39.Kail, the beast




A storm of slaughter was devastating all it met to the point nothing could be done against it. There was a monster that was trampling through the assassins guild main base, located at the darkness of Arkas; the abyss in the deepest part of the slums. Against it were the skilled assassins. They had considerable experience, technique and power. Suppressing their own emotions and getting rid of them, they were complete and perfect assassins. But now…




They were trying to run away. All just to escape from the hands of a single monster.




The monster was a warrior. It had a huge body that was covered in something similar to steel. With just one swing of its sword, flesh and bones would be completely torn to pieces. It didn´t have anything to do with the technique of a warrior anymore. Even if the warrior was holding a stick, it could still marsh them to pieces. Not to mention, even if his sword was to be blunt, the warrior would still deal fatal damage by its driven will.


Nun!”(ぬん!) (TL note: Dunno if it has any meaning)


The humans were being split into two clean halves. If it was a horizontal cut, it would still be doable, but if it was in vertical, it would be a different story. That could only be understood as the strength being applied being unimaginable. To aim at the joints was the theory of swordfighting. Completely ignoring this theory, and moreover cutting through bones in vertical was the swordfighting technique of this monster. The one capable of that was that man.


With one swing, many would turn into lumps of meat.


With two swings, even more viscera scattered around.


By the third swing it could already be understood… The fact that nobody could win against that monster.


“Really, I won´t have my turn at all.”


Willian had been leisurely fighting off the assassins too, but this was being brought to a different level by the man in front of his eyes.


“”In terms of pure strength, even Baldias or Strakules would be helpless. I see, this is how you are at the colosseum. The gladiator that reached the top, the Kail I didn´t know about.””


Kail was so strong to the point that all of Willian´s guesses about his strength were easily overwritten. The surrounding area was heavily pressured by his warrior´s aura. It didn´t only make the skin be full of goosebumps. The killing intent made the assassins bent their knees, had them evacuate their waste and beg for forgiveness in tears. The emotions the assassins had thrown away at great troubles were being forcibly called back. And then…




Kail completely swept through all of them. It was an amount of strength that made even Willian, his friend, tremble. The scenery that had been created couldn´t be anything but hell. The misfortune of the assassins was due the fact that Kail was a gladiator, and also because he was the producer of this spectacle. A spectacle must be gaudy; the audience desired for that.


Much flashier, much more horrendous, much more repulsive.


Kail knew by heart the techniques for creating such hell. It was the job of a gladiator on how to make the audience have fun, to make them happy, to make them excited and satisfied. It was to bewilder them; to go over their expectations that was the apex.


“Out of the way.”


The neck of the assassin was crushed with one hand. The warrior didn´t have any compassion. Their greatest misfortune was for them to have brought this warrior´s wrath upon them; it was for them to have put their hands of that warrior´s most valious treasure. All was resumed on that.


“I see. It is the [Wind Cat]´s friend, Kail, the [beast].” (TL note: I don´t know exactly what Kail´s name is ->ベスティアリイ<- katakana form /// ->闘獣士<- Both words don´t really have anything to do with each other so Im not sure T.T)


The one standing in front of the warrior was a man that had a slightly different ambience to him even when compared to the other assassins. Kail, who had reign over the pool of blood, gave one sharp glance at him. Any of the enemies until now would have lost their fighting spirit by that, but the man calmly warded the pressure off.


“Being too strong, all people avoided fighting against the champion. Thus, having no opponents to fight against, he is always forced to go against beasts that were supposed to be on the opening matches for junior gladiators. A genuine monster. The scenery you made there is still acceptable. However, I would like you to stop there.” (TL note:I just want to cry a bit…  ;-;  ->あまりにも強すぎたがゆえ、チャンピオンからは逃げられ、対戦相手もおらず、次席剣闘士でありながら本来は前座である猛獣との戦いを強いられていた正真正銘の怪物<-)


That man´s killing intent was sharp.


“Do you think you can win with only this much?”


What the man was holding was a knife covered in poison that would give instant death just by touching it, and there were more of those hidden in his clothes. He wasn´t going to gallantly attack head-on. An assassin´s battle happened silently. He had the skills to make such possible. Moreover….




Behind the man were assassins that had about as much strength as the man. They were extraordinary and were the pride of the assassin´s guild. This was power that would cost as much as the amount of money to buy a house. Besides that, there were many of them.


“So you really feel you can beat me, right? Looks like this [me]… has been underestimated.’


The top has been provoked. Being at the top meant winning even against a group of strong, skilled people. This was the duty of the strongest. Even if they were in greater numbers, the strongest would trample them down in a flashy manner. Kail would have them intently watch this warrior´s true strength.


