52.The outstanding ones



“What in the world… is happening?”


The young regiment commander. He had been walking in the highway of the elites. He didn´t have any harsh defeats in his military record. Moreover, the upper brass of the military would raise him carefully and do close investigations before sending him in the battlefield. It was because of that that…


“I don´t understand.”


…he couldn´t understand what was happening.


“Whistle*, that was a pretty nice defense. It wasn´t bad. It wasn´t bad, you know.”(TL note: English onomatopoeias for whistling are all weird 0.0 )


Said the man that would run around the battlefield like a hurricane. After seeing his smile filled with confidence on his face, it was impossible to think he could be defeated. The headquarters were being devoured; devoured by black wolves that suddenly attacked.


[My name is Volf, the [Black Wolf], and those guys are the [Noir Guard]. Engrave it in your heart. I, we will devour you up!]


The man had a bloodthirsty and vivid shine to him. The man that leaded the black wolves: Volf, the [Black Wolf].


“Don´t… be kidding me!”


The young regiment commander was stubborn. They were being defeated by the smaller group despite being the position of superior numbers. Having his pride on the line, there was no way he could accept such thing.


“Hou. That´s an ok aura. People that “have it” are really different.”(TL note: An word impossible to translate to english ->持ってる<-  It is when someone have something special to them. The word “successful” would be a good way to describe the meaning. By the way, I´m pretty sure he isn´t talking about the “aura” instead)


His aura intensified. The regiment commander charged. Seeing his figure, his subordinates were inspired. With the spirit of the regiment commander increasing, the morale of the soldiers also skyrocketed. As a commander, he was a model to follow.




However, that “model to follow” was too far away from that man´s standards. His way of fighting, and his war strategies were all self-taught. The man couldn´t act in accord to the textbooks. He couldn´t bear to receive assistance from average people. As a commander, he was filled with holes. However, there was just one thing; there was only one part the man excelled at more than anyone.




That was vitality. More than anyone, he had the strength acquired by living in a world of desperation. Because of that, he was strong. Because of that, he was wise. It was because of that that he could brought forward. 力も、知識も、人の後に生まれたものなのだから。(Tl note: No idea T.T)


“…anything you may have, I have it much more!”


The regiment commander´s sword, the aura he exerted, and his body and equipment were all cut within an instant. Besides, there were two slash marks. The claws and fangs of the black wolf tore through everything. (TL note: ->それも二筋の軌跡にて<- I don´t know how to put this in english well -.- )


“Oops, I forgot to ask his name.   ….Well, I guess it´s fine. After all, I would forget it.”


There were two canine teeth. A. The absurdity of his sword techniques were due to it being self-taught.


“See you, average guy I don´t know the name.”


Volf didn´t learn from anyone. That was because he knew for sure he was the best.


Volf didn´t rely on anyone. That was because he knew for sure he was the best.


Volf didn´t acknowledge anyone. That was because he knew for sure he was the best.


“With that, we are all the way in the lead. I just need to walk forward to victo… or I guess not.”


Volf was controlling flow of the war. However, there was still a persisting irregularity. Although Nikka failing her task was still within expectations, it was rare for there to be someone persisting through to that point. But more importantly than that…


“To think he would get the upper hand while being up against Anatour… You really can do it, White Mask.”


Originally, Volf had planned for himself to be the one fighting there. But it ended up not being possible. He didn´t feel like he would be able to make a regiment commander like Anatour move after all. The reason why Anatour was fighting there was because he decided to take the same route Willian did. (TL note:->アナトール自身が己も出るというまでは、ウィリアムの描いた絵図と同じ絵図を描いていた<- I´m guessing it is path route since the word used ->絵図<- means painting, drawing. The way it is being used can mean “planning” in the subjective meaning, but I dunno if it´s really right that way -.-)


“The “held pieces” decides victory and defeat. Don´t think badly of me, alright?”


If Willian didn´t make his move, Anatour would become the arrow for their certain victory. But even after moving, Volf would still pierce through the enemy as the second arrow. That was the difference in the chess pieces. Considering the setup, no matter how he was to move, it would be checkmate. There was nothing that could be done anymore. It was the difference on the “held pieces”; whether one side knew of Volf´s existence or not, and the other of Willian´s existence. It was nothing but that. That difference brought forward this situation. (TL note:->ウィリアムが動かねばアナトールが必勝の矢になる。動いたとしてもヴォルフが二の矢として敵を射抜く。<-// ->動かねば = 動かなければ ?<- By the way, the word is used ->持ち駒<- “held pieces” is that in shogi (a game very similar to chess) you can reuse the captured pieces, holding onto them until you place them again on the board.)


“Also… There is one more that made a good move.”


The other person that caught Volf´s eyes. Volf really didn´t think he was going to move out. To not move was a conclusion based on logic. Normally, one wouldn´t move. That was much more the case if one was talented. That was just how the circumstances were.


“Fuhah, how interesting.”


However, if the person was a genius, then he would move now.



Gregour was r. The very capable black mercenaries were blocking all sides. And then, although a bit stupid, there was also that problematic opponent, Nikka, the vice-leader of the Noir Guard. Although Gregour and his subordinates weren´t being annihilated due to the mercenaries´ few numbers, it didn´t mean they could get away from them. The approaching army from behind defined their time limit.


