43.Numerous battles after numerous battles



Karl´s hundred-man squad, previously called Karl´s ten-man squad, has been piling up victories with great momentum. Because they could influence the battlefield with a much wider range than the time it was still a ten-man squad, its war achievements naturally became larger too. Willian would completely defeat his opponents with his strategies and strength, and Karl would seize allies with his friendliness.


Of course, they didn´t stop bribing their allies and superiors. If they could control the will of others with money, then it was cheap for the price paid. If Willian could keep gaining victories and piling up achievements, he would be able to obtain something of a value that the money he invested on bribing wouldn´t ever buy. It was good to make money, but status and honor were things that you couldn´t buy with money.


“Gh, White Mask!?


“Too late.”


Hyurun* (ひゅるん)


Quickly cutting a path through the enemy´s troops, Willian´s ten-man squad went into the enemy´s weak point. The enemy couldn´t have ever imagined that scene. It was only Willian´s squad that would move at night, hiding behind the scenes.


“Su-such a thing… Impossible!?”


Frank and Ignats were having a hard fight. Both ten-man squad leaders that used to be part of Karl´s hundred-man squad. Who in the right mind would have thought that was acting?




The one pressing forward in desperation was probably at the centurion level. This was a mounted warrior against one on foot. Originally, and without doubts, it was the knight that was supposed to be at the advantage. The spear held overhead was swung down at full strength. Matching his movement with the attack, Willian also swung his sword. The clash was becoming fierce.




The spear was broken into pieces.


“Hin!?”(TL note: ->ヒン!?<- No idea -.- probably sound effect?)


With that flow of events, the head of the horse was beautifully cut off, spinning and completing a revolution.


“So this is the White Mask!?”


Following that, the man was also split in two halves.


Since then, Willian´s sword had become even sharper. He increased his experiences in the battlefield, and the business he had just started was doing well. The confidence he obtained by those things made Willian soar higher.


Together with his brand-new mask, Willian Rivius stood at the battlefield.


While there also was how their commander was killed, becoming aware the man that was standing before them was the White Mask, the hearts of the enemy army were shaken. Each respectively scattered around to their own direction and ran away. Willian didn´t go after them.


“It was very tough, Willian-san.”


“I am completely exhausted.”


Frank and Ignahts were weighed down by their exhaustion and sank down to the ground. The surrounding soldiers were busy robbing off weapons and armor from the dead bodies. With such good weapons, they would make quite the money.


“”If I am able to make a lot of money, I wonder if I should try doing business with weaponry?””


A big reason why Louran didn´t do business with armaments was because he didn´t have connections with the military authorities. Right now, it still couldn´t be said that Willian had influence inside the military circle. His name was well known, but he was nothing more than just a ten-man squad leader. However, henceforth, he wouldn´t be limited by that. When the time comes, the merit of being able to do business with armaments might become inestimable.


“”I will control everything. For that sake… I need to not only do business with jewelry, but also deal with many other types of products.””


Willian´s thought process was exactly like the one of a company. Not of a company that specialized in only one product, but one that dealt with several. It was his objective for all kinds of products to not be buyable or sellable without first passing through his company one day. If he was able to do that, in a certain meaning, he would become an existence that was even higher than the king.


“Ah, I guess it won´t do much help even if I keep only thinking about things so much further in the future.”


As to be expected, if he was to look too much into the distance, he would become careless in the present. Willian needed to stop dreaming and look into his next battle.


“Now then, let´s return. Karl-sama must be eagerly expecting our arrival.”




“I can easily imagine the scene.”



“You are late! How much were you making me wait!”


The angry face with the veins popping up at the forehead their knight-sama was making was exactly the expected. Not only Frank and Ignahts, but even Willian ended up sighing. Seeing that, Karl became even angrier.


“Don´t be angry, Karl-sama. We have defeated the enemy. With that, we will have complete control of the region.”


Although small, they had gained control of a territory. This was huge. The achievements of a centurion were also about the number of enemy generals killed, but then, the long term gains of having captured a territory would start to seem appealing too. Because of that, this time´s expedition had great value.


“We´ve advanced considerably here in Arnika, which is at the southwest of Arkas. I was just wondering if we delved into it too much. Even considering it is just a small country, that is.”


Recently, little by little, Karl have been starting to speak of his opinions. This was a good inclination for him to take. Even for Willian, he wouldn´t simply come up with a plan all of the sudden, so he was thankful that Karl would do close analysis on the matter and question about it. Of course, it would be a nuisance if Karl was to impose his “wisdom” too much, but…  


“That´s correct. We won´t go further than that. This is the limit.”


Rather, they had already reached the point of limit long ago. By hurrying Karl´s hundred-man squad, they were able to march at lightning speed. If there was to be coming any counter-attacks, it would be from here. And by that time, Willian and the troops wouldn´t be there anymore.


“Then, we will finally be able to go back to Arkas, right?”


Frank´s expression loosened in happiness. Ignahts also a let out a sigh of relief. Willian and the others haven´t been back at Arkas for approximately half a year. Willian himself also wanted to go back so that he could do various close adjustments in his business.




“Reporting! At the northwestern front, the battle at the borders of one of the seven kingdoms, Nehdarks, will commence. The command has ordered Karl´s hundred-man squad to immediately proceed to the location and regroup with the local army!”


For things not to go well was a common thing in this world. Frank and Ignahts sighed. Karl also frowned. Willian had a dejected face under his mask.


“Unfortunately, our vacation will be postponed. Let´s make our preparations.”


Despite all, Karl and the others were still men of the military. When the order is given, even if it went over the limits, they still needed to respond to it.


“Order acknowledged. Karl´s hundred-man army will now be proceeding with haste to Arbas, the region bordering with Nehderks.”


This sort of unreasonable order was something they were already used to.


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