48. The blue sea and the white light


Rook Barusak was surprised by how blue the sea there was more than anything.


Looking from the small hill he was on, it was possible to give a glance at the impregnable town, Fert. At the other side of the iron wall no human could get close to, there were many houses that had orange roofs and white mud walls. And further there, it was possible to see the shore of the sea. It was white, covered with snow that accumulated there, and right ahead, it was the deep blue sea.


The Shiidoru kingdom had access to the north sea. However, that dark sea in front of his eyes was strangely very transparent. If one were to compare, the north sea would be like the seas of Shounan and Izu. In contrast to that, the sea in front of his eyes were like those shiny ones of Okinawa or Hawaii that he didn´t get the chance to go before his end. With Rook looking at the sea in fascination, Raku, who was standing next to him, cleared her throat.


“Ah, sorry…Raku-ane.”


“Even though you are at battle now, you are too much distracted.”


“…I know.”


The moment he heard the word [battle], his impressions about the sea faded away.


His armor unusually felt heavy. If he was to win this battle, he would be able to restore his honor. It was a battle that didn´t exist in the game, but he could do nothing but somehow manage to win it. If he didn´t, he would end up dying. Of course, there was the possibility he could press the “continue” button just like in the game, but he knew well enough there wouldn´t be something like that. If it existed, he would have used it at the times when Selestinna, Rebecca, Kurumi and Marii had died.


“…But, can we really win?”


Rook was anxious about this battle that didn´t exist in the game.


They were doing an strategy he had discussed with Raku about. Although, if he was to say, he would say he had confidence in it, even so, the anxiousness of him losing would constantly traverse through him.


Of course, he intended to put all of his efforts so that he wouldn´t lose. After the great defeat of Karkata, Rook had reviewed the training of his friends and subordinates. Of course, he himself also trained. He read the strategy book again, trained his sword and sorted out the memories of his previous life. However, only that wasn´t enough. If he didn´t investigate why he had lost in his own “special” ways, he would end up losing once again.(TL note:To what am I supposed to translate nakama to…? I guess he is talking about his harem members when he says that, though.)


The result of his pondering was that: [it was because his harem members were weak].


Until now…All battles were ones he would have won no matter what. However, he ended up losing.


The battle of Myuuz, the battle of Derufoi, the battle of Karkata; all of them were battles he was supposed to win. He certainly had organized his troops perfectly and advanced in accord to the game guide. He did absolutely nothing wrong. But if he lost even then, then it was obvious that it was because his allies were weak. Because of his interventions when using the knowledge of his previous world, there were many characters that the timing he should have met them was sooner than it was supposed to be. Selestinna and Rebecca were the most clear examples. Perhaps, he had met them too early, and so, after increasing his intimacy with the girls and solving their trauma, he had stolen their motivation to become stronger.


“Yes…I did nothing wrong.”


He himself did nothing wrong.


Rook muttered to himself.


But he knew the truth. The main problem wasn´t them being weak. However, he didn´t know how to solve the problem. Such a thing didn´t appear in the game.


Rook tightly closed his eyes. And just after that, he recalled the [hell] that had been just before his eyes at Karkata. It made him start to feel nauseous. That was the reality. His body was trembling. That scenery was what the battlefield was; until he lived the share Mary and the others died at the battlefield for, he needed to go past through all the battles he was going to face. This time´s battle as well, his friends definitely were going to die. Rook intended to analyze every single word of the war strategy book, use all he had from his previous life knowledge and have his allies train. But without doubt, people were going to die. Even so, he needed to win this battle at all costs. It was necessary that he wins.


“It´s alright… I.. Right now, I am Rook Barusak after all.”


Rook muttered, depending on those words. And then, to focus his mind, he and once again opened his eyes.


“Let´s go, Raku-ane. Soon, it will be the time our strategy will bring its results… I am relying on you, Raku-ane. We are putting everything on Raku-ane´s timing.”


“Alright. But you also shouldn´t let your guard down. If you do so, you will lose once again.”


“I-I know that!”


Rook gave a glance to his elder sister, who had reliability, but at the same time, he didn´t know that for sure. Despite it being the battlefield, Raku was carefree. It was as if she was smoking her smoking pipe at her laboratory. But Rook, of Raku, whose attitude hadn´t changed from her usual… strangely, was feeling extremely envious.






Edgar Zerrik, who governed the city of Fert, was unusually taken by the anger.


First, the reason why he was irritated was because that jumped-up little girl… who despite being a filthy human, was sent to do the important mission of retrieving the crown of the Demon Lord. At the time he had heard the report, because of the anger, he had kicked a very expensive pot, sending it flying. The one that was the closest to the Sherr island was the one stationed at the center of Fert, Zerrik. That´s why he assumed he was going to be appointed to this mission and had even arranged the preparations. Despite that, the human girl was the one dispatched, as if it was the most obvious thing. He didn´t like that.


“Really! What is Charlotte-sama thinking!!”


Such a thing as to give her backing to a human was outrageous. Of course, he had guessed Charlotte had her own plans about that. However, he couldn´t completely hold back his feelings. Zerrik was walking on the walls of the castle irritated. And it was at that moment.


