8.The reunion at full moon

Demon capital Taitas.


In this hidden village of which it was the best among them, many demons crowded. For the demon race, it could be said that it was considered a place similar to a capital. If one were to ignore the fact that it was covered by a thick white colored mist all the time, it could be said to be a nice place to live.*1


But, to the living demons, the mist wasn´t something that exactly limited their senses, nor was really a hindrance. Even if the line of sight became limited, this mist had been always protecting the demon race for two hundred years. The mist was like a good neighbor that the demons had always relied on; a very important existence that protected them.


At this night, the rare occurrence of the mist clearing up happened.


Up in the indigo sky full of twinkling stars was a golden colored full moon. While the streets were filled with demons dressed up for the moon viewing party, inside the demon lord castle, which soared high at the center of the demon capital Taitas, there weren´t even a single demon excited for it. Rather, without caring about how the night was such that the moon was shining so brightly, there wasn´t anyone looking outside.


The reason for that was simple.


It was because an important reunion that involved the fate of the Demon Lord Army was about to happen.


Within the reunion that was happening at the demon lord castle, there were an array of very famous demons.


Demons that had magnificent wings, demons that were sharpening its claws, demons that had horns to be proud of, all demons were looking at a person kneeling at the center of the room. The one kneeling there was Leivein, dressed in his uniform.  He still wasn´t an adult, but he had already been distinguishing himself from others, even more that his father. Because he was known to be the “within ten years guaranteed to enter the top brass demon youth” that this incident gathered interest from many demons.


“Leivein Adlar! What in the world were you thinking for you to recruit a human into the Demon Lord army!?”2*


The one to start the debate was a very muscular horned demon.


While touching his mustache that couldn´t be more well embellished than that, he kept staring at Leivein, who still wasn´t in position to say anything. Although Leivein had been asked a question, he remained silent. Moreover, he didn´t even look at the demon that asked the question. He only kept looking down at the polished marble of the floor while remaining on one knee.*3


“Youngsters aren´t supposed to do whatever wishes you have. Immediately go kill the human. Otherwise, you will be banished from the Demon Lord army.


“Besides, isn´t the human in question of one of those hateful spiritualist families?”


The demon had barely finished what he had to say, but the other demons that had their arms crossed started questioning him too.


It was possible to notice their anger by looking into their eyes, which burned fires of anger, although it contrary to that their faces, which seemed very calm at a first glance. If that was the battlefield, the amount of bloodlust was so much that it felt they would immediately attack with their prided fangs, biting Leivein to death.


The mustache demon seemed happy for getting agreed to. Looking so very much happy for a reason like that, he patted the shoulder of another demon.


“Oh, lieutenant general Zerrik, are your thoughts the same as mine?”


“Indeed. It is as lieutenant general Gortoberuk says. Even if something like a human is added to our forces, it will only be a nuisance.”


Zerrik provokingly muttered.


Edgar Zerrik´s parents, and even his grandfather and his son, all were killed mercilessly by spiritualists. And for his son´s case, not only was he captured, he was dragged around until they got to a city. And then, his head that was decapitated just for a little while later to get thrown away in the river. That is why it couldn´t be helped that he hated humans more than it was necessary to. About that, everyone gathered here knew it.


“Say something, lieutenant commander Adlar!!”


“Very well, lieutenant general Gortoberuk. Then, I would like to ask something to lieutenant general Zerrik.”


As he was looking at the floor, Leivein calmly said.


At one glance, it was impossible to read anything from his expression. But there was one person there that knew him too well… It was the one behind Gortoberuk and Zerrik; Leivein´s father, who was now feeling ashamed of Leivein´s actions. He knew that Leivein was in fact starting to get angry.


“This last battle, who was the one that had the most achievements?”


“Indeed, it was the human.”


Zerrik was making a face that seemed like he would jump at Leivein at any moment.


In the last battle, a surprise attack from the spiritualist side was unexpected.


Regarding the information that was secretly obtained, until a group of spiritualists could get to the targeted village, it was estimated that it would take at least a few days. And considering that, in order for the emergency evacuation to happen smoothly, Leivein´s army was dispatched.


But in fact, the village in question being attacked was actually a false information, and the spiritualists were planning to completely eliminate the demon forces that were hurrying to the village.


From the words of a captured spiritualist, their objective was using the battle as an real-life experiment to verify the effectiveness of the special mantle that concealed human smell.


And by the developed mantle shown effectiveness, it was proved that its usage for surprise attacks was an success.


If the newly recruited human… Riku Barusak wasn´t there, the forward squad would be decimated, and the other squads behind would keep marching without knowing anything, thus decimated as well. The whole Dragon Demon Battalion would be annihilated.


“Wasn´t it confirmed on the information that within the Bernaal family, that mantle had lost credibility?”*4


“Yes, but!”


“And more than making them lose credibility on the mantle, didn´t their morale also fall down to the ground?


