06.Little girl buys a slave



Borudo Gaian.


It was the name of a man of the dwarf race that once used to fight for the kingdom of Ruuin. His age was currently over seventy, which for the dwarves that had longer life span than the human race, he could still be considered only middle-aged.


The dwarf race had low stature and since their young age, they would grow beards. Because of that, they looked more old than they were. After the fourties, they would start growing white beard, which made their seem much older than they were.


Because of that, his appearance seemed completely like one of an old man, but the physical decline with the age wasn´t rough when comparing to the one of the human race. Because of that, still being at his prime, Borudo´s strength hasn´t declined that much, so it could be said he was still fit for duty.


And at Colossus, the city of battle slaves, waiting for someone to buy him, Borudo was standing at the slave examination stand, or so how it was nicknamed.


Standing there, other than Borudo, there were also others of the spiritual races such as dwarfs and elves. Normally, there were sent to the battlefield as element pilots, but sometimes, merchants and such would go buy them for carrying cargo. In either case, they were only merchandize, and so, they were being displayed naked and in a healthy state. However, this time was different than the usual.


“”But what kind of joke is this?””


Borudo muttered in his mind. He was looking at that abnormal situation with confusion.


The one in front of Borudo and the other slaves was the slave merchant Marfoi. At the present time, he would be who was their owner. At his side, there was a merchant they would be seeing his face from time to times and other several guards. All this was still fine, but the real problem was the blonde dark skinned little girl of five to six years that was standing next to Marfoi.


More to the back from them, there were girls of thirteen to fifteen years in display, which were slaves just as them.



Being exposed for exhibition, there would be troubled young fellows that would habitually jerk off to them. As to be expected, there weren´t anyone doing it right now, but it couldn´t be helped the people there had their lower region straightened as they looked at the girls with bloodshot eyes. To begin with, this was what their aim was after all. Looking at that, Borudo thought it couldn´t be helped that the innocent girls would get scared by those eyes filled with desire.


In reality, comparatively, those girls were the type of slave that could live a good life as long as they weren´t bought by a nasty customer. Their face and age made their value. There weren´t many stupid people that would hurt the product they had bought for their beauty, and actually, it wasn´t rare that they would end up becoming their lover or wife. Having said that, to Borudo and the others, who despite also being slaves, they were standing at the “lower quality stand”, which made a difference just like heavens to earth.(TL note: Note in the end of the chapter.)


Now, from what Borugo could see, it seemed the one that made all the people here gather was the little girl in front of his eyes that seemed to be still going through the tender years.


“This time, Bela-sama will be buying a few of you. I will have each of you draw out your elements later, but for now, each of you are to do your own appeal so that Bela-sama can appraise your worth.”


Although Marfoi had said that, the one in front of his eyes was only a young little girl. Besides, it seemed that Marfoi was also troubled by that.


“In the end, the real big ones are the dwarfs, right. Is that the typical for elves?”(TL note: OMG -.-  To think that this I was having so much trouble translating… To think what they were talking about was… Well, just read it down bellow. Sorry for the useless note, but I had to do that xD)


“Well, they sell because of their faces. They don´t really do the thrusting”


Kooza answered to Bela´s question.


“So they get stiff for that side?”


“They´ve been thrust by men at their rear for so many months after all. And of course, if I had to say, they would be the ones being thrust at.”


“I don´t need gay ones. I wouldn´t be able to have fun in the future after all.”


Having no idea what the girl was even talking about, Borudo cursed in his mind.


“Now, this old man here is full of wounds and [full of charms], but his essential part is a bit dispirited. How old is he?”


Without thinking, Borudo answered back to the words of the child.


“There is no way my thing would get stiff by looking at a kid like you. For me to get stiff, you would need to bring me a bitch.”


Marfoi´s face became stiff because of Borudo´s words. And then, when he was about to raise an angry shout, Bela stopped him by raising her hand.


“”Tch, what is with this brat?””


She had an aura of someone that was used to have people obeying her, but from what Borudo could see, her magical power was still undeveloped. Races that categorized as the element using spiritual races had eyes that could see magical power. Even if someone was to try to fool those eyes, even if the person was very capable at hiding the quality of their magical power, it was rare for someone to be able to fool those eyes.


And at least from what Boruto could see, the magical power of the girl in front of his eyes seemed to correspond to her age. The quantity wasn´t that much. Even if she became a magician, she would at best become one below average.


“You are like an old man, but from what I can see, yours isn´t a small and skinny one. As long as you are not incompetent, it would be fine. Only, you comforting me will be coming later. The problem here is if you can hold out after ten years though.”(TL note: ガーメの首 can´t find it anywhere on google… I guess so considering what it probably is 0.0)


“Well, I believe the dwarf race becomes more energetic in that sense once you give them alcohol.”


Nodding at Marfoi words, which had veracity to a certain point, Bela moved the pen at a list she was holding.


“Well, it is a circle.”(TL note: It would be that thingy you use that is the opposite to X. I have no idea what word I should use for that.)


“”Why are you putting a circle there!?””


