09.Little girl runs amok





Bela´s laughing voice reverberated from the voice amplifier of the machiini.


Piloting her loved machine [Aiandinna], Bela swept her war hammer at the archers that were standing over the walls, threw the pieces of stone that fell from the way at the bandits, completely pulverizing them. The bandits that came close to her would be turned into a lump of red colored meat with one stomp.


There was no sense of sympathy there. The organs that clinged onto the war hammer, the lumps of meat that covered her whole machiini and the red color on her foot didn´t stop Bela´s movement.


Bela simply dashed forward in her earnest, swinging her war hammer and reaping all life that entered her sights. There wasn´t the slightest sadness or respect for life in there. The laughing voice that didn´t seem to be coming from a child echoed and the ground was dyed in fresh blood.


Bela was at a fort. It was an ancient fort that has already decayed and was surrounded by trees. Bela and Borudo launched a surprise attack at this fort that has been turned into a hideout for the bandit group right as the sun had just risen.


[She is really twisted.]


Following behind [Aiandinna], who was charging at the bandits head-on, was a two meters and half gnome that was holding a giant shield of about three meters high. It was a type three element that specialized in defence, but the shield it held had edged blades around it, making it the weapon called “swordshield”. With the prided arm strength of a gnome, it could well enough carry this protective equipment that would become a weapon by using it to bash.


To begin with, the gnome pretty much didn´t have the chance to display its capabilities.


If there were any left-over bandits that Bela didn´t eat, it would be to the gnome to kill them, and if there were any ambushes, Borudo would need to act in accord to her orders, although it seemed that that wasn´t going to be necessary. That thing in front of his eyes was like a tornado. It was a catastrophe made of steel.


[Hyahyahya. So weak. Those small fries. In the end, the likes of a bandit group only amounts to this much!]


While rapidly smashing through the lookouts, Bela laughed as she said that.


In the end, they were only humans. They would be sent flying just by being hit by the giant lump of steel the machiinis were. If they are stepped on, they become pulverized. Just by being grazed by the war hammer that was made to be used by a machiini, their arm would be blown off to pieces and sent flying. That was the reason why machiinis were called “pulverizing weapons”.


While Bela was running through the fort, there had been many traps prepared for machiinis that were called “chains”, but with there being no way for Bela to be caught by the amateurish traps, it instead made her be surprised with their lack of skill.


However, that one-sided violent rain of blood, meat and organs didn´t last for long. She heard footsteps that didn´t come from her [Aiandinna] and that were coming from the back of the fort.


[Ohoh, the prey finally appeared.]


Two machiinis appeared in front of Bela´s eyes. Seeing them, Bela raised a joyful voice. She finally found an opponent that seemed to have some bones. There was no way she wouldn´t be happy about that.


“”So, I will have you become Dinna´s blood and flesh.””


Right after the instant Bela stepped on the foot pedal while licking her lips and having those thoughts, jumping at the two machiinis….




Bela hold herself back from heading forward and pressed the pedal back with the heel of her foot, making her machiini move back. And after that, at the ground where Bela was standing at until moments ago, a pillar of fire burst up.


[Aryah, a Salamas?]


Bela notices the red machine of two meters and a half showing up its face from the edge of one of the walls of the fort. Just like the gnome, the Salamas was an element. Bela had felt a bit of the flow of magic and was able to dodge the attack.


[Too slow!]


Together with those words, Bela ran to the place where the Salamas was, and then, without giving any openings for the Salamas to move back, she hit it with her war hammer in a horizontal attack. And then, with its left arm being crushed, the giant fell to the ground.


[Borudo, I will leave this guy to you.]


[Thank you for that.]


Borudo finally got something to do. He desperately followed after the fallen Salamas, and when he was about to get close to it, he raised his shield….




The Dragonyutte that tried to get out of the hatch located at the chest part of the Salamas was squashed. Because of the force, his torso was crushed and his dragon faced head was torn off and fell to the ground.


[Ha, don´t go holding a grudge over me, fellow kin.]


After throwing those words at the fallen head, Borudo looked around his surroundings.


“”The ruins of the fort of the ancient civilization of Ishtalia, is it….? Really,


Here was the hideout of the bandit group they were able to hear about at the third time bandits attacked them.


