18.Rook Barusak


Rook Barusak was reclining on his chair.


Sorting out the stockpiled documents, he gave out an exhausted breath. The maid Mary, who was always next to him attending to his necessities, had gone out to the market , so she wasn´t here today. For the first time in a while, Rook was able to enjoy his time alone.


“Now that I think about it, I´m already fourteen years old.”


While overhearing a tumult happening at the main street, he suddenly got nostalgic.


Rook carried his previous life´s memories. Somehow passing for the university exam, he drank to the point of being bathed in alcohol, so he didn´t have memories on these last moments. That´s why at first, he thought he was dreaming a dream he had become a baby, but without showing any signs of waking up, he grew up. After one year, he was able to get used to all that and accept that he reincarnated in a game world.


“Uhh, what was the next event?”


Rook extended his hand to the table´s drawer.


Removing the padlock, he took out some old papers. On them, there were words written in Japanese. From the moment he became able to hold a pen, he wrote down all the events that were going to happen. For the residents of this world, it was like the future itself was written in there, but because it was written in Japanese, nobody would be able to read it. In fact, the servants thought they were only scribbles.


“Ah, that´s right, it was that. This one is the most important event, so I need to properly do the arrangements. But before that, there is Seles-chan´s confession event, right?”


Rook let out a broad smile. It was the heroine that had the air of an important figure, his childhood friend Seles. It wasn´t to the point of being his favorite in his previous world, but it was close.*1


“I can´t wait…

…Rather, it´s not time to be daydreaming. I need to start the preparations for the next event, or the world will truly be destroyed.”


Putting away the papers, he gave out a long sigh. In case this event ends up in failure, regardless of which route he were to choose, it would lead to a bad end. The route Rook chose was the one that he would capture as many girls as he could; it was the harem end, but depending on this next event, all this would crumble down. Now showing a serious face, he started the arrangements related to the next and most important event. But there was someone that kept hindering him.


“Ro- Rook! It´s terrible!”


Without even knocking the door, a small shadow came running. It was Rebecca, a young girl that was being hunted by slave hunters at this city Rook had come to. After saving her without difficulties, it became that he would be taking care of her until she was able to live on her own. But actually… There was a route that she would be together with Rook for her whole life, and this one was the route Rook was aiming to advance through.


“What´s the matter, Rebecca. For you to be in such hurry…


“Selestinna-san, she… She was!”


Speaking while sobbing, she came to Rook and hugged him. When she came running, her wheat braids came a bit loose. As Rook was hugging her small body, he frowned. In the game, there shouldn´t have been scene where Selestinna would get into trouble at this stage.


“But, but… I don´t want to believe it, but…”


“Rebecca, calm down. There is no way Seles would lose that easily.”


While Rebecca was still talking, this time, Mary came rushing into the room. Mary´s face was unnaturally very pale. While cuddling Rebecca, he became perplexed by the development that didn´t happen in the game.


“What´s the matter, Mary?”


“It´s very important, Rook-sama. Selestinna-sama and Toudo-sama, who were participating at the capturing of the Myuuz castle, have both perished.”


“Wh-what did you say!?”


The impact was as if he had been hit with a metal rod with full force. The route in which Selestinna died indeed existed. However, it wasn´t at this timing, but only after the story had developed more. Rook unsteadily sat down on his chair.


“This you are talking about, are you really certain about it?”


“But, we even saw the coffin.”


While saying that, with her eyes wide open, Rebecca had a great amount of tears flowing down from her eyes.  Leaning his elbows on the table, he put his hands on his head. This development didn´t exist in the game. As if inflicting the finishing blow, Mary continued with her words.


“It seems the demons even had stolen her sword… All we were to recover was her battered body.”*2


“How…could it be?”


Rook was trembling. Because of his sorrow over Selestinna´s death and his anger over this unreasonable situation, he couldn´t stop trembling. Being worried about Rook´s condition, Rebecca cuddled close to him.


“Rook… Are you crying? Will you go after revenge?”




While nodding to Rebecca´s words, he firmly held himself back. He certainly wanted to get revenge. The cute Selestinna that had that tsun*3 and imposing personality, and from time to time would show an embarrassed smile; for the demons who made her die, he wanted to make them suffer twofold.


But right now there was something more important than that.


“Thank you Rebecca. And also, Mary… Can you two leave me alone for a little?






As Rook muttered that word in a depressed tone, the two of them both looked at each other with a pained expression. Rebecca kept standing there as if she still had something to say, but she had her back pushed by Mary with her head hanging down.


“Understood… If you´ll excuse us, Rook-sama. Now, Rebecca, let´s go.”


“Yes… If Rook says so…”


And then, still showing signs of hesitation, they left the room. Still in his room, Rook was once again alone. The ambiance of the room that now had become silent was quickly becoming heavy. As if to break away from this heaviness, Rook raised his voice.


