59.The circle dance of father and daughter


Riku attacked without hesitations.


Cutting a path through the crumbled spiritualist wall, Riku kicked the pavement and leaped. In an instant, Riku entered inside Raimon´s attack range. The point of the silver sword was directed to Raimon´s heart.


However, things wouldn´t go well like this. As if it was what would obviously happen, Raimon parried the silver sword. However, Riku didn´t overlook how his face slightly twisted at the instant he defended the blow.


“What´s the matter? Did it hurt?”


Raimon didn´t respond.


Riku´s attack was heavier than the attacks of most demons. Just by receiving that single attack, the impact went through his arm. If he was a weakling spiritualist, his bones would have ended up breaking.


“If it hurts just by defending my attacks.”


Riku quickly repositioned the sword that was shook away and bent her body, aiming for Raimon´s feet.


“Then obediently be killed by me.”


As to break Raimon´s stance, she swept her sword at his legs. Lightly jumping, Raimon defended from the silver sword. Aiming at Riku´s neck which was exposed by her forward position, Raimon swung his sword down. However, he wouldn´t easily take Riku´s neck. Spinning her body to the other side as to give impulse, she shook Raimon´s sword upwards.


“I see… You´ve become strong, Riku. I´m not even a bit happy though.”


Raimon approached Riku once again. While he span his sword, it looked like he was thinking of something. There was no way Riku would give Raimon time to think. By reflex, Riku attacked himhead on.


“I have to thank you for the words of praise.”


Raimon defended Riku´s silver sword with his sword. However, Raimon didn´t simply receive the blow. He parried the silver sword and shifted it into an attack that looked it was going to reach Riku. Being bathed in the moonlight and giving off a blue shine, while it was mowed down the pavement, Raimon´s sword had been aimed at Riku. Obviously, having that blue sword gorge out one´s own body would not be good.


Without any changes in Riku´s expression, she stopped Raimon´s sword with the silver sword.”


“As my thanks, I will pay back with father´s death.”


“Hahaha, this would be a problem. If Riku really wants to be a good child, then how about shutting up and handing over your head?”


While both Riku and Raimon were showing smiles, they kept exchanging sword blows.


While the daughter would swing her sword with a satisfied smile that gushed forward with insanity, the father would receive the sword with a gentle smile and counter attack, swinging down his sword filled with hatred. Then, the daughter would parry and once again attack.


There was no room for the “spectators” to provide assistance.


There were spiritualists that had an arrow ready to fire, but it had been too difficult to aim. Raimon´s and Riku´s positions kept changing as if they were dancing. When they would get a good aim right at Riku´s back, Raimon would already be at the place she used to by the time. Because their movements were too intense, if they were careless, they would end up hitting Raimon.


But even so, there were also bold spiritualists. Drawing their own swords, they would join in the fight and rush at Riku the moment she gave them her back.


“Prepare yourself!!”




Riku´s response about their support would be only that. Saying sorely a single word, she didn´t even look at the spiritualist. Doing a horizontal cut, Riku cut a straight line at the belly of the spiritualist. Indifferently dealing with the little insect, Riku reaped the life of the reckless spiritualist that tried to attack her. And then, she once again turned her eyes to Raimon.


The spiritualists weren´t able to intervene at all. All the remaining spiritualists could do was to be at guard at the surroundings so that nobody would interfere.


“You are already getting tired, aren´t you?”


They had already crossed swords more than twenty times. Both swords clashed against each other while raising a violent sound. The swords would lock into each other, f, cr and once again clash into each other.


“This is my line… Riku.”


Raimon´s physique was better than Riku´s.


He was higher than Riku by more than one head and had a good amount of muscles.


However, Raimon was being pressured.


The little daughter was pressuring the big father. Whether it is because of the age difference, or simply because of Riku´s super strength, or maybe some other reason… With each time he defended against each of Riku´s blows filled with insanity, Raimon was definitely becoming exhausted. His breathing was getting faster bit by bit and sweat was flowing down from his forehead.


However, Raimon didn´t have the spare time to wipe his sweat. If he was to do something like that, then Riku would come jumping at this opening filled with joy.


“Father, you are full of openings.”


“I´m showing those openings on purpose. I wanted to see Riku´s improvements, you see.”


“I see. Then, I will have yo a special


With her eyes shining, Riku held her sword tightly. While raising a thunderous sound, the sword was raised overhead from its lower position. Regardless of who was to see this, it was possible to know that this attack was going to be one that couldn´t be compared to the other ones from moments ago. Raimon must have thought it would be difficult to defend from it. He immediately bent his body to the side. However, because he had to avoid the attack so suddenly, his stance was broken.


“Damn it!”


“Good bye, father.”


Blood went up to Riku´s head.


While being driven by the hatred, she set her aim at the displaced sword. And right at the moment she was about to have her sword go through that white neck, it happened.(TL note: I didn´t really understand what exactly happened there… The translation here might not be accurate. :/)


“…Just kidding. You are too naive, Riku.”


Despite having his death approaching, Raimon calmly showed a smile of victory.


Right at the time Riku was about to stop her feet by precaution, Raimon sword twisted. The sword that didn´t have even a single crack despite receiving Riku´s attack became flexible. As if it was a snake springing forward, the sword went towards Riku´s arm.




