75.The day of the execution


After some days having passed, Charlotte´s execution was going to be carried out now.


Gortoberuk and Fiore became the judges, and by results of the investigation of Charlotte´s crimes, crimes other than those that were disclosed by Riku were found; political corruption such as misappropriation of money and bribing. With crimes that it wouldn´t be enough no matter how many fingers there were to count them, this wasn´t to an extent that she could be pardoned by exiling or house arresting.


Charlotte was sentenced with the most grave punishment. It had been decided she was going to be sentenced to death.


At the central plaza of the demon capital, every single demon was gathered.


In front of their eyes, Charlotte was exposed with her hands tied behind her back. Her crimes had already been announced to all the demons, and moreover, exaggerated rumors such as that [she had connections with the spiritualists and intended to boycott influential demons] or that [she had slept with Rook]. The eyes of the demons gathered at the plaza were bloodshot because of the anger, and words of insult wouldn´t stop coming from them.


However, Charlotte, who was the center of this turmoil, didn´t even look at the public.


“Gh… All this… everything is her fault.”


While biting her lips, Charlotte was only glaring at a single girl. The face that was supposed to be cute was twisted in hatred to the point of it becoming unsightly. An anger that was to the point of the killing intent against the girl be straying from its target and having its traces felt just by coming close was leaking from Charlotte. However, the red haired girl, Riku Barusak, who was being showered directly by Charlotte´s anger, smiled in a comfortable manner.


“…Hey, ojou-chan, is this fine? Charlotte-sama is giving you an awful glare, you know?”


Vrusto, who was standing next to Riku, whispered to her worriedly.


However, Riku kept calmly smiling.


“Is that so? I don´t really mind though… Rather, second lieutenant Vrusto, there is no reason for you to use honorifics on that promiscuous girl. You can say her name without them as much as you want.”


“Well, that´s not the problem… Ah, what to say… Does ojou-chan understand the meaning of what you have done?”


Scratching his cheek in a troubled manner, Vrusto asked.


Because the throne of the provisional demon lord was overturned from Charlotte, at the current situation, there was nobody standing at the top of the Demon Lord army.


Only, there was no need to have a provisional demon lord anymore. The reason for that was that after only a few months, the Demon Lord was going to be revived. Until then, Rudogar Gortoberuk would take the command of the military, and the government would be left for Fiore Panther to handle.


“What was that of [I don´t intend on killing Charlotte]? In the end, you killed Charlotte-sama.”


“The ones that decided that wasn´t me. This was just the result of the accumulation of crimes.”


Riku had only disclosed a fragment of Charlotte´s crimes. If Charlotte was self aware of her position of provisional demon lord and acted accordingly, she certainly wouldn´t have been sentenced to death.


“That was the same reason why Fiore Panther had changed to our side. Charlotte´s usual actions had simply pushed her into changing sides. Everything was called upon by Charlotte herself.”


The only thing Riku had done at the few days before the meeting was only one… Before any other demon, she had told Fiore the [what happened at Derufoi in fact].


Fiore, who worked as Charlotte´s close supporter, actually knew what had happened at Derufoi. Riku didn´t know that, but in fact, the one to order the truth of what happened at Derufoi to be concealed had been Fiore. She had thought that what happened at Derufoi had all been for the sake of the Demon Lord army, but once Riku had left after telling her that, she started having doubts.


“Now that it is close to the moment of the resurrection of the Demon Lord, the spiritualist are certainly going to try stop us seriously. Actually, it has been reported that the spiritualist army had moved to the land where the Demon Lord had been sealed at. If you consider that this will be a serious battle against the spiritualists, objectively thinking, do you think that Charlotte is appropriate for being the provisional demon lord.”




Being asked that by Riku, Vrusto averted his eyes.


The battle that would put in line the resurrection of the Demon Lord would be the most important of battles. Then, would it be fine to leave the command to someone that had feelings of love to a spiritualist even if it had been for only a moment? No, there was no way it would be. Would it be good to have someone with this faint love in her mind to give the ultimatum for the decisions of the Demon Lord army? No, there was no way it would be. Fiore should have understood that long ago, but she had her relationship with her best friend, Keity, who revered Charlotte, and probably because of that, she couldn´t judge that Charlotte had to be dismissed.


It was clear that if Fiore was able to cut off the feelings built up over a long time and become capable of doing logical decisions, she would easily change her side to the opposing faction. Currently, Fiore, who had given her final word that [Charlotte didn´t have the abilities to lead the Demon lord army], had already joined into the anti Charlotte faction.


“If you make a mistake by getting carried away by your feelings, you would be having your neck strangled yourself. You should remember this, second lieutenant Vrusto.”


