50.The perfect surprise attack



Sensing a group nearby, Willian showed a smile seeing that the enemy was heading to their fatal weak point. There was still a way to get through this. If he could fight against whoever is in the control of the army, even if he isn´t able to get his head, he will still be able to carry the battle over to tomorrow. Besides that, Gilberto was also able to understand his own importance and kept standing in his position. Gregour and Anzerm also didn´t look like they were going to be killed. They could still recover from their position.


“Well… I´m not planning on letting him escape though!”


If Willian is able to get the head of that person, he can end this battle tomorrow. This was just how much that morale was moving the enemy soldiers through this battlefield. It was his bad luck he was going to meet Willian. Sprouts like that had to be plucked early.


“Willian-san! I can see the enemy troops! It´s [blue colored]!”


At that instant, his smile broadened. His guesses were turned into certainty.


“Kuhah! I will be taking your head!”


The enemy advanced. Willian attacked from the flank. Their columns were cut through, and their front and rear were broke apart beyond repair. There would be no forgiveness to the one that had shaken his chances of victory.


“I see. As expected of the [Black Wolf]. So he was able to predict it to this point.”


Words of lamentation came from deep in the bushes. Just before that voice, Willian didn´t know what was happening. Once he got to the bottom of things among the few possibilities there was, his soldiers at the rear had their heads blown up.


“That…. Impossible.”


Willian was more surprised at the state of affairs than his own predicament.


“It has been some time, [White Mask].”


The one facing him was the [Crying Spear] Anatour, someone he was fighting against at the first day to the point of despise. For a regiment commander class to go to the front lines in his own accord was something that didn´t even come through his mind.


“Well, don´t be in such rush. Your opponent is me.”


Hearing those words, Willian sighed. He had been read through to this point. And then, there were also those words about Anatour being the one responsible for dealing with him. Connecting one point to the newly discovered one, it became a line.  


“Could it be!?”


Willian looked behind him. He ended up understanding what was happening. He had finally noticed the full picture behind the enemy´s movement.


“You could really guess. However, you can´t be looking away!”


Aah!* (TL note: The crying of the spear -.- ->阿ァン!<-  T.T)


Although Willian barely blocked the [Crying Spear] with his sword, his face was pale to the point it was possible to notice it even behind his mask.


“Could it be I… was outwitted?”


His pride that had been building up crumbled. There were many of his opponents he was inferior in power. However, there hasn´t been one time he was inferior in strategy. This was a first-time experience for him. It was as if his body was burning by the humiliation.


“Shit… Move aside, you smaaaall fryyyy!”


The crowd of corpses surged. They didn´t have their usual smiles. Those corpses were burning with the black flames of humiliation, and they were raising screams and angry yelling. Seeing that, sweat started to appear in Anatour´s forehead. Although there was no mistake Willian was using his full strength in the last time they fought, there was still a part of him that was carefree at that time. Taking off his exterior appearance, a cruel monstrous figure appeared. This was Willian´s true form.


“However, this is the same for me. Flavour this [Crying Spear] to your heart´s content!”


His fighting spirit was rising. What appeared was a lamenting spear. It was Anatour going at his full power; a power that was born from surmounting numerous deaths that piled up more than the necessary to fill the dark abyss. This was also his true form. He was one of the only four regiment commanders of the army Lainberka led. He was Anatour, the [Crying Spear]. The number of lives he stole with his spear were to the point it couldn´t be counted.


“You are in my wayyyyyyyy!”




Although he was directly meeting Willian´s attack, this was Anatour calling for him after having already read through all his moves. The preparations of the blue army were complete. Karl´s undefeated hundred man army and the elite troops directly in control of Anatour. Both armies were now killing each other.



“What we lack is the amount of chess pieces. I have won by the amount of pieces I could move. Whether it would have been me or that guy, if you had more combat strength, and also men that are good enough for you to entrust tasks to, we wouldn´t have been able to empty this path. In other to have everything go perfectly, it was obvious you needed to have this place locked down.”


The place Volf was standing at was the place Willian was standing at before. It was the place Willian, a man of such caliber, had been protecting. Not only was it a good position to be, but it was also..


“Yep, I am perfect. I wanted to have oppai-chan too if possible, so there was also that part about me wanting to kill White Mask. But then, there is no meaning to it if I lose. In battles, you gotta win whatever the circumstances. Don´t you agree?”


Volf asked Willian, who wasn´t present at the place. Of course, there was no response.


“Now then, let´s win, shall we?”


Before Volf´s eyes was the headquarters that had lost the barrier called “Willian”.


The black wolf dashed. His prey was before his eyes.



Gilberto caught his breath.


It was already too late for him to make his move. Even if he was to move now, he wouldn´t get in time. The enemy troops arrived at the headquarters this much quickly. Soundlessly, and more than anything, fast, the black colored group assaulted the main army.


“Gilberto-sama! What should we do!?”


He was in doubt over what to do. Even though it was a certain fact that the headquarters was going to fall, it was still possible to fight against the group attacking them if they were to move there with all their power now. And so, with that being the situation, it would be enough if they were to take the head of the unknown commander leading those troops and bring the head so that they could declare it as a tie.


“”However, would someone of such caliber really believe that I wouldn´t go after him even in a situation like this? If I leave this place open and go after him, it would be a complete checkmate for him. Should I move? Or should I not?”


In that short period of time, Gilberto had to come to a decision. There wasn´t time. Whether to go or to stay; out of these two options, he could choose only one. His decision was indeed to…


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