45.The lion cubs; the key pieces of the offensive


Both troops were glaring at each other from each side of the Lulia river. The part in the area that stood out the most was the mountainous region at the direction of the upstream of the river. Battle has already happened in this place. Attacking and retreating, retreating and attacking; this has been repeating many times. With the river showing signs of calming down and the flat ground under it revealing itself, if the day that Arcadia gets careless and let the enemy built their base within their borders comes, it was inevitable they would greatly lose ground. Because of that, all they could do was to spare reserve soldiers.


Willian´s squad was deployed to the mountain area as an active force. The ones at the surroundings of their encampment were Arcadia´s lion cubs. For each of them, one could only wonder whether it was that they were far ahead from Karl or that it was just that their experience was simply much greater. (TL note:->いずれも格としてはカールよりも遥かに上であるか、経験値が上かのどちらかである。<-  Too hard x_x Not sure)


“Yo, Karl. There really isn´t a fragment of ardor in you. As to be expected, the undefeated Karl-sama is really different from us.”


Both Gregour and Anzerm, who outdid themselves at the party, were also called to the borders. You could also see Gilberto a little far back there. Walking along with him were his centurion followers. 


“Unfortunately, Hilda is in a campaign at our opposite direction in the east, so she isn´t here.”


Seeing Karl lost, timidly looking around, Gregour came up to him. Then, Karl made a weird expression that was as if he was relieved, but at the same time as if he was bored. Behind him, Frank and Ignahts were smiling.


“As always, impressive battle results. As to be expected of Willian-dono.”


Anzerm raised his hand to give Willian a handshake. Willian answered him with a troubled face.


“Those are Karl-sama´s achievements.”


“…Don´t be humble.”


There was nobody that heard his muttered words. Anzerm didn´t want anyone to hear them either.


Anzerm was the only one that noticed it. He noticed a peculiarity about Willian.


“Though mountain warfare is where you specialize at, I would still like to ask you how you would fight here, sir Karl.”


“Hmm….. I still didn´t think about it. We still don´t know the enemy´s formation after all.”


“We should go soon, Karl-sama. We need to meet the regiment commander. The two of you, we will have to see you later. We still have many things to talk to the commander.”


They pulled out before their pretense was exposed. Karl learned the basics of military strategy to some point, but the times he could think of a proper and suitable plan for the actual battle were still few. His current situation was that he didn´t have neither enough knowledge or experience to command a hundred-man squad, the core composition of the military. It would be problematic if people were to notice that.


“Yeah, see you later Karl! Next time, please let me have meal together with Lutogarde! I will be counting on you, aniki!”


Gregour said something in which it wasn´t possible to decide whether he was being serious or lying. Karl made a troubled expression.


“…Well then, see you later.”


Anzerm looked at Willian without saying anything. Noticing his gaze, Willian averted his eyes from him. Whether Anzerm was being suspicious of Willian or perhaps there was something that picked his attention on him, there was no way Willian could act based on guesses. But even so, he thought deep in his heart that he needed to be wary of Anzerm´s actions.



After getting through the meeting with the regiment commander, Willian´s squad received their assigned position. Taking Willian´s position as the center, Anzerm and Gregour positions would be his left and right wings, while Gilberto was assigned to a considerably far place: at the downstream of the river. Presently, the most important positions were the upstream area Anzerm was assigned to and Gilberto´s both wings at the downstream area he was assigned to. That was specially the case for Gilberto, whose assigned place was one where the army could move as it pleased when the time of need would come; a place where army movement was the key. The weight of the expectations the higher-ups had of them was at a different level.


“What I need to do is clear. We need to get into the enemy´s encampment at the area they invaded our borders. In other words, the mountains is our main attacking point. The reason why many of the younger generation that is so much held in anticipation is being reunited here is for that sake. Right now, they don´t have the means to keep up the supplies. It´s like they are telling them something like “go show results” or so.”(TL note:現状維持では足りない= Right now, they don´t have the means to keep up the supplies? 0.0 Normally 維持 means maintenance)


The regiment commander was also of the younger generation, so people were full of hope about this war. It was because of that that losing was impossible. Even though they might be showing an opening to other countries, they had gathered this many talented people. It was clear they already won. They were already counting their chickens before they hatched.