“I will say back those words just the way you had said them.”


Vrusto gave a pat at Riku´s shoulder.


“This time, ojou-chan´s movements were reasonable. There were no mistakes. However, ojou-chan´s emotions… Rather, you could say it is a bad habit, right. It showed up this time too.”


“Bad habit?”


Riku didn´t understand at all what Vrusto was trying to tell her. Looking back at this time´s dispute, Riku didn´t remember doing anything bad, and she didn´t think had she had some sort of weird habit. Bending her head to the side just like a little bird, she looked at Vrusto in wonder.


“Do I have any bad habits?”


“Stupid, be more self-aware. Ojou-chan´s bad habit is to think too much about captain Leivein.”


“Is this a bad habit?”


Riku frowned. She knew that her own actions were for the objective of [having revenge against the Barusak] and [becoming Leivein´s right-wing], but she didn´t really understand how this was a bad habit.


Defeated, Vrusto shook his head, and right at the moment he was about to say something…


“I didn´t do anything wrong!”


Charlotte´s sorrowful cries echoed through the plaza.


Turning their eyes towards the center of the plaza, they saw Charlotte´s figure about to have her arms and legs tied by ropes. The other side of each of the four ropes were connected to ferocious bulls. The reason why Charlotte was having her limbs tied was because it had been decided she would be quartered. There was no way the small body of a little girl would endure the strength of the pull of running bulls from each of the four sides.


Charlotte´s fate was to have her body tore apart and die.


Because Charlotte had treated the Demon Lord army as her own object, the demons were feeling an anger that felt their bodies would rip up from it. From the demon´s perspective, this ending was only the obvious, but by Charlotte, who was going to be executed, this death was one she definitely couldn´t accept.


“What have I done wrong!? You all are only being fooled by that human´s sweet talk!”


“Oh, you are so cruel to say I fooled them.”


Without hearing Vrusto trying to stop her, she went towards Charlotte.


Charlotte´s left arm and right left had already been tied up with the rope. Signaling with her hand to the executors that were tying up the remaining limbs for them to pull back, Riku looked at the unsightly Charlotte.


“I had only told them the truth.”


“Riku Barusak… Have you forgot your gratitude? If I didn´t recognize you, there would be no way you would be standing in the place you are now, you know!?”


“Even if you hadn´t recognized me, captain Leivein had already recognized me.”


While looking at Charlotte, Riku indifferently told her the reality.


Throwing the wheat like beautiful golden hair out of order, Charlotte faced Riku. Suddenly opening both of her eyes, opening her small mouth to the point that it felt it would rip apart, she shouted.


“I… I am the Demon Lord´s sister, you know!? Moreover, the provisional demon lord! What is the problem of me using the Demon Lord army as I want!!


To Charlotte´s eyes, everyone serving at the Demon Lord army were the property of her brother. Since they were the property of the Demon Lord, it was obvious that she, who was the sister of the proprietor, would be idolized.


In short words, what she thought of Keity, Fiore, Riku, and also Leivein was not that they were [soldiers of the Demon Lord army], but [property of the Demon Lord], and so, [they were nothing but chess pieces that she could use freely]. With what Riku had been faintly suspecting of being publicly declared, despite how everything was already concluded, her anger exploded.


“You promiscuous girl… We, …captain Leivein is not your tool!”


Leaving her body to her anger, Riku moved her hand to the halberd at her back.


The instant the blade of her halberd flashed, Charlotte´s eyes sparkled. Because it looked as if Riku´s halberd could cut the rope and release her, Charlotte moved her body as to have it hit the rope.


“Scream, promiscuous girl.”


However, this little trick wasn´t passed by Riku.


Leisurely moving the halberd with a single arm, she cut off Charlotte´s right arm. Like a fountain, blood flowed out from the injury, and Charlotte´s scream reverberated.


While having blood dripping off from her halberd, Riku asked Charlotte, who was suffering with the pain.


“Now, there is still time for you to give your apologies. Charlotte Demonz… Give your apologies for your disrespect to captain Leivein.”


“…I-I didn´t do anything wrong. You will see, Riku Barusak. One day, when onii-sama resurrects, you will…”


“I see, so you won´t apologize.”


Briefly muttering that, Riku dropped down her halberd at Charlotte´s left leg.


In continuation to the right arm, Charlotte´s left leg was cut off, and a shrilling scream echoed through the plaza. Riku was being driven by the urge of cutting her head off, but she tried to content herself by kicking her head.




Seeming like she had used a little bit too much strength, Charlotte´s twisted face was swelled up to the point of it becoming unrecognizable. Charlotte´s golden hair that used to be beautiful had her own spilled blood sticking to it.