Borudo wanted to scream that, but this time, Marfoi was glaring at him. As to be expected, when he thought of him yelling again just like moments ago once… Now that he cooled his head down, taking care to hold himself back as he was still a slave.





And then, at the appointed day, Bela was able to verify the element of all the slaves.


The day after, went to three other slave trading companies that had element pilots. One of them refused to receive her, the other one had the prices too high for the quality, and the last one tried to enslave Bela, in which resulted in a sea of blood at the place. It wasn´t necessary to say whose blood it was, but to have wasted one day due to the investigations of that incident was very tough.


And then, after seeing through the slaves, in the end, the most notable one was the dispirited old man she had seen at the Vagahte company.


“Borudo Gaian, right? It´s nice that you can use your gnome, but in the end, your price is high compared to the others.”(TL note: ->ノーム<-Yeah, the G is silent brah. So cool brah.)


Inside the room Bela rented, as she looked at Borudo´s documents, Bela spoke.


The reason why the veteran that was Borudo had been left unsold until today was written there. It seems that he was sold to nobles four times, and had returned four times as a returned good.


It seems that despite his shield holding gnome, which excelled at protecting, responses such as that he sticked out too much, that the maintenance of the gnome was problematic, and that it didn´t correspond to the sense of aesthetics of nobility kept repeating. Marfoi believed the reason why that problem happened was all because they were nobles, but in fact, the main reason for the problem was the stubbornness of that old man that had been seen at his retorting back then when he was at the stand.


“”His wounds should be the spanking from the nobles. Maybe it is because he is old, but he is kind of the type that can´t change himself to live more flexibly.””


Keeping to set his price high because of his actual strength seemed to have ended up backfiring. Because of that, even because of the of the last month´s demands, Borudo remained unsold. Looking from the perspective of the Vagahte company, this was the same as having to hold onto merchandize that was problematic to look after.





“Are you really buying me then?”


Looking from Borudo´s view, this was like a nightmare. For Marfoi, it could be said he was getting himself rid from trouble.


“Hah, quite the conceited slave, right?”


“You imbecile.  [Gimru]!”


With Marfoi´s words, Borudo screamed as he scratched the back of his head.


“Yeah, this is the effect of the slave mark, right?”




What Marfoi chanted was a word inscribed at the slave´s body, which was the incantation for the binding technique used on slaves that was called slave mark. Right now, the slave mark had already been renewed, and now, except for Marfoi and Bela, the chant wouldn´t show effect for anyone else.


“Slaves that don´t obey are disciplined like that. Borudo, from today onwards, this person will be your owner. Think of it as your last chance and make effort.”




“Hoho, [Gimru].” (ほーほーー)(TL note: Hohohohohohoho!)




In reaction to Bela´s chant, Borudo writhed in pain. Looking at him, Bela laughed.


“Hah, I see. It seems very effective. That´s quite the good job there, Marfoi.”


“Yes, thank you very much.”


Being pressured by Bela´s satisfied smile, Marfoi said.


“”As usual, she is quite the scary girl.”


Marfoi thought. Her appearance and the build of her body was fitting of her age. It wasn´t magic nor illusions. Or possibly, Marfoi couldn´t see through the trick and couldn´t see Bela as anything other than a young little girl.


However, from her peculiarities, Marfoi could feel the smell of money.


Milan from the Yarke town felt her to be a person difficult to handle, but it wasn´t the case for Marfoi. She indeed was someone troublesome . However, if he was to put up with that, she would become a fountain of gold. It was because he had been doing these kind of things well during his life that slave merchant Marfoi was where he was right now.


Perhaps this was the difference between a successful person and a person living an ordinary life. But even with that said, to begin with, if one didn´t put up with her well, one would end up as a corpse.


After doing the formal procedures of signing at the documents for changing the ownership of Borudo, Bela left the building of the slave trading company along with him.


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(The note:Just copy pasted what used to be up there. It was too long, so I put it here ^^ There is a kind of weird thing going here which there is this “pig room: 豚部屋” and octopus room “タコ部屋” 0.0 It says the girls are at the pig room and Borudo and the others at the octopus room. I was able to find the translation for the “octopus room”(which might not be literally octopus being used in the word), which means: labor camp; labour camp; low-quality accommodation for laborers. I couldn´t find anything about the pig room (which is literally pig room^^), but I guess it is in a better standing than the octopus room. They are standing on some kind of exhibition platform or something, so I guess it is talking about the ranking of the platform or so. IDK what the fuck I am supposed to put there, so I will just leave it as  “lower quality stand” and hope someone can give me an idea of what to put. Ah, besides that, it is written調度品として買った in度品として買ったものを傷つけるバカはそれほど多くはなく, which seems to literally translate to buying as a furniture. I guess it was used because the guys buying would be buying the girls for their beauty, so I just put that -.-)

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  1. まあ、ドワーフ族は酒さえ入れば機能自体は持つと思いますよ


    [Well, I think that if you give dwarf sake, their thing will function(they will get a hard on) by itself] – refers to Borudo’s comment that looking at MC won’t excite him… maybe xD

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