54.Black and White mixing with together


Using the gravity in his favor, Volf increased his speed even more. None of his subordinates were able to keep up with him. Similarly, Willian was going up the mountain, running to meet his opponent. Looking at both, whose moves would go over their expectations, they could see there was a big disparity between them and the two.


The white was anger. The reason for it was due to his failure of letting Volf escape from the hole he made. It would greatly damage his career if he was to be responsible for their defeat. Because of that, he was overflowing with anger.


The black was happiness. He didn´t imagine Willian would display such technique that would go against his expectations to that extent. He was leaking a genuine smile due to the existence of Willian Rivius, a worthy opponent.




The slash of the white, Willian Rivius, shone. Using the attack made with the advantage of the height and his jumping strength, Volf swiftly avoided the attack. At the instant Volf landed, he turned around and decisively slashed at Willian. Even though Volf should have got him from the back, Willian raised the scabbard that was at his waist and stroke it at the base of the sword, making it turn away.


“White Mask!”


The black, Volf, still had one sword left for use. The absurdness of dual wielding shone at situations like that. Against Willian, who was still with his back turned to him, Volf swiftly swung his sword. It was a cut aimed at the upper part of the knee; the most difficult to avoid  However, there was no way Willian would be done with just that while still having his back exposed. Turning around with a swing from the opposite direction of Volf´s slash was his sword.






Volf´s sword won in the speed. However, Willian won in terms of force. Guessing that he would be in disadvantage in case he was to keep up in this exchanges, Volf overextended himself in order to keep up with Willian´s blade. Both Willian, who repelled the sword before it could build up power, and Volf, whose stance became bad due to how he got the trajectory of his sword forcefully changed, were sent back by each other´s force.


““”This guy!?”””


Although the two had a similar upbringing, the paths they walked were completely different.


White polished his sword while having as his instructor the books; what composed the accumulation of knowledge he had been piling up. He stole the wisdom of the predecessors of that knowledge and reached this height. That was Willian´s blade.


Black polished his sword with only his own experiences. Without learning from anyone or stealing from anyone, he had come all this way by bringing out from inside himself his peerlessness. That was Volf´s blade.


The two were contrastive. However, there was one point they had in common. Only one very important point that they were similar in.


It was that they believed themselves to be the best of all without having any doubts or hesitations, and that they would carry on without giving in at all. There were no deviations. There were no distractions. Even if there were, they would crawl out of them and use it as nourishment for themselves. It was because of that that the two looked similar.


The youngsters Willian and Volf; white and black…


“Hey, hey… Isn´t he on par with our leader?”


They were at the same height. If one was to take in account their age, both were very young for their strength. Besides, the white still had much room to improve. Their endlessly increasing craving for strength of the two was similarly originated from despair. It was because of that they didn´t stop. They couldn´t stop.


“Aren´t you really good, hey!”


The black wolf howled. The path of seeking the truth he has been walking on. There was another idiot that had also followed through that path up to that point. The thirst of the aloof wolf was satiated. He wasn´t alone. It existed in enmity. In there was an existence comparable to him.


“Die already!”


The crowd of corpses raised cries of resentment. The black wolf that has been walking on the path for the top was standing in his way. He was just like Willian, believing oneself to be superior than anyone. To believe he was ahead more than anyone of their generation.


That was happiness/hatred.


“To think there would be someone of the same generation that was as capable as our leader.”


Willian continued to well handle Volf, who surpassed him in speed, with his movements that embodied rationality. Volf had speed; Willian had certainty. It was a battle for. The wolf and the crowd of corpses were both eating each other, and making each other rise. Both increased in absurdness the more they would trade up blows.




Forgetting even to breath, they were madly dancing at the mountain. With the swords grazing the two, the blood of both flew. They were coloring the world of harvesting flowers; swords that sprouted on the ground as flowers. It was impossible for others to enter the world the two built. (TL note: Not sure ->剣が地に生える草花を刈り取り世界を彩る<-  >_<)


Volf´s subordinates gulped.


To them who couldn´t help but keep watching the battle, the spectacle of the ones at the apex continued.



It was a battle that seemed to continue endlessly. However, the end suddenly came.




It was Karl and his troops, who had finally arrived, allbeit late. If it was only this much, Volf could still run away if including his subordinates. There was no need to be in hurry over his match. However…


“Volf! The sound of horses is getting closer! It will be bad if we keep up like this!”


The sound of hooves. In other words, Gilberto´s cavalry were approaching. As to be expected, it would be too heavy of a baggage for Volf to take on both Willian and Gilberto.


“Shut up! It was just starting to get good! Don´t get in my way!”


However, Volf wouldn´t yield now that he was absorbed on the battle. Even in this situation, he wanted to continue the duel. All his subordinates could do was to get in panic. And then…


“Two foolish people. One way or another, that one is our ally. Kill the black one.”


With an overwhelming speed, Gilberto and his cavalry appeared at the place. That was checkmate. In ill feelings, sweat ran down the backs of Volf´s subordinates. Annihilation: the word that surged at their head and expressed their despair.


“Trample them down.”


Gilberto gave his orders as they were charging. Their aim was Volf and his subordinates.


