44.Rudolf le Housburk



The fort city of [Frandelen], which faced the territorial borders of the eastern region of Arcadia. It was a major city of Nehderks, and it was the center of commerce with Arcadia, one of the seven kingdoms. Right now, the blue army was gathering there.


At the center of that plaza, there was a carriage that greatly stood out. The one inside that out of the common carriage that had more than ten horses pulling it was…


“So many oppai”(TL note:Oppai = boobs for those who don´t know -.-)


It was the successor of the archduke that was rumored to have even more political power than the royalty of Nehdarks, Rudolf le Housburk. He was an unparalleled playboy and he also had a swingy mood. He was the problem child of Nehderks.


“Young master, what is happening here?”


Big breasts, small breasts; Rudolf was surrounded by varied big and small breasts. Whether it was white ones, black ones, tan ones, yellow ones, varied types of breasts were gathered all together.


“Fugofugo. I will dive into those oppai. Fondling attack.”(TL note:->ふごふご<- is kind of like an onomatopoeia for panting (but kind of not exactly). English onomatopoeias all seemed stranger, and besides, I think he is literally saying fugofugo there .-.)


“Kyaa, Rudolf-sama ecchi.”


“Yes, Rudolf-chan is ecchi


The one watching Rudolf act like that with surprised eyes was one of the three warriors of Nehderks, Lainberka li Parittida. She was the only female among the three warriors, and was also someone that was given the freedom of [color], who were few in number in the military of Nehderks, whose theme color was blue.


“I would like to ask why you put your hands onto Arcadia. Currently, our country does not have any reasons to meddle with Arcadia, and we might unnecessarily be giving other countries of the seven kingdoms such as Ostoberg, Garius and Estaado an opening for them to attack us.”


Rudolf was completely absorbed in fondling breasts. Lainberka´s words wouldn´t enter his ears anymore. A vein popped up on Lainberka´s forehead.


“There is that talk about which place has the fire, right? That isn´t Ostoberk, which has changed reign, nor the superpower of Garius, and much less Nehderks or Estaado, which can´t even keep up their stability. The one that has it is Arcadia. If we don´t hit them now, they might become a problem later. That´s how your young master has read the situation, you know?


One more vein popped up on top of the already popped up one. In a flash, Lainberka was about to point her sword, but…


“Hey, hey, I came here just because you called for me. That kind of treatment is really cruel, you know?”


Drawing his blade from the scabbard, the man in black blocked the attack. Lainberka´s sword is very distinguished by its technique even in the whole kingdom. For him to have casually taken that attack proved he wasn´t average.


“Shut up, lowborn. Despite how it normally would have already been disrespectful for you to even meet eyes with me or the young master, it is outrageous for you to make use of such brash language. Do not regret if I cut off your head right now at this place.”


“Oh, scary scary. If you can do it, then you might as well try. I became a mercenary because I hate that kind of shitty difference in status thing. Let it be fair and square. I won´t accept the job if that´s not how it is.”


There were two people behind the man in black that were filled with killing intent. Both were quite skilled. They weren´t opponents one could remain unscratched after fighting them.


“…This guy is my guest, you see. If you get too over yourself, I will kill you, ok?”


Before one´s notice was Rudolf, imposingly glaring over the place while sitting at the throne of boobs. Lainberka´s face quickly became pale.


“I-I am very sorry, young master. I´ve overstepped my bounds.”


Rudolf´s eyes weren´t like those lukewarm eyes from before that were flirting with breasts, but cold blue eyes that rejected all warmth. Rudolf had a swingy mood. If someone got his mood, even if it was unreasonable, he would drop the hammer down at that person. That was just to show how much influence he had. His position was pretty much already that of the head of the Housburk family. Not to mention, the royalty greatly trusted him.


“But to be equal to me, is it…? That´s talking big, Volf, the [Black Wolf]. If you don´t get the fitting results, it won´t match. Those words of you being equal to me, you see.”