Thinking a bit, Riku showed a smile as if she had thought of something fun.


“Then, I will give you a choice.”


Riku put one of her feet onto Charlotte´s swelled up face. While stepping at her and rubbing her feet at the cheek that became brown red, Riku spoke to Charlotte in a gentle voice as if she was gently scolding her.


“If you say that [you are a promiscuous girl that slept with the enemy], I will convince them to spare you.”


While tapping her own shoulder with the handle of her halberd, Riku was showing a smile that was as if she was having a lot of fun.


Since this seemed to be something only to humiliate her, Charlotte´s swelled up face twisted, but even so, in tears, she said it in the end.


“I-I am a promiscuous girl that slept with the enemy.”


“Sorry, the audience was too loud, so I couldn´t hear it.”


Riku calmly said.


Confirming that Charlotte´s face was colored in despair, Riku went away from Charlotte and went close to the one of the bulls that were on standby.


“Now then, that is the end. See you, Charlotte Demonz.”


After giving the signal by raising her hand to the executioner that was next to the other bull, Riku slapped the bull´s buttocks. With the bull raising its front feet to the air because of the sudden pain, it started to run ahead. With the bull of the other side also being spanked at the buttock in the same way, it started running as if it was running away from the pain.


Despite her supplications, Charlotte, who was being pulled by opposite sides, was torn apart.


Her angry babblings were drown out by the crowd´s excitement, and so, nobody was able to hear what Charlotte had said in her final moments.


Looking at Charlotte, who became unable to say anything, in a bored manner, she headed outside the plaza.


“…Now then, with that, there are no nuisances left. Vrusto, we are going back to Myuuz.”


The public, who couldn´t contain their anger, gathered around the torn apart Charlotte.


Going in the opposite direction of the waves of people, the moment they had left the plaza, Vrusto spoke.


“Hey, ojou-chan. Someday, you might end up getting cursed.”


Vrusto let out a few complaints. Vrusto´s eyes were showing a seriousness unusual to him.


“There is also Shibira´s prophecy, isn´t there? Be a bit more indulgent, ojou-chan.”


“It´s fine. No matter what kind of bad future there is, I will cut my way out of it. Besides, I am fine. I won´t die until I become captain Leivein´s right-wing after all.”


Showing a smile full of brightness, she ran the gate, where the soldiers she had brought along before were waiting for her. Soon, it would rain. Coming from the west, clouds black to the point that it was as if they were irritated were coming towards them.


“…Should we go get some umbrellas?”


Quietly muttering this, Vrusto followed after Riku while hearing the frenzied voices of the crowd behind him.







At this same, there was something happening at the royal capital as well.


“…In accord to your crimes, Rook Barusak shall be exiled from the royal capital. Until you recover my beloved princess, you are not to come back to the royal capital again.”


The king Shiidoru declared Rook Barusak´s punishment.


The king was furious. His beloved and very cute princess he had raised with all his heart was kidnapped by the demons. In addition to that, the fact that the cause for it was the lady killer, Rook Barusak, was like putting oil on fire.


In a situation like this, there was no way Rook could object against the punishment. Rook was silently hearing the sentence passed by the king.


“Do you have any objections, Rook Barusak?”


“No. I will go rescue princess Catherinne myself.”


Kneeling down in one knee, Rook silently lowered his head. However, his voice was trembling.


The rescue event that would happen if you failed at stopping Catherinne from being abducted certainly did exist.


However, the king wouldn´t be enraged, and more importantly, the heroines that had high affection levels with would cover up for him. They would declare that they would accompany him in the journey to rescue Catherinne.


…However, there were no signs this happening


There were some noble girls that were watching over him while swallow salive, but there were no signs that they would butt in the conversation. Lonely, Rook made a sad smile.


“…As expected, it is different from the game.”
“Did you say something, Rook Barusak?”


“No, I was just talking to myself. I will definitely save her!”


Rook swore that he would do to his upmost ability to rescue princess Catherinne.


He wanted to rescue Catherinne fair and square, and fix the regrets of Selestinna, Rebecca, Kurumi and the others, and also the people that had died until now that he didn´t know the name, and heal up the wounds in Riku´s heart, whom he had thrown away.(TL note: I don´t understand what he means by saying wanting to rescue Catherinne fair and square… The word used here is 正々堂々, which literally means that… Hmm, but it kind of gives the feeling that it has the meaning of Rook definitely rescuing the princess without giving up. Well, it doesn´t matter too much ^^)


“Ah, there are many things I need to do.”


Taking his leave from the king, he scratched his head.