“Shit! If I knew that was how it would be, I would have spent all my money to buy a woman.”


The black mercenaries prepared for battle. They was no way they weren´t capable. They went along with Volf to take down the enemy headquarters after all. They were considered very skillful even among their mercenary group.


“Hmph! As if footsoldiers can best knights!”


Infantry and cavalry. The fundamental disparity in specs. Moreover, the enemy were knights directly under Gilberto´s command. They were people that originally weren´t supposed to be under a centurion.


“Even though we took quite the big head there, if our leader gets taken down, then we will all be dying for nothing, damn it!”


They were mercenaries. They have set their resolve to lose their lives long ago. But even so, it wasn´t their real hopes that they would be dying in such manner. They had to have their leader make it through this situation of checkmate somehow. They had to keep their wolf leader, who they were fascinated with, alive at all costs.


“That´s our resolve to bring you down along with us, retard!”


They brazenly wielded their swords against the incoming knights. Seeing that, the knights showed a smile. It was impossible for the sword of a footsoldier to reach them. It was the incontestable advantage of being on the horseback. That was the identity of the arrogance that sprouted in the hearts of the knights, and which also made an opening appear.


“That shouldn´t be the time to be fooling around!”


Along with the scolding of the opening in their guard, a line flashed. One of the knights fell down from his horses as he was still smiling over their advantage. It was fast and strong. Moreover, it was unparalleled. It was a display of the single arrow shot against the moving armored opponent killing him.


“Who was it!?”


It has only been Gilberto to comprehend what happened immediately after the arrow was shot. But even so, it was too late…


It was a single man mounted on a horse, going up the mountain by himself. It was a precise archery skill on the horseback. The only person in the battlefield to know the name of the man that killed one of the knights as if it was the easiest thing was Anzerm and the man himself.




The two, and also the black mercenaries.  


Seeming that Willian and Volf were still d b, they hadn´t even noticed it happen.


Without even giving a glance to the others, Ywain got in the fight between Volf and Willian. Lightly jumping off the back of his horse, he landed in [between] them. It was only a few seconds. In that brief moment, Ywain deflected the sword of the two. And then, he sent Willian flying with a kick and punched Volf at his stomach with all he had.




Holding Volf, who was fainting in agony, under his armpit, Ywain threw Volf onto the back of the horse. As Volf was groaning, he was placed on the horse. He was someone that made the decision of rescuing Volf in that split second while having a calm expression. It was the vice-leader of their company, Ywain.


“As to be expected of Ywain! He can really be counted on!”


The black mercenaries livened up. However…


“Die, lowly mercenaries!”


Gilberto was already on the move. His sharp killing intent was like a sword itself. It was the overwhelming advantage of cavalry. It was also his fierceness.


“You have force.”


Ywain prepared his bow. Calmly leaning his body and without having the slightest fear reflected in his gaze, he shot Gilberto´s horse down with a precise shot. Crumbling down along with the momentum, the horse went past where Ywain was. While still riding on the falling horse, Gilberto directed an attack with all his might without having his stance broken.


“However, you are too young.”


Ywain had already let go of his bow and was holding his sword. It was a clash between blades. The platinum light became the fang of a lion and broke Gilberto´s sword. Gilberto was sent flying into the air. After glancing at Gilberto´s neck, he went onto the horse his leader was being carried by.


“Sorry there all of you. Please die.”


Ywain´s words were directed to his companions. There was only one horse. No matter how, only one person would be able to ride it. There were no choices other than to leave the rest behind.


Hearing that, the black mercenaries smiled.


“We can collect this debt in hell after all. Make sure to live long until you can build up enough for the interest.”


“Our price is high, you know?”


“Yes, I will tell him that word by word.”


Ywain turned his horse around, showing signs he was going to run away.


“Don´t let him get away!”


Gilberto´s shout thundered through the battlefield. Having lost his horse and having his sword broken, the acclaimed Gilberto was in rags. But even so, without forgetting his duty as a commander, he moved his troops.


“Your will!”


The knights rushed at Ywain. With one hand Ywain was holding Volf, and with the other he was holding the reins. Bringing him down should definitely be easy. But even so…




Even with two attacks coming from two different angles…




He let go of the reins, drew his sword, and cut off the hands holding weapons. He casually performed the endeavor as if it was a simple thing to do. With a second flash, the arm of the knight was sent flying. Without even having his eyes looking at them, Ywain retreated.


“Tch, as if I would let you escape!”


Gilberto tried to go after them.


“Since we can´t run away anyway, we will be your opponents, nii-chan!”


Gilberto received the heavy assault of the black mercenaries. Dodging, Gilberto picked up a sword.


He couldn´t spot Ywain anymore. Only the grinning men in front of his eyes remained.


“…Do not to lay your hands. I will be the one to kill all of them.”


The pride. It was necessary to follow after Ywain in order to take the lost pride back. But even so, they were stopping him. This couldn´t be forgiven. It couldn´t be helped he was angry for being hindered by the likes of stones at the roadside.


“By yourself? That´s underestimating us too much!”


The mercenaries jumped at him all at the same time. The eyes of the man glaring at them was sharp.


“It is you people… who are underestimating me too much.”


Without the slightest warmth, he cut everything.


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