“Hey, look at that. There is a pig walking there.”


“No, it´s not a pig. It´s a boar.”


“It is walking very …Is it training for a circus performance?”


Zerrik had head the second reason for his irritation.


An army of spiritualists were positioned in a perfect place where arrows barely couldn´t reach them. No, rather than an army, it would be fine to call them a group. Several people were sitting with crossed legs and had been drinking alcohol since the daytime. And then, without holding back, they would shower the demons with abuse.


Even if he was to glare at them, they wouldn´t fear. Rather, they would happily start insulting them.


“Yaah, it´s glaring, it´s looking at us!”


“If you hate it that much, then don´t hide at your pig pen and come at us!”


“No. It wants to keep in his safe pen. It is so scared of dying.”


Zerrik clenched his teeth.


He mustn´t lose to this abuse and go after them. They were clearly setting a trap. Perhaps they had a plan that would be taking a big chunk of their army at once if they were to go attack. He mustn´t fall for their bait. Somehow, Zerrik maintained his self-control. While appreciating how the guards were trembling in anger for him, he kept in mind not to give attention to the voice of those people outside.


“Men, do not worry. Those are merely provocations. Let them do as they want until they get tired of it.”


Somehow saying that to the guards, Zerrik took his leave. If he was to stay at this place longer than that, it didn´t feel he would be able to hold himself back. However… Things wouldn´t go well that easily. Just as he had turned his back to the spiritualists outside the wall, their laughs of ridicule increased. Because of the laughs, Zerrik unconsciously stopped his feet. At that moment, perhaps it was when he had ran out of luck.


“Ahahaha, look at their commander. He is turning his cute tail and running to his home.”


“He is curling his little tail and running to mommy.”


“Humans are so scary~. I am so scared of losing~. Help me, momm… Wait? Is it a child? The great general of Fert.”


“It´s a brat, a brat. A coward lower than a little girl.”


Those words.


The instant he had heard those words, his veins welled up.


“Who is a coward lower than a little human girl!!?”


There was no mistake those spiritualists had said those words by coincidence. He knew there was definitely no way they would be speaking of a certain someone. He knew that. Zerrik knew it. But once the blood went to his head, he couldn´t hold back anymore.


“Prepare for battle!! We are immediately going down there annihilate those insolent spiritualists!!”


In an instant, the battle preparations were ready and the gate was opened. There were no signs of him going to ride on his horse. He ran to the battlefield with him own trained leg strength. Zerrik and his soldiers were very much like wild boars charging. While laughing, the spiritualists that were drinking ran away.


“Don´t let them run! Follow them, follow them!!”


With smoke coming off his head, there was no way to stop Zerrik. While drawing his sword, Zerrik glared at the back of the running spiritualists. He could only see the enemy in front of his eyes. There was nothing in his head expect annihilating the filthy humans in front of his eyes.


That´s why he didn´t notice.


“Yes, with that, it is the end.”


The smiling Raku scratched the match in her hand.


And then, she put fire onto a wire. The straw made wire, in an instant, were burned through and lighted the bomb connected to it. Once that single explosion happened, in a blink of an eye, it caused secondary explosions to happen one after another. The place the bombs were installed one next to another had already been left by the running spiritualists, and… It was the place Zerrik and his army were standing at now.


“Wha-, retreat!!”


Zerrik sensed the danger with his intuition.


However, overlaying his voice, the shine and shockwave of the explosions spread.


The moment the word regret went through his mind, the sight of Edgar Zerrik had become dyed in white.


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  2. Thanks for the chapter 😀

    Since Rook has to win or he will get killed by his father, I guess he will manage to take the town.
    And since they will probably change the flag, Riku might see it and decide to not go to a city full of spiritualists (even if the flag is the Barusak’s)

    Well, since Rook has to die by Riku’s hand, it’s obvious that whatever will happen will stop his father from killing him. So there’s not much chance that Riku will save the Pig (plus I don’t think that she would want to save him or that he would want to be saved by her)
    But Raku will still die :p


  3. I was surprised that he can hold the fort for that long considering his stupidity, seems like every every demon general that in touch with riku is become stupid worthless character, even demon lord sister can avoid that. MC curse is stupidly strong in this one

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Welp, when you have as your ideology ”might makes right”, then you have to prove how strong you are, even if doing so is incredibly idiotic. The second somebody said chicken, Zerrik’s cultural identity demanded him to show, that he wasn’t a coward. This time, there’s not even an excuse of the opposing side having a cheat guide and forces of fate on their side. Which makes me think, that demons don’t deserve to win – the only victories they had are when human girl was leading them. By their own philosophy of strength, they should be subjugated by the stronger humans.

