57.The clash of strategies of Black and White



Compared to yesterday, the time which was branching the possible paths, today was very calm. In fact, [Black Wolf] and his company sent out fast and fierce attacks. However, Arcadia endured all of it. It was because Arcadia was in such a fortified position that the attacking side also couldn´t be recklessly attacking.


“That´s a pretty solid formation once again. The whole army is all the way going defense, defense, defense.”


Dejected, Volf threw himself onto the ground. Beside him, the young regiment commander who became the substitute for Anatour was watching him with doubtful eyes.


“Doing a very boring war, aren´t you? But well, that´s the correct approach.”


Going for a turnaround in one move was a double-edged sword. It is fine if takes the match. However, if it doesn´t, it can create a huge opening. The decision of going for the defense wasn´t bad. Rather, it was the best decision even if that was about what the enemy was aiming for.


“But even so… Didn´t their army movement get much better? Rather, maybe it became too good. From a great ambitious offensive to complete defense. Usually they would get a bit unstable after changing their strategy by that much.”


There was no instability. He couldn´t see the instability that would appear after the change. Instead, the movement of the whole army became remarkably better after this much of a change in the strategy. The flexibility when defending also increased.


“”I can´t find any gaps. The few I saw were clearly baits. Even if I get through those, the terrain isn´t that great. Those are dead ends… They would definitely surround and crush us.””


It was a formation that took advantage of the terrain which wasn´t being put in display until this day. The defense was thorough; the link was properly closed up. He wasn´t sure where he should attack from. Being that lost, Volf couldn´t get the energy to be proactively attacking them.


“”The most important thing here is the fluidity and cooperation of the army that has skyrocketed now. I wonder if that guy did the same thing I did.””


Yesterday the war was greatly tilted towards Nehderks´ side due to the participation of the [Noir Guard] in it. Due to Volf´s little idea, the army of Nehderks was transformed into their own.


The basis of his plans were that: All the people of the Noir Guard understood to some point Volf´s movement, so they were able to move along with Volf´s movement. He allocated one or two of those subordinates throughout Nehderks´ squads and put them at a commanding position.


That was the reason why Nehderks´ army had changed.


“”With that being the case, the boss gotta be one with a good head. There isn´t any bastard like that other than that guy.””


That was what Volf, who had done the same thing, believed. The way how easily they were executing their very detailed and flexible strategy was to the point it wouldn´t be possible to explain it if that wasn´t the case.


The Arcadian army has changed. Volf´s plans also changed in accord. Even if he was to force his way, no openings would show up. Rather than that, if he was to do something like that and exhaust his own troops, he might be crushed by the counter-attack instead.


“Now, haven´t it become interesting, White Mask!”


Volf battle plans were now taking place. It wasn´t going to be a move that would destroy them in one hand. He was going to take his time and breach through. It was at those circumstances that were the moment for a tactician to shine. That was what Volf believed.




Willian glanced over the battlefield on his map. Soldiers were pieces, and the gathering of them were a piece on the table. The collection of those units was what it is called “army”. Although it would be only a single piece if looking at the army as a whole including the troops stationed at the flatlands, there was still no reason for Willian to ignore the things that were at a more minor scale. Even if he did so, there wouldn´t be that much of an difference however.


“So Ywain moved upstream.”


Nehderks had three special pieces. One of them was Ywain.


“I can´t let this piece move as it wishes. Must strike back at it on the spot.”


Willian moved another piece nearby his hand. He put it next to Ywain. That move was the expected. It was necessary to prioritise the high ground advantage in mountainous battlefields. It wasn´t difficult for one to realise it was necessary to attack the [Lion marquis] from that position. Willian had already sent the order for the attack earlier.


“The other scary pieces would be the dog himself and the [Crying Spear]. Just like me, Anatour´s injuries won´t allow him to fight today and tomorrow. Now that all the opportunities vanished, the dog won´t recklessly choose to attack. If he does, then I will be the one thanking him for it.”


The ones mentioned above were all the important pieces. Willian didn´t see Nikka, the other vice-leader, with importance. He didn´t find any faults in her personal strength, which was on an equal level to Gregour. However, this was a war, and not an one-on-one duel. He decided she wasn´t a scary opponent as long as he was to fight her from afar.


In fact, Nikka wasn´t able to show her power at all in today´s battle. That was one of the plans he had spread across his army through Gilberto. It was to not engage with the vice-leader Nikka and simply take a defensive stance. Fighting while pulling back. Fighting from the distance. Not attacking. That was the foundation of the plan.


“In either case, they just need to fight in accordance to the manual. Not more nor less is necessary.”


It was the manual Willian had made; the instructions book handed out to all the centurions. That was the main reason why Arcadia´s army was moving as one. It was written in a way as much simplified as it was possible, doing so until it reached the point where their movement, thought process, manner of fighting and retreating became concise just as desired. Although all the units that received the manual moved differently, there was a correlation between them in some way. By looking at it on the outlook, it could be seen that it became very coordinated once the centurions started to faithfully follow the manual.


“A sword isn´t necessary to kill a hero. One arrow is enough.”


There were also information related to the armament in the manual. Although all of it was already common knowledge to the whole army, the point was to focus on range. That was the point being emphasized. Not a sword, but a spear; not a spear, but a bow. The longer the range was, the better. There wasn´t any truth more indubitable than to attack while not being attacked. Although the effectiveness of the bow would decrease because they weren´t at a flatland, it remains unchanged that the advantage of the bow was its range.


“Other than that would be the terrain. To prepare the formation in a good position. And then, to not move away from there. If one properly fights while minding the distance, no matter how heroic the opponent is, he will easily fall. Even if he doesn´t despite that…”


Willian glanced through all the units on the map.


“…there are many substitutes for the losses. Now then, let´s have this dirty match, dog.”


He wouldn´t with a wild and intricate plan. If one was to do such plan, one would first need to take the opponent into consideration. He didn´t think his opponent would fall into his plans. He mustn´t believe he would. His opponent was the Black Wolf. He will come in with a plan of the same level. (TL note:->打ったところで相手が相手<- I wonder if this 相手が相手 is just an abbreviation of ->相手が相手だけに<- If it isn´t, then I dunno what it means xD)


“I will win by doing what I need to in order to win. This is what makes who I am.”


The man that vowed he would continue to win bared his fangs.


Willian made the army became his own arms and legs by making the instruction book. Volf turned the army into his own by making use of his subordinates he personally brought up. Although the methods were different, both reached at the same conclusion: It was to make the whole army their own. To the two who believed themselves to be superior to all, no matter how much others were to become close to them, they would only become the means for their plans.


Presently, the two sent out their best hands for what it was possible now. It was a dire situation resulted by that. From now on, they will be sending out their best hands. Although the one to miss would become the loser, both were probably not making any mistakes in their decisions. Hence, the question was the strength of their pieces, and also the various external factors present. (TL note: ->此処から先は最善手の打ち合い、指し合い<-Dunno what 指し合い it means there. By the way, I don´t think it means “Pointing at each other”)


Willian and Volf. There wasn´t the slightest disparity in their strategic minds.


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