“B-but! Have you not considered that this human that was thrown away by the Barusak family might have hidden intentions?”


Next to him, Gortoberuk nodded. While stroking his prided mustache, agreeing to Zerrik´s statements, he started speaking.


“She could have purposely cut some of her spiritualist fellows, and licking our boots so that she could show herself as somebody useful. She wouldn´t only get data from our newest weapons, but also would even gain our trust. It would be this much advantageous of a strategy to the spiritualists.”


“Hidden intentions? Licking our boots?”


At that time, for the first time Leivein lost his composure enough so that people could know his feelings by his expression.


He was still looking at the floor, but as if sneering at his superiors, who were many times older than him, the corners of his mouth rose into a smile.


“Your point has value, but let me only say one thing. That thing will definitely not betray us.”


“Leivein Adlar! On what basis are you saying such a thing!? Certainly something like trusting with nothing to support it or so is simply foolish and should be left out of arguments, should it not?”


“If you want me to prove my point, then I can do so.”


His smile was unchanged.


The smile he was showing was one fearless and arrogant.


Perhaps, if Leivein had a bigger stature, and if he was permitted to lift his head, then he would end up looking down on them. Gortoberuk, noticing such smile, got angry. As if trying to get closer to him, he did one step forward.


“Then, tell us right now! It is an order from your superior!”


“What, this is a incredibly easy thing to do. I merely got hold of the name of that thing. The moment it tries to betray us, binding its soul would be a simple thing to do.”


As if Gortoberuk had his breathing cut off, he twisted his bearded face.


The concept of the worth of having one´s true name was also widely known by the demons. Whether it was a human or a demon, the moment you are born in this world, you are given a [name]. If you have knowledge of this name, you can manipulate the person whose name you got. Of course, even outside that person´s will, you can command the person to suicide.


“Lieutenant general, don´t worry. If in one out of thousand of a chance that such a thing happens, I can easily make it suicide. You should know how the strength of having someone´s true name is absolute, correct?”


“G-gh.”( ぐ、ぐぬぅ)


Gortoberuk knew the terror of the power of the concept of one´s true name too well.


Even if you have something to say against, you become unable to say anything. No matter how much you would try to think about a way to resist, you would just become unable to even think. As if to say “such useless guy”, Zerrik gave Gortoberuk, who became unable to say anything, a glance. And then, in place of Gortoberuk, he spoke.


“You say that, lieutenant commander, but you still could say that it is to consider the possibility of the name you got being false.”


“That´s impossible. Losing its pride as a spiritualist and reduced to be starving to death; some little girl rotting in some back-alley waiting for death that wasn´t even aware of how society works. There was no way it would tell lies.”


As if clarifying any doubts by cutting it in two, Leivein declared.


As long as it had something to eat, whether it was human or demon, both could keep living. But even with nothing to eat, as long as one had pride and faith, one could keep on fighting. But if those two were also broke, then one wouldn´t be able to do anything. Unless one could find hope once again, death was the only road.


Zerrik knew this much.


But it was still possible that the human was still hiding its pride as a spiritualist. Immediately following that, as to point this out, he was about to open his mouth.


“Lieutenant commander Leivein Adlar.”


A clear and noticeably young voice resounded through the audience.


Everyone simultaneously looked at the owner of the voice. Leivein too, thus finally lifting up his head.


The owner of the voice was a young girl. She was wearing simple toned black clothes and had a blonde hair of similar color to the rice plant at autumn, having it tied into a twin-tails. Somewhat above her ears, there were two magnificent horns. This very young girl that was cute in every point was seated in the enshrined throne with her legs crossed; a throne that was located in a place higher than where the people discussing at the reunion where at.


The name of the girl was Charlotte. In the outward appearance, she seemed to be a young girl, but in fact she was the younger sister of the demon lord, who was sealed away two hundred years ago, and now was commanding the demon race. In other words…


“Ha, Charlotte-sama”*5(はっ)


He hid away his arrogant face and changed it back to his usual face. But this time it was different from the unreadable face from not long ago. It was a very serious and honest face that made his loyalty to the Demon Lord army known.


To such Leivein, Charlotte only silently looked at him.


“The words I want to say… You actually already know it, right?”


“…Would it be regarding the sealing of Demon Lord-sama?”


“If you know this much, you should already know well enough what to do. As it happens, after ten years, we will be prepared to dispel the seal; it will be a very important moment. Will that Barusak descendant you picked up be useful at that time?”


In a mood of high tension comparable to having your whole body pricked by needles, the audience got nervous.


It was an ambiance that not only made Gortoberuk or Zerrik, but also was like that to the point of making the common soldiers that were only listening very tense. It had already become a situation that no intromissions would be permitted.


“Then, what is it that you are going to do… Leivein Adlar?”


“There will be no problems regarding that.”*6


In that mood that seemed something could explode at any moment, Leivein nonchalantly answered the question together with a smile.


