterior motives there was behind him saying it.


“Then, the other choice it is. It will become a bit of a gamble. Of course we will be betting one or two of our lives. I will make it clear: This bet is a very unfavorable one. I still recommend you to leave the country. It has Willian´s stamp of guaranteed safety that this plan is perfect and agreeable in case you choose that one. I can give you two those two options in total.”(TL: Random crying… This line was translated in compulsive weeping and coughed blood.)


Even with all Willian said, he didn´t think they would agree to doing that. They would stand firm to the end. All he could do was to hint that from here on out, it would be the hard part, and depending on the situation, it was possible the three of them could lose their lives.


Kail and Havella didn´t waver. Seeing that, Willian let out a sigh.


“…We are going to march into the assassins guild and negotiate with them. We are not many by ourselves, but with me and Kail we should somehow be able to bring something to the negotiation table. If it goes well to that point, we should be able to do something about it.”


Willian answered without any confidence. Actually, the situation was much more difficult than it seemed. They were going against the kingdom and its covert forces. Either of them would already be troublesome on their own, and moreover, they would have to live on the country while running away from those two from then on.


“I see. So the focus of this is on the raw strength.”


Kail held his object he would do business with. Just by that, the atmosphere around became fiery.(TL note: Not sure ->ピリつく大気<- Can´t find it anywhere -.-)


“That´s right. I´m expecting a lot of you, champion.”


Their friendship was one that they could understand each other just with an exchange of glances. In addition, there was also the Kail strength, which was put in action moments ago. This also made them be more confident about it. As long as Kail is there, they should be able to do something. Since the past, he always had the strength that made them think of him like that. This time, all they could do was to count on him. The leader of the three had always been Kail after all…


Being able to under each other´s feelings was the connection between the thr….


“…What do you mean by champion?”


The two felt like they were about to fall to the ground. It seemed that Havella didn´t know that Kail had reached at the top of the colosseum. Well, it still felt like she would still be pondering over it even if she was aware of it.


“Cough* Well, you know what? Maybe it is irresponsible to say it, but… it became a bit exciting now.”


What Willian said was something the three of them were feeling about their situation. Since that day, the time the three would be together became less. That distant past they would steal apples from the stalls; how long was it since the last time they worked together? There was no way they could go back to their child mind, but at least they were feeling a bit excited.


It was a do-or-die wager that risked the lives of the three. What they were putting on the line was their life. それもこれだけやったのだ、三人の命であろう. There was not many situations which all the three would be risking their lives. It was because all of their lives were being in the same amount of danger that they were able to wish for their friends without any hidden intentions.(TL note: More weeping ;—–;  No idea what the part that is still in jap means)


“Now then, let´s go.”


That chance wasn´t one that would come up often after all…



“This… What is this?”


That was a place in Arkas nobody would pass through. Normally it would be a deserted place there wouldn´t be any people going through. However, right now, the image of hell made of scattered viscera and smell of death unfolding at that place. The surroundings were filled with the rich fragrance of feces, urine and vomit mixed with blood. This wasn´t a feat normal people would be able to accomplish.


“The [Wind cat], Havella is definitely exceptional, but she doesn´t have the strength to accomplish this.”


He sent twenty people. Considering their numbers and quality, there was no reason they would fail. If there was to be a reason, it would be reinforcements. And besides…


“One of them…. is a monster.”


The man hurried up to give his report to his master.


It was necessary he hurried up. If the organization becomes aware of the aura that filled the place and made their move now, things wouldn´t end well.

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  1. Minor corrections:
    It isn´t something you can r from
    – run from

    my important friends ***that*** are even more important that my life.
    – than

    If I make any blunders, ***of*** if any of you do,
    – or

    by not getting too close ***too*** me.
    – to me

    Thank you Lue for TL’ing the chapter… I understand this chapter made you cry tears of blood while simultaneously coughing blood too~! 😦
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