There was also the need to reconcile with Charlotte in order to stop the Demon Lord from resurrecting. For the sake of the peace, there might be a need to face against Raimon, his father. The things that he needed to do were piling up into a mountain in front of his eyes.


“But this is my responsibility.”


It was because the things he needed to do were many that there was no way he could give up.


He believed it was his atonement for him to do anything he could.


Looking ahead, Rook started to walk.


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    • Just so u know I personally do not praise or say riku or anybody did the right thing. After all we know the person who won(riku) is justice. Such is human. Now I wanna add something. Ur argument being riku is like a time bomb is indeed true. However would leivein really execute her? First he got her true name. Second she is devoted to him more than anyone and he knows it. Riku is truly the ultimate tool for leivein. Theres no way he would abandon her normally. Also I understand why people praise riku. Personally I would also like to commend her for usurping charlotte splendidly. And if she indeed becomes dangerous for the demon lord army and there is a justified reason for it, I would still hate it for her to lose everything. Why? My reason is exactly ur reason for deeming her dangerois: her insanity. Ahhhhh im just so captivated by insane heroine ^^ I cant get enough of their twisted personality. So no I would not condemn her and say that she deserves it even if she do something wrong, because I would love her nevertheless. For example lets say she kill gorteburak or vrusto, I would think its a shame but I would still love her. After all, people love it when theres something wrong with the protagonist personality^^ no one would like a boring and mundane life except for some novels which got too much cuteness and fluffiness.
      oh and personally I dont really care about rook since hes sh1t and will be sh1t even though my pov is slightly biased he will remain a sh1t until he fixes that hypocrical personality of his. What save everyone? What revenge? Thats sh1t he cant even do anything properly himself. He would be a good man, but hes a bad soldier


    • For me I prefer my MC characters to be as interesting as possible so the fact that Riku is a total savage is all the more appealing. With that said, I hope everything goes well for her. To answer your question I would say probably not if you already couldn’t guess. Since Riku is the underestimated MC of the novel I naturally sympathized with her cause. The fact that Riku’s role as a misguided tragic character still hasn’t changed. The demons and even Leivein don’t seem to care much for her in terms of offering her compassion (although Leivein’s feeings for Riku is still unclear but I believe he does care for her to some extend because why would he rescue her?). So far the only one who seems to be with Riku the most is Vrusto. I feel like out of all the characters he is the most concern with her well being and state. As for the Demon’s cause and the Demon race in general, I don’t really give a shit about them or what they hope to achieve. In my opinion the Demons are as bad as the humans in terms of having prejudice against anyone who is not of their kind. This type of behavior may be sparked by the humans but the demon’s certainly didn’t have to follow this type of behavior so it’s ironic how that seems to be the case. Plus both sides wanted to use Riku to their own advantage. The spiritualist tossed Riku away because her father thought that she couldn’t be used in the same way that Leivein picked her up with the thought that she could be used, thus making her a tragic character in my opinion. I don’t hate or blame the demon’s or the spiritualists in the same way that I don’t blame Riku for becoming who she is. More then anything, I pity Riku greatly.


      • She is doing her best for them. Do you want Charlotte in charge when the humans attack the demons with everything they have to prevent the demon lord’s resurrection? Besides, the reason why Charlotte was executed instead of exiled was because the investigation turned up multiple counts of bribery and corruption in addition to her major errors with directing the army (which got a general killed and an army so wrecked that it had to become part of another army all because of her jumping on the Demon Lord Crown without verifying anything) and then there’s the time she followed Rook which got her kidnapped and her retainers killed. Also, Rika didn’t and couldn’t order her execution, Gortoberuk and Fiore were the judges. Charlotte died because she was a corrupt and idiotic ruler than angered many demons not just Rika…in fact, Rika, by herself wouldn’t have been able to do anything to her (well, unless she decided to ignore the rules and kill Charlotte herself but that’s not what she did).


  12. Okay, the pain from this death scene actually wounded me a lot. For me, all the other death scenes up to now couldn’t compare. Probably got something to do with the mental image of murdering a little girl by pulling her apart. Granted, she is a lot older than she appears, but still.
    Going to need a few days to recover.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As Riku noted, if she handled it better, she at most would have been exiled. But Charlotte acted like Rook did previously and blamed everyone but herself.

      Here, Charlotte’ actually blurted out publicly what she thought of the Demon Army and the demons as a people as her tools. Even if Riku released her, the enraged crowd would have tore her apart anyways.

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  13. What the f-? Is there something wrong with the heads of all the heroines? I thought Charlotte was as stupid as Rook l, but she’s power drunk corrupted tyrant. Did she ever really want to resurrect her brother? Also I wonder if she did actually sleep with Rook? I wouldn’t put it past her.