Just like just a bit before, Riku tried to . The silver sword parried Raimon´s sword. However, she could not stop the force of the sword. Despite parrying, the sword did not stop and just like that it had twisted Riku´s dominant arm. Riku tried to muster strength to shook it off, but the blade of the sword had already bitten into the skin. In reaction, Riku twisted her face in pain.


“This is?”


“Riku didn´t know, right? My attribute.”


Raimon came close to Riku with a gentle face.


“Spiritualists can infuse their own attribute at their equipment. My attribute is earth. I can completely change the shape of things. And of course… I can also have my sword restrain Riku like that.”


And so, Raimon´s sword changed its shape.


Right now, Raimon´s sword wrapped around her arm like a handcuff. If he was to turn the shape of the sword back to normal, Riku would end up having her dominant hand cut off. Not to mention about holding a sword, but she wouldn´t be able to properly swing her halberd.


Riku clicked her tongue.


She was able to buy time. Her subordinates probably had already regrouped with Leivein by now. Now, even though all that would have been left to do was to pull back, she had been completely careless for letting something like that to happen.


“There is nowhere to run anymore.  …Now, Riku. I have something to say to you.”


Calmly and calmly Raimon approached her.


It felt as if he was taking his time to walk those few steps of distance on purpose.


“It would have been fine if I killed you with my own hands, but… Riku became this much strong. Since I have this opportunity, I will have you suicide after using you.”


With those last words, Riku was able to guess what he was talking about.


Raimon should know that Riku would never suicide. If she had the time to spare for killing herself, she would go cut off the head of spiritualists even if it is only a single more.


However… There was one method of forcing any kind of orders on someone regardless of one´s own will.


“It can´t be.”


Raimon calmly approached her.


The true name. If he was to speak her true name to her, her soul would be bind. No matter how much she resisted from doing whatever kind of hateful order it was, in front of the true name, she was defenseless. She would be forced to follow the orders.


“It is just what you are thinking, Riku… No.”


Raimon´s smile broadened.


The muscles of Riku´s back stood . If she was able to cover her ears, she would be able to not hear it. However, even if she covered her left ear, her right hand was restrained. Riku desperately was trying to think of a plan to get her out of this situation.


And while she was thinking, the distance between Raimon and her was narrowing.


And finally, Raimon spoke next to her ears as if he was whispering words of love.


“Rinkus Barusak… I command you.”


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28 thoughts on “59.The circle dance of father and daughter

  1. Will it work or…maybe previously having a second soul that died screw the rules of the world?

    Or you know, the more boring answer that she’d be saved by back-up.


  2. The conclusion to this is obvious. The only way that you can escape a binding by a true name is by identity death. “Riku Barasak” will have to “die”. The prophecy will come true. But the actual person will be free.


  3. Thanks for the chapter! I thought of this development from the start, Leivein is a dumbass putting her in the hornet’s nest where actually anyone could bind her if Raimon disclosed her name. I wonder if he could overwrite the commands?


  4. Finally, I started reading this two days ago and here I catch up at last.
    I like this novel even though ch47 shocked me I even muttered (nai waa)

    First I hated Rook but my hatred faded a little bit when I realized he has a (reality dissociative syndrome) that is the reason he abandoned Riko to begin with. well even so, fuck Rook.

    But I can’t blame him because there is something strange about this world like how everyone forgot Riko and how some people act strange as if they were hypnotized (probably the shinigami doing?).

    Riko herself is not an exception,she is bound by her fate in the game where she trust the one who saved her. But instead of giving her loyalty to Rook she gave it to Leivein(I don’t like him, fuck him two).

    Rook first, only and ultimate mistake is abandoning Riko.


  5. Uh. Dickass shinigami made a point of telling “Rook” he’s just a parasite aping what he knows the “real” Rook would have done, which is why things are off kilter; his existence effectively makes him “defy” Rook’s destiny because realRook is gone.

    If, hypothetically speaking, the soul Riku gave up to DAshinigami wasn’t !rebornRiku but realRiku, it would explain how she’s been able to break the original story/timeline/destiny so handily. (The same way Rook has been unable to control the plot)

    …which would also imply that Rinkus Barusak isn’t actually her true name (since Rinkus has been eaten by DAS)

    …which would have further implications wrt Lev actually being unable to control her as well, though it’s doubtful that would even be an issue with her slavish devotion to him


    • She did lose her memories from her previous life, and Leivein has never actually needed to use her true name to control her. So it depends if the true name is ‘tied’ to the body / vessel, or the soul. If it’s to the body / vessel, then doesn’t look like she has much hope. If it’s to the soul, then it’s still possible, because she was given her true name when she had 2 souls, so it’s still 50% chance of not working.


    • According to NU, it’s up to 94th chapter right now.

      So looks like we’re about to get some reveals that break the ‘true name’ option for the father (which has always been my primary concern, how can she win against someone who knows her true name when he can always order her to suicide or such)

      The less BS route is if her true name is the reincarnated soul’s since that’s the name she ‘has’ before being named by the parent.

      The more BS route is sheer power of will (i.e. Kirito able to slash Mr.Last Boss when he shouldn’t)


      • Oh, that would be an interesting development, if the true name her father used (and, not incidentally, the one she gave to Levi) was not actually her true name…but remember, she sacrificed her reincarnated half, so it’s unlikely that she kept the name.


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