“Not only it acts like pet dog, I´ve also been rigorously disciplining it. If even then she still bites, there will be no need for worries as I will just dispose of her like a street dog.”*7


From the window, a pale light from the full moon was flowing in.


Charlotte then nodded at Leivein´s words, which were all spoken with no hesitations.


“If that is the case, then I will leave it to you to take care of the dog. In these ten years, train her well.”


With those few words, Riku Barusak´s fate was decided.


To keep raising her. If she acts wrong, then punishment. This was the decision Charlotte took, and nobody was allowed to go against it. The actual situation which the Demon Lord wasn´t present, Charlotte´s decisions were like the decisions of the Demon Lord army itself.


Gortoberuk and Zerrik, and the many other demons too all lowered their heads as to show respect.


“”As you command!”” *8


This was what happened in this rare night which the moonlight passed through the mist.*9


Looking forward to unseal the Demon Lord after these ten years, the demon lord army bit by bit started to act.


For the spiritualist side that was already aware about it, it was only something negligible.



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1.It says deep milk colored… Why not just white? I put white, don´t care why. :/


2.Bloody unreliable dictionaries… Maybe it can´t be helped in this case, but who cares ¬¬少佐<-I have no idea what exactly this is… Apparently it is either major or lieutenant commander… But his soldiers called him captain before before so I have no idea… It feels like it is something unique to the language, but if that´s the case, then the dictionary should be properly explaining it¬¬¬¬¬¬¬. Or maybe it is just that I dunno shit about military stuff… At least, until know, in field, their titles seemed to change depending on the situation. Once I get to understand what all this is about, I will change everything there.


3.これ以上ないというくらい手入れされた髭を撫でながら、無言を貫くレーヴェンを睨みつけるThis->無言を貫く<- Is like when a person is in a difficult moment and can´t say anything, otherwise, things would only get worse. Something like when a boss is unreasonably angry at you or something and you feel like you should rather remain silent for the moment. It would be the case for this scene, but in english I couldn´t really find a way to properly explain the situation. So, this note would be for those that didn´t understand well.


4.アレは、ベルナールの中でも有望株を討ち取ったという報告は確認なさいましたか?Not sure if it is correct because of that ->有望株<- But it should be something similar…


5.、シャルロッテ様This ->はっ<- is something I don´t know how to write in english. Geez, I hate onomatopoeias… Either way, this would be pretty much like saluting.


6.Note that doesn´t really count because I was too lazy to remove it and renumber everything. I´m already wasting my time by writing all this you say?(or just think) Well, but renumbering everything is more stressful, you see…


7.It´s literally that… Well, there is still the possibility of him treating her as a street dog because of multiple meanings, but it felt that disposing was more probable.


8.Duck! DUUUUCK!! As to not say fuck… I am a sitting duck. Wasn´t funny? Dunt care… Rather than that… What am I supposed to put in here: 仰せのままに、魔王代行様It says substitute for the demon lord-sama. Like wuuuuuut?? I would go arrested if I put such a thing in the translation… I don´t know what to do, please help me ;-; I will write cute emotes, so I beg for guidance. :3 :p ;o -.- D:


9.それは、珍しく霧が出ていない満月の夜のことだった。Japanese logic for phrase constructing… I guess it is right the way I translated… But I can only guess…




エドガー・ゼーリック: Edgar Zerrik

シャルロッテ: Charlotte

レーヴェン・アドラー:Leivein Adlar


魔都タイタス:Demon capital Taitas



Well, seeing that there probably will be some onomatopoeias (GOOGLE IT IF YOU DON´T KNOW JUST DO IT DON´T GIVE UP) that will be troublesome to translate, for the sake of not writing some random nonsense that is supposed to be sounds and stuff, everytime there is one that simply has no hope of being properly translated, I will put the japanese one next to it with the ().


9 thoughts on “8.The reunion at full moon

  1. Btw, “Ha” in no.5 is not an onomatopoeia. It is an interjection with the same meaning as “Yes”. But the use of the word is only seen in the kingdom settings, like the demon army perhaps.


    • Yeah, that was rough. But then it will all depend on her own power. If even demons betray her, she can just decimate both sides 🙂 And she will grow more powerful, that we know already … the history comment in one of the early chapters confirmed it.

      Also since she is a reincarnate, it’s possible that the true name she knows is not the real true name of hers and is instead something like Alice Smith, from her previous life.


      • But that devil ate her past life’s soul, so she isn’t a reincarnate anymore. Shouldn’t she be 100% Riku now ?

        Also is the historic comment you mention about hoe Riku’s father regret not killing her be she will be troublesome ? Wouldn’t that mean she continues to be a pet dig for the demons.

        But I totally agree I hope Riku does not act like a dog for the demons and actually find a place that truly belongs to her. But at this rate it looks like a tragedy is unfolding where she will be used and thrown away again … Poor Rike , and it will be done by her first love too. Hope that does not happen 😦


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