“Step back Kail. Your role is done there.”


Willian stopped Kail, who was about to move forward. As to be expected, Kail showed dissatisfaction, but it was Willian´s role to use his head to think. In addition, this situation was what Willian originally planned to happen.


“Would you mind if you let us meet with the head of the guild.”


The man made a suspicious face due to Willian´s question. Only Kail has been standing out, but Willian too had killed a good amount of assassins himself. It was because of that reason the man was cautious.


“What business do you have?”


The man was completely on guard and didn´t go out of his battle stance. There were also no signs of the people behind him moving at all.


“I want to have a deal with you. I would like to meet the one with the highest standing in the guild; I want to meet with your leader.”


At that instant, the man and the assassins at the surroundings that were watching Willian´s group from a distance turned their killing intent onto Willian all at once. A torrent of killing intent was gathered at Willian alone. Even though he received all that, he didn´t falter.


“In our side, we have Kail and myself. Even Havella isn´t weak. It won´t be constructive for us if we prolong this for any longer and build up a mountain of corpses, right? Of course, it is fine if we do the negotiations at your own territory. It would be the most suitable for killing us in case the negotiations break.”


One of their chips for negotiation was their fighting strength. They had a killing fest just so that the assassins guild could recognize they were making problematic enemies. Having that onto the negotiation table one way or another was the first step. If they weren´t able to get to this point, all would have been for naught.


“You may die here.”


The man didn´t have any intent on backing out, nor assassins behind him or the ones at the surroundings. Seeing that, Willian couldn´t help but show a wry smile. The place they made their step; to them had been a land mine…


“”I wonder if we can go on for a little longer?””


“”If you are wondering about that, then yes. Those guys are just being hard pressed over the decision.”


The situation made a turn that wasn´t very good. The man before their eyes and his followers were clearly different from the enemies they faced until now. Of course if it were only one or two, Kail would just trample over them in the same way he had been doing, but it would be problematic if it became a group battle and the assassins were to move as one body. Not only that, the ones they were facing could easily achieve this much.


“When we die, we die together.”


Even though it was at a time like that, Havella seemed to be happy for some reason, although Kail and Willian didn´t know to what extent. Seeing that, the two smiled. This was the chance for them to be able to die together.


“Let´s kill them to our heart´s content, shall we?”




The strong warrior and the army of corpses raised their war cries. This was the increasing fighting spirit; the killing intent bursting out.


They were probably going to die here. However, they would die. It was for the best that they caught many of the assassins in that. They needed to pile up many corpses and have them regret. The possibility of Willian´s group to be able to get into the negotiations hasn´t really been quite there.


Their resolve was set. Blatantly, they would…


[Both sides, stop. What are you being all fired up for [Bai Long]? What I ordered you to do was to test them out, wasn´t it? Are you intending to make more losses for me by losing even more of our assassins?”


A voice came out from somewhere. It was as if that voice had leaked from the depths of earth. The fighting spirit of Kail, Willian and the man called Bai Long, who were all ready for battle, completely vanished.


“B-but they lack the manners too much for me to let them meet with mistress, the ruler of the night. There is no way we could permit that.”


[How stupid. Whether they lack or not; does it matter? Here is the kingdom of the night. What am I supposed to do if the politeness of the kingdom of daylight starts being adopted here?”


Bai Long had his mouth shut. All the grandeur he had until now vanished and he was now with his shoulders shrunk, trembling.


[My guests, it won´t be the extravagant palace towering high like the one of the kingdom of daylight, but I invite you to come to my place, to the depths of the dark night. Bai Long, lead their way. The rest are to get rid of all evidences. For the sake of peace in my country.]


The assassins scattered around. The only people remaining were Bai Long and Willian´s group. After pushing out all of his unwillingness, Bailong finally moved his head, signalling them to follow him.


“What should we do? I… am starting to think that we should have gone for the choice of escaping from the country now that we came all the way here.”


Kail became fearful. His strength as a gladiator was authentic and he didn´t have any intention of letting himself be defeated in terms of strength. However, that voice from moments ago was unnatural. It exceeded Kail´s comprehension


“Don´t worry. I think so too. But perhaps we could…” (TL note:->安心しろ。俺だってそうさ。だけどたぶん<- Not sure about the line in the middle)


“There hasn´t been anyone that survived after refusing that person´s invitation. Not even the man that used to be the king of this kingdom. You would rather not have unnecessary thoughts.”


Bai Long´s warning. It stole away their path of retreat.


“So we have no choice but to go…”


Cold sweat ran across Willian´s cheek.

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