35.The battle at Karkata plains


“You said they aren´t climbing the mountain!?”


Somebody raised a voice in surprise. The spiritualists weren´t climbing the mountains. On the contrary, they were waiting at the plains, preparing to catch them off guard.


Because of the surprise, Kraut, who was leading the army, became speechless. The triangle shaped formation that was splendidly set was looking at their direction. In its rear, where was the base of the triangle was, there were many big flags raised and fluttering in the wind. Probably, the enemy´s general was there. Kraut, who had his predictions being completely wrong, could only gaze at it shocked. Because of the shock, he became unable to command his army.


“Don´t lose your minds-de gozaru!”


The one that raised her voice in his place was Asty Gortoberuk. As if she was full of confidence, despite it being her first campaign, she put up a majestic attitude.


“I´ve learned it from honored grandfather-de gozaru. Against an enemy that comes attacking you, you need to spread your army like wings and have the enemy fall between them.”


While extending her arms, Asty explained the formation.  …So to speak, it was the crane wings formation. The difference between their war potential was clear. It wasn´t possible to believe they would be able to win. But once you step onto the battlefield, the best thing to do is to fight; they had to struggle no matter what.


“Umu, then, it will be as Asty-dono had said. Everyone! Spread into two wings and encircle the enemy!!”


Together with his voice, the shape of the army changed.


Kraut, who was at the front, went to the rear, and Riku´s army, who was at the rear, went to the front. Giving a glance to the flags of the enemy and becoming surprised of the family behind the army with astounding numbers, she unconsciously got her eyes wide-open.


“…Those flags. There is no mistake.”


As if it was natural, the corners of her lips raised. All of the flags fluttering above the enemy were all from the Barusak family no matter how one would look at them. That army was probably formed by spiritualists and mercenaries. It took money to raise spiritualists. Although they were a spiritualist family, there were also children, that just like Riku, didn´t have talent. That´s why no matter how big that army was, half of it weren´t spiritualists. And so, great part of the enemies coming were nothing more than mercenaries. But even so, it didn´t change the fact that they were allied to the Barusak.


“Sorry. It doesn´t seem like I can go easy today.”


Without saying that to anybody, she muttered those words as if to say them to herself. With this overwhelming difference in numbers, there would be no meaning to it if she were killed because she went easy just for her “pleasure”. Without giving special treatment to the Barusak, right now, she needed to deal with slaughtering them just like any other spiritualist families. Looking at the soldiers she had brought along her, she raised her voice.


“Probably more than half of that army are not spiritualists. It´s only common mercenaries. Until I give the signal to retreat, kill to your heart´s content.”


As if agreeing to Riku´s words, war cries resounded.


Now was the opportunity to start the fighting. The ones that went forward were the Barusak army. As a huge wave, the Barusak army was coming. The two armies of different shapes clashed against each other. Saying like that, it feels like the demon army was going to be engulfed in an instant, but things wouldn´t end like this that easily.*1 Riku was glaring at the soldiers, who were charging without any care.


“Since you are so eager to die, you can be glad you will.”


While raising their voices, as if wanting to engulf the demons, the army advanced. With a smirk, Riku was mowing down left and right with her halberd.


“I will personally behead you.”


In an instant, many bodies were split and blood showered the surroundings. As if her voice was the signal, the other demons swung their own swords or spears, or even their fangs and fists at the upcoming spiritualists. She cut off the head of the foot soldiers, she cut soldiers in two halves vertically, and sometimes she would cut their torso and take out their organs.


But even so, Riku was unsatisfied. The enemy wasn´t the Bistolru, nor the Buryuuser. Of all enemies, she needed to treat the Barusak the same as other spiritualists. This fact was scorching her insides.


“What´s the matter? Is this all of your power?”


While smiling like a lunatic, Riku rotated her halberd. Her face was having a makeup of spilled blood, her red hair was even more soaked and her armor was dyed in red.


How many several people had she cut? Losing the sense of time, she was swinging her halberd in accord to her instincts. But then, she heard Roppu´s voice next to her.


“Lieutenant commander!! Soon, it should be the time to retreat! The right wing had been broken!!”


It was a voice filled with panic.


Thrusting at the neck of the spiritualist that was in front of her eyes, she cut his source of air. The few minutes of destruction she had weren´t enough, but it couldn´t be helped if she was at her time limit. Sweeping away with the halberd that was at the neck of that spiritualist, she turned her horse around.


“We are retreating to the walls of the fortress of Karkata!!”


At the same time she had said that, as easily as turning the palm of one´s own hand, Riku´s troops turned back. And then, they ran straight to the way they came from. The other troops also started retreating. There was nobody that liked the idea of dying. As if they were being attracted by it like a magnet, all of them started running towards the fortress.


“Do-don´t run-de gozaru!! Why won´t you fight-de gozaru!?”


Asty was infuriated. Clicking her tongue, Riku placed her halberd next to Asty´s neck. Maybe because killing intent had been directed to her by an ally, Asty´s complexion changed.


“Wh-what is it-de gozaru? Are you going mad-de gozaru?”


“I´m sane. Whether it is numbers or morale, we lose. There is no way we can waste soldiers here for no reason.”




