85.A certain cloudy day


At that day, the sky was densely covered by snow.


The suffocating gray snow that would make one feel depressed just by looking to the sky.


“Really, even though it is such a happy day.”


Riku muttered in a bored manner.


Differently from the weather, Riku was immersed in a feeling of comfort unusual to her.a(TL note: I have no idea what this means -.-心なしか、足取りがスキップを刻んでいる)


“Haa… Since early in the morning, ojou-chan have been looking so full of energy.”


From behind, Riku heard Vrusto´s voice mixed up with yawns.


“Since we finally came back to the demon capital, at least let me have some slack in the first day. After all, we will be launching an attack at where the seal is after some days.”


Riku didn´t need to look for the location of the seal.


Riku had sent scouts at the location on the map Shibira had told her.


It was a scout squad consisted of the best soldiers from different squads. What they had seen there was a rigid defensive formation that couldn´t be compared to the other places.


According to their report, from what they could see, there were more than a hundred spiritualists. Each of them were wary to the point of it being abnormal. It seems they got discovered only by approaching a few steps to the place.


Until now, this was the most rigorously protected place.


Even in case that wasn´t the location of the seal, it would still be possible to cause great damage to the spiritualists.


“That´s right. And so, shouldn´t you give me a day off?”


“Tomorrow. Only tomorrow.”


Putting his arms behind his head, in frustration, Vrusto spoke.


“It should be fine if you gave me at least two days, right? These days, I´ve been working all the time you see.”


“Oh, but you can have your rest when you finish your task though?”


Riku wasn´t a devil. If Vrusto would finish his work early, he would be able to have his afternoon free, having more than enough rest.


After being told that, Vrusto gave a long sigh.


“…In the worst case, this job is going to take until tomorrow at morning, you know?”


“Is that so?”


“Yes, that is so! I am going to say so.  You are definitely going to take your time before killing the little spiritualist young master, right!!”


When Vrusto had spoken of a very obvious thing, Riku was finally able to realize what he was talking about.


Their job today was to torture the captured Rook Barusak… Basically, it was a interrogation for the sake of acquiring information from him.


“Well… That´s right, I won´t let him die on the spot. You know, we need to take as much information as possible from him after all.”


Normally, it would be an interrogator that would be interrogating him, but today, Riku butted in and asked for the unreasonable. Of course, the interrogator would be looking at them from behind. However, it essentially had become he wouldn´t be able to intervene. If by any chance he was to interrupt the interrogation, it would be only at the time Riku overextended herself at it.


“Ojou-chan is going to be torturing him bit by bit, aren´t you?”


“Isn´t it obvious? I will be having him suffer while moderating it little by little.”


“…As expected, it looks like this will take a long time.”


Vrusto lamented about his day off.


From Riku´s perspective, it was enough that he had received one day of day off. Riku wouldn´t take even for one day. From tomorrow on, she needed to do the preparations for the dispatching of the army, conclude the training of the soldiers, confirm the approval of their attack and participate in the strategy meeting.


In a certain way, today´s [job] of interrogating Rook Barusak was Riku´s day off.


“But doesn´t today´s job make you look forward to it? Just by thinking about it, I am feeling thrilled.”


Riku adjusted the halberd at her back.


For today´s sake, she had the axe blade reforged at a familiar smith. She had it polished to the point her face would be reflected onto it. While grinning at the brand new axe, she fantasized today´s interrogation.


“What should I cut off first from Rook? Should it be his ears that can hear only what is convenient to him? Or should it be his shameless lower half of his body?”


“…Ojou-chan, go easy. Let´s stop this idea of cutting him in half. The little young master would die.”


Vrusto looked at Riku with a very pale expression.


While Riku was wondering if she really had bothered Vrusto to that point, a figure rushed in from the turn of the corridor.


“M-major general Riku! Second lieutenant Vrusto!”


The one who had suddenly appeared was Roppu.


It seemed he had come in very much hurry. Normally, the buttons of his shirt would be all buttoned up, but today, he came with his shirt open-necked.


“Ge-ge-general Leivein has woken up!!”


“Is that for real!?”


Vrusto´s surprised voice could be heard far in the distance.