“Tch. Even though I wanted to kill you myself… That´s the end, huh?”


The rear was falling in commotion. Believing that was the end, Gregour shut his eyes.


“…If you aren´t looking here, then is it fine for me to cut your head off?”


Nikka made fun of Gregour. Gregour didn´t have any willpower remaining to be responding to that.


“That said, it´s really noisy. Too noisy, hey!”


W Nikka was really stupid. However, it indeed was loud. It was cla. Too c.


“Nikka, it´s kinda strange. M… Why is there the sound of hooves?”


“Horse hooves… You are at the battlefield, so it´s obvious there is.”


“…Aren´t we on foot because we can´t use horses at the mountains?”


Reaching an understanding, Nikka clapped her hands together.


“Then, you are hearing it wrong. There is no way the if there isn´t any horses he…”


Stopping her words midway, she focused her eyes at one point. The wild intuition she had was telling her something.


“…Shit. We are pulling back!”


Nikka started running away without even batting a glance at Gregour, who had been about to be killed. Without even holding the slightest doubt that her command, her subordinates followed after her. With only a little time difference, the blue army had reached at Gregour.


“What… is happening?”


The group that appeared before Gregour´s eyes were all ragged. The blue uniforms that were once beautiful were now covered in dirt and filled with holes. It was a hard scene to watch.


“N-no. I don´t… want to di….”


A big shadow jumped at the ragged group. It was a horse. Being crushed with the frontal hooves and being sent flying by the back ones, they were being trampled over without being able to put up any resistance. Just like the word would infer, those soldiers didn´t have as much “horse-power”. As living beings, there was a big gap between the essential specs in the build. With the horses pressing on them, all the could do was to run. Not to say the least, they were muscular battle horses after all. The soldier´s numbers were withering away just by standing up against them.


“Cavalry? That´s impossible. It´s a mountain here. Although there are some parts that are easy to move through, it should still be impossible to dispatch them to the battlefield unless one has confidence in the skills of one´s cavalry.”


Gregour´s subordinates raised their voice in surprise. They were dazzled by the sight of Nikka and her subordinates retreating. The blue army that was running away wildly. Seeing that and assuming he escaped his predicament, Gregour heavily fell down on his butt onto the ground.


“He has the confidence in it. If it is that man…”


Gregour scratched his hair while grumbling in discontent. That man was one of the three people he couldn´t win against at the military academy.


“What are you doing there, Gregour. Immediately reorganize your soldiers and close the enemy´s path to our headquarters. Don´t let those lowly invasors return with their lives.”


It was Gilberto Von Osvalt. He was the second son of a duke household, and was the outstanding talent acclaimed as the most brilliant among the young generation in Arcadia´s military. Although he was adept in strategies, he showed his true worth in his strength. He had skill in mounting, sword fighting, and was also capable in the spear and the bow. All of those were top notch.


What was being highlighted this time were his mounting skills.


“You are a noble too, right? Show some spirit.”


Gregour twisted his face. Gilberto was always like that. He expected excellence from the nobility. It was the nobility that were the excellent ones. He would display it in, and would also expect the same from other nobles. Gregour hated Gilberto, who would do all this as if it was the obvious thing to do and push those ideals onto others.


“All of you as well, don´t dare slow me down. Since before, your riding have been ilacking to some extent.”


“Ha! We are deeply sorry, Gilberto-sama.”


“I don´t need apologies. Show your with your weapons.”




Those were Gilberto´s most recently recruited subordinates. Those were soldiers serving under the Osvalt household. They had enough skill and experience to the point it wouldn´t be weird if each of them actually commanded a whole army. Even so, they chose the path of being Gilberto´s subordinates.


“Go.” (TL note: The kanji used here is ->征く<- which also means the same, but in a “heavenly” way. The ->行く<-, the one people usually use, would be for beings of flesh and ->征く<- for the nature itself, gods, and things of the sort)


A single word. With just that word, the mood of the place changed.


The aura surrounding Gilberto was like a sharp beautiful sword. It was the true image of a [noble], brought forward by a spirit of self-indulgence that would cut the enemies, the allies, and even oneself. That was the impression it gave.


“Your will!”


That image had stolen their hearts. The reason why they followed the still inexperienced Gilberto was none other than because they were enchanted by his charm.


Without any hesitations, Gilberto rode his horse. The way he handled the reins was so perfect that it felt as if he had forgot he was at the mountains. Every single action of his had grace.


“”First I must head to Anzerm´s position. If can capture that point, it is very possible I can checkmate them strategically.””


Gilberto rode his horse through the roadless path. His subordinates desperately followed after him. In an instant, they had left the place.


Gregour, who remained at the place, started moving just as it had been told him while spouting idle complaints. Gregour knew. No matter how much Gilberto wasn´t likeable, his words were valuable.


“I still hate him though!”


Completely forgetting that his life had been saved by him, Gregour was thinking of Gilberto´s shining figure with envy. The fact both were from the same school would show Gilberto´s brilliance. It was to the point that envy would turn into resignation.


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