  14. im actually realy surprised about charlotte, here i was thinking that she was just stupid in the end she was also a corrupted bitch. And now im actually a little worried about the famous demon lord, if her sister was like that…


    • Since the Demon Lord was sealed, the Spiritualists have been attacking Demon Territory yearly without much repercussions (often enough to make it a tradition).

      Charlotte did almost nothing in the meanwhile, at most reacting to spiritualist raids. I wonder if she’s done anything Demon Lordy during her reign, except for saying “Um” at things.


  15. Someone else has already mentioned this, but Charlotte’s punishment is to be “Quartered”

    In older times, the punishment for Treason was to be “Hung, Drawn, and Quartered”. This punishment was carried out by hanging the criminal by the neck until they were half dead from suffocation. Following, thier legs would be tied to an animal and they’d be dragged along the streets until they arrived at their final execution ground. Finally, what happened in this chapter would occur, as the Quartering. Altogether not a pleasant ending. Personally while I feel that Charlotte was truely incompetant as a wartime leader, I don’t think she quite deserved this kind of punishment. But then again, this IS that kind of story after all.

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    • Actually, Charlotte’s incompetent as a human (or should I say demon) as she doesn’t care about others’ lives and just regard them as tools and chess pieces. With how much lives loss she had caused, I say that’s an appropriate punishment to quell the public.


    • with the amount of crimes stuck to her i think quartering is an appropriate punishment. Ancient china would think of unique ways to punish traitors and losers in the political strife for the throne; thats just for being a traitor or losing, if u had more crimes or they pin on some more they kill ur whole family to the like 5 generation or so. I believe the worst punishment in history was given to a concubine of a previous emperor or something like that. She lost the throne battle and the new dowager empress had her arms and legs cut off, ears nose eyes and tongue cut or gouged off, and placed her in the latrine to starve to death.


    • It was justified in this chapter. It was made clear in this chapter itself that the stupidity she displayed before wasn’t all. She was generally just a fool as we suspected, but she was also corrupt and viewed the Demon’s army as tools not people. She just thought since they were her brother’s belongings that they were also her belongings to do with as she pleased at whim. She deserved every bit of what she got.


  16. No wonder Charlotte was able to make “peace” with the humans in the game, for her all the demons were disposable, only herself mattered (even her brother didn’t matter, since she would remain in power if he wasn’t there, so she could do what she wishes). Poor Demon Lord, when he wakes to receive the information that his sister died for misconduct……….

    And Rook. The guy think that he can heal Riku lol
    That’s quite a joke! How can he rescue someone of the abyss of insanity? To her he is an evil spirit that needs to be crushed, and her only light and hope (until now) is Levian.
    And make amends with Charlotte… pfff……. you don’t know anything, innocent!
    It’s not a game, it’s reality!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  17. The full punishment is often called Drawn and Quartered, typically performed on a victim attached to 4 horses via rope on each limb. The horses are stirred to charge, forcing the body to tear into rough quarters as the limbs are pulled in opposite directions from each other.


  18. Aaaaand the lolibaba has been cut down Tom! Hows the crowd feeling out there?
    “Everyone is really excited to witness this historic event of the fall of a tyrant Michael! Oh, look, zoom in over there, looks like the children are using her hair as a jump rope! Wait, I think I just saw a man in a black cloak run away with her heart! Looks like someone will be trying out some new spells. Overall, its an all around good time down here! Back to you Michael!”


    • Think you tom and in the headlines Rook Barusak was banished from the capital of the humans kingdom we interviewed his older sister Raku Barusak and she had this to say “it is truely sad that her highness was kidnaped while visting our home but in truth the a whole 200 man squadron of spritulist couldn’t stop this kidnaping my brother shouldn’t be made to shoulder the whole blame” we also questioned his father who refused to comment. now to acu-whether man bill johnson with your 8-day week forcast. Bill


    • It was scheduled to be quartering, but as she lost half her limbs in … another way previous to that, it was only half-quarter. And no, if it was a double, then they would’ve tied two ropes to the horse / cattle pulling it, and then had them tied to either both arms & legs, so one pulled up, one pulled down, or to both limbs on the same side. Considering this was her left arm and right leg being half-quartered, you could call it ‘Diagonaled’


  19. “There was also the need to reconcile with Charlotte in order to stop the Demon Lord from resurrecting.”

    I don’t think this is possible anymore, Rook, even if you finally start taking responsibility. The execution was brutal; however, you have to consider that Charlotte is technically hundreds of years old.

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