Because of how surprised Riku was, she became speechless. Being paralyzed by the shock, she looked at Vrusto perplexed.


“Roppu… Is that.. true?”


“Yes, it is! According to what the doctor had said, it seems he can return to his duties right away! He is already heading to the office.”


“Captain Leivein is returning?”


Leivein Adlar recovered his consciousness. In addition, it seems he can immediately go back to the frontlines.


Such a splendid day. Unusual to her, Riku´s heart was filled by a bright feeling. It was as if it had become overflowed with it. Right now, her whole body was filled by a happiness that made her want to dance around. Because of how happy she was, her eyes started to become teary.


“No, but, isn´t it weird? It´s impossible for him to have such a sudden recover…”


“Roppu, tell them I will be postponing the interrogation by one hour. Tell them right now I am thinking about our next strategy.”


Riku had the feeling Vrusto had muttered something, but without minding it, she changed her destination. Slightly lowering his head in acknowledgement, Roppu immediately left. While fixing her collar, she headed straight to Leivein´s office. Her pace was somewhat becoming faster.


“Ojou-chan, isn´t it weird?”


Vrusto told Riku of his suspicions in a low voice.




With Riku asking him back, Vrusto firmly nodded.


“Captain Leivein shouldn´t have been in an state he could have recovered from it in a short time like this. Moreover, there is no way a demon that had been asleep for so long be able to return to duty in just one or two days. It´s not that I am speaking bad of captain Leivein, but this…”


“Are you saying it is a trap?”


Stopping her feet, Riku glared at Vrusto.


“In case it is a trap, why would they be doing that? Now is the time for the Demon Lord army to be united and resurrect the Demon Lord, right? This is the time to move. Even baby demons would know this much.”


There was no way the anti Riku faction was preparing a trap.


To begin with, there was no way they could fight off this battle without Riku after all…


“This is a miracle.”


Riku was aware those words didn´t suit her.


However, she couldn´t think of any other words that could describe this.




“Captain Leivein has woken up. Just by this, I am already satisfied. I have nothing to fear anymore.”


The Dragon Demon Division leaded by Leivein.


Right now that Piguro wasn´t here, Riku was the only number two there. Leivein had demons other than Piguro that were his assistants, but when thinking about their position and their strength, there was nobody that had the talent worthy to stand next to him other than Riku.


Before she could notice, Riku´s mouth had already curved into a happy grin.


Leivein had recovered his consciousness. With that, the dream she had been dreaming of for these ten years had finally become true.


“I will become captain´s right-wing after all.”



“You were here, Riku Barusak.”


From behind her, Riku heard a familiar voice.


She didn´t need to look to know who it was. Without saying anything, turning around, Riku kneeled.


“Yes, I am here.”


It was the voice she had always been wishing to hear once again.


Riku had thought they wouldn´t meet each other again…. She had thought it was a dream that was impossible to become true. With her shoulders trembling, Riku looked up at the person standing there.


Spreading his black dragon wings, the young man looked at Riku.


To Riku, he was just like a beam of light that had gone through the thick snow.


There were many things she wanted to tell him.


She needed to explain him the current situation, and it was necessary for her to talk about the information she had got. She needed to talk about the current draft of their strategy, and it would also be fine for her to tell him she had captured Rook Barusak.


However, aside of all this, there were things Riku wanted to tell him.


Looking at the eyes that were like a clear blue sky, with her voice trembling, she happily spoke


“I´ve been waiting for you return… Captain Leivein.”


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25 thoughts on “85.A certain cloudy day

  1. So did the shinigami ask for Leivein’s soul too? It doesn’t really seem like him to casually accept that kind of bargain. Or was he asked to keep Riku at a distance in order to drive her into despair and straight to the shinigami?

    That aside, I feel like Leivein’s punishment of Riku is actually both really mild and potentially a great way to keep her safe. Not only will she not be around when the Demon Lord wakes up and finds out about Charlotte, she is also being kept away from the frontlines, which is exactly what Vrusto has wanted since he first heard about the prophecy. Not that it will keep her out of trouble, of course.

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  2. I want Rook to atone for his sins by making a wish for Riku to have a happy end. I don’t want either Riku nor Leivein to be missing from the story.


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