“No buts. That´s an order from your superior. We are pulling back now.”


Asty´s expression of anger changed to one of confusion. Perhaps if their positions were reversed , she would want to question Riku about the reasons she stated. But right now, it was difficult to be having a talk. Pulling Asty, Riku hurriedly retreated to Karkata fortress.





Looking at how it went, it was clearly the spiritualist´s victory.


At the rear of the army, Rook was very. Of course, there was no way he didn´t take precaution for whether he would fight. Rook prepared himself as to be able to readily draw his sword so that he would be able to deal with Asty whenever she was to come at him in a suicide attack.


“The enemy has started to retreat. What should we do?”


Mary quietly asked. Shaking his head as if saying “good grief”, he stood up.


“For them to start retreating so soon, they don´t have any fighting spirit… Is there anyone; a demon that would charge at us putting their life at stake?”


“There isn´t. The whole demon army is retreating.”




Rook bended his neck.


If his memory was correct, by this timing, Asty would refuse to retreat and would come to attack by herself.


“Not even a single one?”


“Yes. Should we go after them?”


But Rook didn´t pay much attention to that. Because Selestinna had lost the war for some reason, supposedly, Gortoberuk hadn´t been killed. If so, Asty wouldn´t have as many thoughts of having revenge. After pondering about that, Rook rode his horse.


“We are following after them!”


“Yes! Follow after them!!”


Mary rode her horse together with Rook.


They were hurriedly following after the retreating demons. But perhaps because the timing Rook decided they should follow after them was too late*2, the demons were able to arrive to the walls without much exhaustion. It was possible to see the demons quickly going through the gates.




And at that moment, Rook noticed… one more thing that was weird about that. Close to the gates, there were “things” lined up. They were animals numbered about five hundred that were being led outside by the demon soldiers. It was about five hundred pigs. With them having something covering them, even by looking from the distance, it was possible to see them shining with the reflection of the light. Why were they taking away those pigs? It was a development that didn´t exist in the game. But rather than becoming troubled by wondering what all that was about, before that, Rook sounded the alarm to his miscellaneous knowledge.


They prepared a great number of pigs that were covered in something, and all of the demons were standing inside the fortress. And then, themselves, who followed after them… Their formation being a close formation… With all that, there was only one conclusion.


“Shit! Ru-run away!!”


“Why is it, young master?”


By the time Mary asked him, it was already too late.


The demons lighted the pigs that were covered in oil, and at the same time, they released the pigs, hitting their butts with all their strength.


In that instant, the pigs that became covered in fire were pushed down the hill. In general, the image the pig had about being able to eat anything and being lazy. Putting it in other perspective, imagining them as anything but a delicious meal was difficult.


But the pigs that were closing in to them didn´t differ to wild boars. Becoming unstoppable once they broke into a run, it hid a power that was capable of easily destroying a firmly made fence. Therefore, once they started running, it was next to impossible to stop their vigor.


“Re-retreat! Retreat!!”


The pigs, which were food, were turned into dreadful weapons in an instant.


The balls of fire that were raising agonizing cries were coming towards the Barusak army.


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  1. 桁が1つ異なる軍と軍がぶつかった。こう記すと、あっという間に飲み込まれそうだが、そう簡単にはいかない。Buuh… I don´t know what this is talking about ;-;


2.It says he decided it too early instead of too late… I guess the author wrote it by mistake? .-.

30 thoughts on “35.The battle at Karkata plains

  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Regarding your second footnote. From the flow of words, I think yours is the correct one. Although both too early, and too late, can be used correctly, depending on how one view it:
    -It’s indeed too late for him to command his army to chase the retreating demon army, just after he finished pondering (due to him getting dumbfounded, again, when the scenario ran differently than his harem walkthrough).
    -But it’s also too early to start charging recklessly AFTER the enemy has finished retreating and had already prepared their flaming, squealing weapons of mass destruction.

    Don’t know which one the author really mean though.

    Sorry for getting lengthy.


    • That fortress city is really obsessed with using pigs as weapons.
      Fattened pigs: to bluff that they still have enough foods.
      Flaming fattened pigs: to show that they still have enough foods, so they heart warmingly send their excess foods freshly lit.
      What’s next? Pigs with lit fireworks attached to bring the party to them?

      Liked by 4 people

    • Ah, don´t worry. I like lengthy things ^^ Actually, it states that the demons were able to properly get to the gates without much exhaustion BECAUSE Rook was “too early” in giving his orders. Because japanese phrasing can´t really be literally translated, I didn´t write the exact same thing, and I guess by the way I wrote, it kinds of makes sense.Xd


  2. You have words conspicuously missing from sentences here and there. I guess it’s because you weren’t sure what to translate there so you decided to come back to it later but forgot? Well, just a heads up. Thanks for the chapter!


    • It’s actually a valid tactic in Rome : Total War as well.
      Roman factions have that as a unit. One handler for 3 pigs I think, and the amount of handlers vary on the unit size settings. Should be especially powerful against elephants, because they’re ON FIRE. Unfortunately, they die after running ON FIRE for a short while.


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