“I am well aware, your Excellency Rudolf le Housburk, the [青貴子]. We are pros, so we will properly get the results. After we are done with that, won´t you share some of those boobs? If possible, I would like the big ones.”(TL note: No idea what Rudolf´s nickname means ^^)


Rudolf gave a wry smile. Lainberka was trembling.


“No-pe. Allll this is mine. Well, but…. only one. There is a man I want to have killed without fail in this war. If you can kill him, I will give you your desired oppai.”


Volf made a surprised face. It was impossible for Rudolf to hand over something that was his. Volf thought that this was how his personality worked from what he saw of him. Even with how Volf was, he said that more as chitchatting in the middle of negotiations. It wasn´t like he was saying that seriously.


Rudolf, with the way he is, was saying that he would share something of his. This was probably for the sake of setting a stage for this upcoming war.


“That man, [White Mask] Willian Rivius. If you can kill that guy, I will give you one of my oppais. Ah, how can I have such a big heart!? I have the feeling my generosity outstepped even that of god


[White Mask]. Volf smiled at how this name had reached even this place. It was the mysterious man that recently made a name for himself. With the weird appearance of white hair and mask, it was boasted that he still remained undefeated in battle. Of course, with him having the senses to predict defeats and retreat before it happens, it made Volf even more interested in him.


“Then, taking word for what you said… I would like that oppai there if I get to kill him.”


“What!? There are limits to jokes! More importantly, how dare you refer to me as “oppai”.”


Lainberka li Parittida. She was one of Nehderks´ prided three warriors. To other countries, the three warriors would be akin to the position of general, or better said, great general. Volf was telling Rudolf to have that as his prize.


“Heeh, the cost for nominating Lainberka to you is high, you know. I can count on you, right? Volf-chi.”


“Of course. I am also undefeated in battle just like him.”


“…Hm? But from what I heard, at Ostoberg you….”


“That one didn´t count. Besides, on the whole, I won the war. Now then, I have some things I need to arrange… so just wait for me, my oppai-chan.”


“Do you really intent to hand me over to him, young master?”


“Yes. That is, if he can kill him.”


Lainberka was dejected. Rudolf was extremely calm, massaging breasts.


“That´s just how much worth the deal is. This time, there is no mistake that he will be the one that will give Arcadia its momentum. Arcadia´s inclination has changed ever since he came up. Karl von Teirah is probably a puppet. After all, I´ve never ever heard of his name before he got the [White Mask] as his subordinate. He is worth much less than Gilberto, Hilda and others of the likes of them. But even so, the hundred-man squad that has the most momentum now is his; the Karl´s hundred-man squad.”


Stopping to fondle breasts, Rudolf bit his own nail. Lainberka and his other close aides knew well. It was when Rudolf was like that that he could anticipate what was to come more perspicaciously than anyone else.


“Right now we can still kill him, but if he is to become a centurion; if he is to become the commander of a regiment; if he is to become a general… By that time, I don´t think Nehderks, which borders with Arcadia, will still exist, you see.”


Rudolf suddenly grasped the neck of a tan-skinned “oppai-chan” that was next to him. Groaning, her legs were convulsing and she was revealing a unsightly look.


“That´s why we will kill him now. No matter what I need to do… you see.”


There wasn´t even a sign of warmth in Rudolf´s face after he broke her neck with his hand. Even after looking at the girl fallen on the floor that had died, he didn´t think anything about it. To him, women were only decoration. All that he valued was only himself solely. And so, he needed to deal with anything that could possibly threaten the place he owned.


“Now then, I am in the middle of a oppai festival, so I will be leaving the rest to you. While you are at it, I will also leave it to you to replace that oppai


Seeing Rudolf´s figure of him burying himself into breasts, Lainberka was hit by a feeling of dread.


“Your will.”


She could only answer that way. There was nobody that could go against Rudolf in this country after all.



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