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  5. Thanks for the chapter. Considering the small detachment of enemies they went to chase I doubt many of their forces were killed. My guess is the Zerrick is greatly injured, demoralizing his forces while at the same time disrupting there command structure, which is when the enemy decides to lay siege to capture the port. But they barely hold on long enough for Riku to return and literally carry their asses to victory. If the spiritualists just manage to steamroll to town I’ll consider that an asspull. And based on how each fight has ended when Riku participates Raku’s odds don’t look good on the battlefield unless Rook has some hidden reserve harem members ready to get slaughtered. Really Rook? Doesn’t the saying go “A bad workman that blames his tools.”, you sure none of it can even remotely e attributed to your supposed ‘leadership skills’? I mean you may have planned the assaults but you haven’t bothered to stick around to see them through to completion. It’s like a professional sports coach deciding leaving in the middle of the game when his team is ahead and having the assistant coach take over when there’s still enough time left on the clock for a major upset to occur.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Either she arrives in time to save the city, or she arrives afterwards, but manages to retake it on her own sooner or later.

      Also, Nakama is something like ‘Really Close / Good Friend’ I think. Sort of a good ‘Buddy’. That’s atleast what most translators use when I hear it in anime, but i’m not 100% it’s properly translated.


      • Considering how fortified the place is supposed to be and how it’s their main port town I’d guess they should arrive in time otherwise there’s no point in calling these places impenetrable. Also I don’t think nakama counts in Rook’s case since he still sees these women/girls as things rather than people, which also somewhat extends to the rest of his allies.

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    • I hope Riku doesn´t steamroll everything this time -.- otherwise it would be too op… Well, since Rook it is with his neck on that, it probably won´t be a complete defeat, otherwise the story would already end D:

      It would be fun seeing Zerrik still alive and having his ass carried by Riku through the war. xD


      • Well going by how the fights have been so far it might be hard to avoid one side not steamrolling the other. The best ending would be if they’re able to maintain the status quo, and the only way to do that would be for the enemy to overextend allowing Riku to punish them for it. Then the spiritualists pulling back to re-asses the situation considering they lost the advantage they created , which would only be believable since Raku would still be in charge. This feels like the perfect opportunity for the Barusaks to learn that Riku’s still alive and on the enemy side, it would be the perfect demoralizing tactic to use against them as well as to spread confusion when they’re so sure of their victory. Also do you know what gender the author is?

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    • because “plot”

      It does seem more than a bit contrived that the demons, despite being completely disadvantaged in this war, despite the implication that the remaining demons are the smartest, canniest survivors of a racial purge continually hold the idiot ball.

      Really hurts willing suspension of disbelief when we’re lead to believe that these guys who are outmanned, outnumbered and outgunned in every way have still managed to survive decades despite following an inexperienced child (on the basis of no more than familial bloodlines, yet shit all over a human who has proven her competence over and over) and have being hunted despite a shocking level of incompetence at the higher levels.

      Like you’d think that the leadership would generally be hardened, and ruthlessly pragmatic at this point, only surviving due to cleverness and tactics given how even the weakest spiritualist can apparently 1hko a demon, but no, things like personal pride and honour and uselessly flushing lives down the toilet (and then getting buttmad about it) are more important

      Heaven forbid someone suggest they kidnap and brainwash some humans to use as double agents, or use guerilla tactics and traps (or actually try to get some R&D going like the humans)

      It’s like theyre a race of idiot rednecks or something lol

      Still a fun read in that we have a badass female antihero and it’s different from your average wish fulfilment power fantasy (and is kind of a deconstruction of the reincarnation genre) but it’s def an amature WN at its core

      Liked by 1 person

      • See, what I like about it, and why I keep reading, is that the author has on numerous occasions implied that there is something BEHIND all the stupid idiocy demonstrated by both sides. Someone somewhere is profiting from having these people kill each other, with suspect #1 being that bizarre Shinigami with a taste for otherworlder souls. Minds are being manipulated, memories are being suppressed, and it all ends up being a giant clusterf*ck.

        So yeah, even though I don’t find the revenge plot too gripping, I look forward to finding out just what is behind everything. (Even if it turns out a bit underwhelming — I’m trying not to expect too much here 😛 )

        Liked by 1 person

        • huh.
          Now that /IS/ a really interesting thought.

          They’re in a galgame universe, (which means everything is meant to be a cliche/stereotype of some sort) so everyone is made to follow contrived situations and/or be stupid against common sense in order to move the plot along; ergo the canonically ‘good’ guys get away with lots of maybe not so good things, and the ‘bad’ guys have to act in ridiculous ways and be evil and stupid because evil always loses. Fate is literally forcing the demons to act /just/ stupid enough that they have to lose, without making it a TPK wipe because that is what the plot demands. Literal plot armor pushing things forward.

          except then somehow you have two (or more) reincarnators who have thrown a wrench into the world plotline and one of them knows how things are supposed to go and is actively trying to manipulate things while leaning on his supposed plot armor, the other just keeps surviving and is immune to plot induced “non-final boss demons must act retarded” because she’s a human fighting for the wrong side by accident, and keeps carrying the team as a result, and overseeing it all is a dickass shinigami who maybe wants to eat souls, and maybe has to restore/maintain the balance of things and everything just keeps slipping out of whack more and more.

          while I sorta doubt that much thought has gone into it, it’s an interesting take on the ‘fight fate’ type of story

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