47.Arcadia´s steady advance



Everyday was consecutive defeats. Those results were stabbing at Anatour´s body. Their position of pushing forward was long gone. They had crossed the river and were now at the foot of the mountain holding their ground. Even trying to go fight with all his might himself in order to break out of their situation, they were being singlehandedly pushed back by Arcadia. Because he couldn´t let himself get isolated and surrounded, and also because nobody would take him as an opponent, the sole horseman Anatour had his destruction power negated.


“So this is Karl Von Teirah´s plan? Ah, I must say it is very splendid.”


Anzerm´s subordinates were praising Karl, who proposed their plan.


“Indeed…. It is a very splendid plan.”


Anzerm was expressionless. Nobody could tell his thoughts. However, he perfectly completed the task he had to. The tall man whose household was of the Krulgar was a very balanced centurion. He had both knowledge and courage.


“To all troops: There is no need to be in haste. However, you must move while having in mind we must push them all the way back yet today.”


Today, they were going to take over the mountains. With that done, the favored side of the war was decided.


“Osshaa! Crush them with all you have!”


The one brazenly attacking was Gregour´s hundred-man squad. The vigour of their army advance that was like raging fire hadn´t lessened even at the mountains, where cavalry couldn´t be used.


“Gregour-sama. Aren´t we advancing too much?”


Hearing his subordinate´s timid words, Gregour laughed at him.


“Fool. What am I to do if I was to run away when I am at this winning battle? I will destroy the enemy´s base ahead and get the most merit out of them. It won´t be Gilberto, nor Hilda, nor Anzerm, nor even Karl; it will be me, Gregour von Tundar!”


Gregour showed a ferocious smile. He had an expression filled with ambition. This was also Gregour showing his honest side.


Gilberto was unmoving. The time Gilberto, who was the link that connected both the mountains and the flatland, moved would be the time this battle was going to be decided. The reason for him to stay there was about to be over now. Within Karl´s proposal, there wasn´t any part that said Gilberto had to go move somewhere. Gilberto also didn´t feel like doing so.


“Sir Gilberto. Is it fine for us to stay here?”


Gilberto showed a displeased face.


“Although it is annoying that I have the same opinion as that lowly born man…. Now isn´t the time to move. That´s all.”


Snorting, Gilberto watched the battlefield. If Nehderks was to make its move, it would be only at this timing. It would be Arcadia´s end if he was to move now. It was because of that….


“Really…. I won´t let you do as you please.”


…that only their side was at leisure.



“Now, Anatour-dono. Have you already made up your mind to ask for our assistance?”


The black group appeared in front of Anatour, who had been constantly getting at his wits´ end.


“Bastards! What are you slacking for! Since you have been hired by our army, then you must show the corresponding amount of work you were hired for!”


Hearing that, the leader of the group bursted in laughter.


“Buhah! That´s exactly like you said. We are hired. If it becomes a pain, we can just get our asses out of there. It might be a good idea to watch your destruction as a side dish for our drinking party.”


Anatour´s spear was headed to the man´s throat as it rised a cry. That sound came from the spear technique that mourned for the dead. The incoming attack was that of the [Crying Spear], a name that has thundered through not only Nehderks, but its neighboring countries too.




The ones to block the attack were the two people standing beside the man. It was a woman that looked like a man and a man that looked like a woman. Anatour´s eyes were wide-open. Though it still wasn´t perfect, he was a man that had accomplished with the spear to such degree. It would be one thing if it was the [Black Wolf] himself, but he didn´t even start imagining that his close-aides would be able to stop the attack.


“I will be warning you beforehand. We are strong. We have the power that can still break out of our current situation. However, if you bastards keep doing as you wish, we won´t be able to win even with that. I have one condition for us to win this battle. Whether you accept it or not, you are free to choose.”


Even to someone such as Anatour, the situation he was at was one which there was no coming back from. If they were to lose there, there is no mistake that his head would be cut off from his torso. In addition, they might do the same with all his family and followers too. Since it was about Rudolf it was being talked about, it wouldn´t be weird if he were to do that. Even if Anatour survived, he would still have the disgrace to carry such shame.


“…Can you win?”


“Of course. Who do you think I am?”


In as situation like this; a situation there was no coming back from…


“….Say… your condition.”


…he had no way other than to rely on someone. To rely on the one that had a plan that could lead them to victory.


Until now, everything went just as the [Black Wolf] had planned. As for how it would go hereafter…


“The condition is…”


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