“What is the special trait of mountain warfare? This is revision for you, Karl.”


Only Karl and Willian were at the place. Frank and Ignahts were outside putting their troops together. (TL note: Inside a tent? It doesn´t specify. T.T)


“Uhmmm… First it would be that the advantage in numbers is less. And then, you also need to be careful of places that have divergence in elevation. Other than that, it would be that infantry is the core composition and that mobility is lessened… I guess? How did I do?”


Willian smiled. Seeing that, Karl made a cheerful expression.


“You got the rough idea. Well, if you were to put it in detail, there would be many little factors, but the point would be that nature makes up for a crowd of people. The one that has a map and has a deep grasp of the terrain is the one to come out victorious. With that said, here isn´t a minor battlefield, but a place where Arcadia and Nehderks have clashed many times. Both sides should hold a good grasp of the terrain.”


Normally Willian would usually make use of many methods to get a understanding of the territory, but only this time he wouldn´t need to do so. This was because both armies already knew about the region even to the point of loathing the fact. They wouldn´t need to make a detailed map of the place since they could just get one at a low price.


“With that being the case, do you know where it is that one can take advantage at?”


Karl tilted his head. Having done so, Karl didn´t have any ideas left. Only Willian had the answer for it. Although Karl grew, his main traits didn´t change. If it was to ask, one could say he was still Karl-ish.


“The place one has to take advantage at is at [speed].”


Willian gave a broad grin.


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10 thoughts on “45.The lion cubs; the key pieces of the offensive

  1. 川が落ち着きを見せる平地の方では平原が広がっており、油断して拠点が形成された日には大きく領土が削られることは必至

    The water calmed down and revealed the ground beneath it, and the day they were negligent and let the enemies build their base there, it was inevitable that they would lose a lot of territory.


    Just a little away from from there was Gilbert’s figure. “はなれた” you were thinking of 慣れた but its 離れた。


    Just maintaining the status quo was no good.

    This is what I mean by tlc’ing, :P. I can just help with random phrases you need help with.


    • It´s so annoying when the kanji isn´t used T.T I dunno how I didn´t see the wa though 0.0

      I didn´t really understand what you meant on the one about them losing the territory though .-. Did they already lose territory or will they lose territory because of having let them build up their encampment because of the carelessness? I felt that if it was something it had already happened, then it would have been 必至だった, instead of having the desu verb omitted.

      The “niwa” was giving the vibes of it being “signing where the message is inside of” sort of feeling (dunno how to explain it xD), so I though of the “day that they settled their base” as the trigger sort of stuff there.

      So, how is it going to be if you will help me with TLC? Do I just come up to you asking the parts I am having trouble with or do I send you the chapter beforehand?


      • Well it should be in past since ni wa indicates the same thing as ni but with contrast/comparison. It’s like the difference between “On THURSDAY, I worked,” and “I worked on thursday.” where the capitals signify that you emphasize that word when you actually say it. I’m fairly sure colloquially you can drop the copula even if it’s past but I can ask a Japanese friend of mine.

        Anyway, I’d prefer if you translated in a google doc so we can both edit at the same time and leave comments, etc. (https://www.google.com/docs/about/). However if you don’t want to then you can just ask about parts I guess. Would be a little more inconvenient.


        • ni doesn´t strictly have the same meaning as ni with just the contrast being the difference

          By the way, I found the niwa meaning being used there

          Dictionary copy paste ->
          「…する時には」「…の場合には」「…したら」などの意の,軽い仮定条件を表す。古語では,「むには」の形で推量の助動詞「む」を受けることが多い。 「始発に乗る-四時に起きなくてはならない」 「かぐや姫すゑむ-,れいのやうには見にくしとのたまひて/竹取」

          I guess I should have just looked into the dictionary since I was not sure about the niwa -.-


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