Lolibaba -Enjoying the daily life of a mercenary since the age of six-

(ロリババアロボ ー 6歳からの楽しい傭兵生活 ー)






In the last battle between the Rowen kingdom and the Doubah alliance, the mad queen of the mercenary nation of Morian, Belladonna has perished.

The battle between the two powerhouses had thrown the world into chaos; countries crumbled down, people starved and rebellions started to occur. Bandits started to become commonly seen and demonic beasts could freely ravage villagers to their desire with the declined military power.


That was when mercenaries started to become an important existence to the world.


Our story begins at the little town of Yark. A young little girl brought dozens of heads of wanted criminals to the mercenary association, causing uproar. This was the beginning of her journey.

Her name was Bela Heiroh, a six years old little girl destined to fight in countless battles. Earning money from bounty and wars and buying slaves with it, she started building her mercenary group anew. As her name spread through the world, she dyed everywhere she passed through with blood.



00.Old hag dies at the sunset

01.Little girl sells heads

02.Little girl calls them bitches

03.Little girl makes insane plans for the future

04.Little girl hunts bears

05.Little girl goes to meet with a slave merchant

06.Little girl buys a slave

07.Little girl gives a gift

08.Little girl hunts bandits

09.Little girl runs amok

10.Little girl hunts knights

11.Little girl sorts things out after battle

12.Little girl is introduced to someone

13.Little girl admires the match

14.Little girl meets with the man

15.Little girl shows her prided doll

16.Little girl proclaims he was bought as a sex slave

17.Little girl gives special training

18.Little girl works as a convoy

19.Little girl decides the name of the group

20.Little girl gets more slaves

21.Little girl convinces them

22.Little girl make preparations

23.Little girl fights a mock battle

24.Little girl routs her opponents

25.Little girl has a meeting

26.Little girl scolds

27.Little girl goes to battle

28.Little girl laughs

29.Little girl cuts in pieces

30.Little girl gives her greeting

31.Little girl gives out tasks

32.Little girl smiles

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  1. To tell the truth, i’m having trouble differentiate ” i ” and ” l ” because the font you used. Hope you do something about that.

    Even in chapter 0 i was confused the emperor’s name JINN or JLNN


    • Also about TL note.
      IMO it’s better putting a footnote and TL note below the chapter. It’s confusing when character explaining something and the next word is (TLnote:blablabla pig room, get it?). Then when i found the next story, i lost track what happened before.


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