Various places like this fort, which has become a nest for this bandit group, existed through the continent. They were one of the reasons why demonic beasts and bandits would grow rampant, and it was the main cause for worry to the nations. That fort was built with ancient technology and was firmer than it seemed at first glance, thus making them difficult to crumble. Because of that, the amount of unexplored places wasn´t little.


To begin with, these days the countries were at war. The lord of this region didn´t have the spare time to be sending knight groups after the bandit groups around there, and many bandits would come here with that in mind. Because of that, Bela too came here with that in mind.




After Bela ordered Borudo to take down the Salamas, she immediately headed towards the two machiinis.


[You really have the guts, don´t you?]


[It is two against one, you know?]


Their voices were all mighty, but in the end, they were nothing but bandits.Bela could see they were nothing special.


“”How stupid.””


Avoiding the sword the approaching machiini swung down, Bela pierced it at its chest part with the pike of her war hammer with all her strength. And then, the pipe that was at the back of the machiinis of both Bela and her enemy vigorously gushed out a silvery steam. The reason why the steam left Bela´s machiini was because she had used her war hammer with all the strength her machiini had, making it gush out the leftovers of the exhausted magic that was used, but for the enemy´s silvery steam, rather than that, it was closer to it being his machiini screaming in agony.


However, looking at the war hammer that she had pierced into the enemy, Bela clicked her tongue.


Noticing she couldn´t pull the war hammer out anymore, she left her hands from it and stole the sword of the machiini that was in front of her eyes, charging at the other machiini that was soon going to become in pieces.


[What is with you!?]


Becoming hesitant because of the speed of those series of movements, the bandit´s machiini couldn´t avoid Bela´s attack in a way that felt as if that was obviously what was the expected.




Just like that, Bela had charged with [Aiandinna] and pierced the joint that connected the right arm to the torso of the enemy machiini. And then, from the damaged part, silvery steam came out, and the bandit that was inside the machiini was shrieking. Despite so, putting all her strength, Bela rotated her the sword and cut the arm off in one go. The right steel hand that was separated from its body fell to the ground with a loud noise.


“”Those are small fries, really.””


Bela glared at his opponent while thinking of that, but the machiini that had lost one of its arms ran away with its single arm. Without caring about it, Bela went to the place where the first machiini she destroyed was at. And then, thrusting the sword into the ground, she pulled out the stuck war hammer with all her force.




The point of the pike of the war hammer that was pulled out was covered in blood. By that, it was easy to guess how the human that was inside that machiini ended like. Seeing what happened, the other machiini let out a perplexed voice.




That was surprise. That was anger. Bela felt that was the voice of a loser. Bela didn´t think that guy would be able to put up a fight any longer, but she wasn´t soft to the point of letting her prey run away. Once again holding the war hammer, Bela ran to the enemy machiini by stepping at the foot pedal.




In comparison to her, the one-armed machiini had already completely lost all its fighting spirit. Without any regards, Bela smashed the chest part together with the left hand that tried to protect it with her war hammer.


And then, blood flowed from the hatch, and the one-armed machiini crumbled down.


“Second one…. Yes, they finally appeared.”


At the same time she whispered that, Bela heard footsteps coming from the back of the fort. There were three of them. Besides, it could be heard that those were giant ones. In other words, those were machiinis.


“Makk, Sorti, that guy looks strong. Let´s go with the Gandarl Bird formation.”




“Tch, even though I´ve just woken up.”


And then, on [Aiandinna]´s crystal eyes, the three machiinis that came from the back of the fort were reflected.


The three machiinis that had just come under the sunlight had the height of about three meters and a half. They were taller than [Aiandinna] and they were equiped with one-handed swords and a shield shaped to cover the other arm. While the machiinis were slightly dirty, Bela could see that those were machiinis of the knight type.


Now it was what Bela had been waiting for. Those were the machiinis from the wanted bandits called [Three Pieces]. Those were Bela´s preys of today.


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  1. So…either she’s gonna murder them all and take the girl for herself, or they surrender/get rekt and she decides on a whim to take over and change them from bandits to mercenary group?

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