“Why, why did Seles-chan… Was it because I did actions differently from the game? Now, what am I supposed to do now! Without Selestinna, what do I do about the next event!!”


Rook´s voice was resounding, full of grief.


Rook was self-aware that he had strayed a little too much from the game main character´s actions. Administering his territory that even had his long gone elder sister Riku´s part added to it day and night, the soldiers and the people gained prosperity. Because of that, he ended up meeting some heroines at timings differently from what they were supposed to be. He wondered if Selestinna´s death was also because of his actions. Of course, while there were differences on when he had met the heroines, the situations remained very similar to the game. That´s why he couldn´t have imagined that by these actions, he would trigger Selestinna´s death.


“If I don´t investigate where things went wrong… No, before that… Yes, it alright. After I get through the next event, I can deal with that. At that time, I will be able to more or less guess who was the demon that killed Seles-chan.”


Bit by bit he regained his calm composure. After he deeply breathed three times, Rook took out his papers. And then, he drew two lines over where it was written [Seles-chan confession event].*4


“I´m sorry. I promise… That I will definitely get revenge for you.”


Rook shifted his eyes to the next event.


What was written down there was:[Contact event ①]. Relying on what his next steps were going to be, the bad ending was approaching moment by moment. Selestinna was a character that was required for that event. He would be meeting a character during his date with Selestinna, but because the essential Selestinna was now gone, he had no choice but to choose somebody else. But he could only wonder which heroine he should use in Selestinna´s place. While thinking all this, a man that had black wings landed behind Rook, who still had his hands on his head, without making any sound.


After looking at Rook´s writhing back with interest for some time, the shinigami whispered in a small voice.


“I guess it is still not time.”


He said.


The moment the shinigami had whispered, Rook suddenly felt a chill. Putting the papers down, he immediately turned his head back, but there was nobody there. Only, on the complicatedly manufactured carpet there were many black feathers left behind. It was as if there had been a crow or something around there a few moments ago.


“It´s only my imagination, I guess?”


While holding a black feather, Rook muttered with mixed feelings.*5


He still didn´t know. He didn´t know that the one who killed his beloved Selestinna was actually his sister.


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1.武闘派ヒロインの一角であり、幼馴染のセレスは、前世のお気に入り……とまではいかないが、それに準ずるキャラだった。.I don´t know well what ->準ずる<- would mean in this context…


2.「魔族が彼女の剣まで盗んでいった模様でして……戻ってきたのは胴体だけでした」Here it would be that they were only able to recover the headless body, being ->胴体<- all bellow the neck. But for his maid to be telling him that all they recovered her headless body is kind of… It was only possible in japanese because that word used has more of a meaning-only feeling instead of being scary like that.


3.Tsun from tsun tsun. It is also the same tsun from tsundere.


4.I´m not sure what is, but as far as I am concerned, it is something related to there being two lines…


5.I´m not sure if wouldポツリと mean that in that context, but it should be about it.

17 thoughts on “18.Rook Barusak

    • I think shinigami was there because Rook has two souls too, one of which (or both) shinigami wants to eat.
      But seeing that Rook is controlled by the attached soul and wouldn’t give up his past memories for anything, shinigami decided to wait until Rook is cornered to the point that he will sacrifice his old soul & memories for a wish.

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  1. Well, Rook deserved whatever shit he’s gonna get.

    Since he’s a reincarnated character, he should have valued his sister’s life more! So basically, he understood what was going on back then, when his father discarded his sister.

    He refused to save the sister simply because she wasn’t cute enough and also because he coveted her land. He wanted to try running it so he asked the father for it after the apparent death of his sister.

    IF he had been a nicer otaku, he would have kept his sister with him and things would have gone well for his harem plan. I mean, if his sister had stayed with the family, she would have supported her brother and the confession scene would have gone on okay.

    But no, he supported his deadbeat dad who tried to murder his own sister because…

    1) She wasn’t cute enough.

    2) He coveted a lousy piece of land that she’s supposed to inherit.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Yep, Rook’s PoV is definitely better because of a different perspective, or should we say, a reincarnated perspective.

    The shinigami is still useless for me though other than being a glutton. With what I’ve said on the previous chapters, the Shinigami erasing Riku’s memory could’ve been skipped like the time skip they did. The story could’ve introduced reincarnation at this chapter though when they introduced Rook. That’ll explain his indifferent attitude back then.


  3. The boy’s problem is that his future vision has the wrong perspective for a war. It was focused on getting girls- not actual war potential, which was incidental. So he has tricks, but they are shallow.

    Well, that and the fact that he broke the script by letting out lead fall away just because he thought her useless. But that pebble you tossed on the side of the road could lead to your death when you deal with butterfly effects.

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  4. My oh my, how I am grinning right now. Remember, guys who treat women as collectables deserve a BAD END. If you think multiple females are interested in you, you have an obligation to tell them you are taken romantically. A person should have more to them than their gonads.

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