13.Little girl admires the match


There was a colosseum in the center of Colossus, the city of the battle-crazed.


It wasn´t as magnificent as the one at the capital of Ruuin, but so that the matches could occur in a comparatively low cost and in a stadium big enough for machiinis and other things of the sort to fight, it was simply built as a spacious colosseum.


At that coloseum, there would be matches between machiinis and fights of slaves that were forced to fight against captured demon beasts and greater beasts daily. Of course, there would also be fights between humans.


In regards of the matches of flesh body, presently, there was an undefeated gladiator at Colossus. It was a man that went by the name of Bal Maskar.


It was a tan-skinned foreigner that wielded a sword called katana, and which was made of adamantium.


Because his match would be happening today, Bela, Borudo, and also Marfoi, along with his escorts, had gone to the colosseum.


“Ha, it´s quite soggy, isn´t it? This place here.”


Just as mentioned by Bela, the pathway to the colosseum was crampy and had a soggy ambience.


“Well, once we are inside it, this should cleared up. The sogginess is only particular to here.”


Marfoi, who was next to her with her, continued walking forward as he said that.


“Borudo, have you ever fought here?”


“Hmm… No, never.”


Borudo immediately answered “no” to Bela´s question. In response to that, Marfoi laughed and added some things the topic.


“Well, we can´t damage the merchandise we are going to sell after all. Originally, the ones that fight with their machiinis and elements aren´t the slaves, but people like Bela-sama. Practically all the people that participate in those fights are the ones that work in the mercenary business and have confidence in their strength. There are some people that set up matches when they have a lot of confidence in their purchase though, doing it just for prestige.”


“Hah, Marfoi, is it really fine for you keep it weakly like that? (TL note: Not sure how to translate this one -.- ->は、そんな腰の抜けた話で大丈夫なのかい?<- It should still be something along those lines though.)


Marfoi shrugged his shoulders at Bela´s condescending question.


“While there are no problems if they are fighting on their own, it is a shame to have machiinis and elementals wasted. Well, if it is a returned good of a elemental-user, then I would have to consider whether to use this merchandise up the next time it is returned however.”


The gaze Marfoi had as he was saying that made Borudo feel as if something cold fell onto his back.


“Hahaha, master Marfoi, those are very harsh jokes.”


Borudo said as he was breaking into cold sweat, but the complexion in Marfoi´s face didn´t make it seem like it was a joke.


“Well, if the time comes, I will gladly go watch the match. Watch its last moments in life, right.”


During the time they were laughing, with Marfoi´s and Bela´s laughs having hidden meaning and Borudo´s being a dry laugh, they reached the exit of the passageway. Looking downwards, there could be seen a circle-shaped arena.


“How is it? Isn´t it quite the display?”


“So we are at the vip seats? I see.”


Bela nodded at Marfoi´s words. That was an excessively and extravagantly decorated place. Besides that, the location of the room Bela and the others were going to stay at had been installed at an isolated and high position.


The requirements to be there were different from the ones of the normal seats below. It was a viewing room that was used by only a part of the privileged class.


“Now, have this.”


Saying that, Marfoi gave Bela a binoculars.


Bela took the binoculars and sat next to Marfoi. Borudo was obviously standing behind them together with Marfoi´s escorts.


“So, was it Bal his name? Is that guy´s match happening any soon?”


“Yes, it should be soon. It is today´s main match after all.”


Just like Marfoi said, the bell was ringed and a tan-skinned man appeared. Facing him was a man of two meters and half of height of the Daina race.


The cheering for Bal Mascar increased. However, it seemed that there was about the same amount of cheering for the man opposing him.


“It seems his opponent also has his share of fame.”


“Yes. It is the mysterious Verzef. It is a man of the Daina race that has destroyed machiinis on his own body.”


Bela narrowed her eyes at those words. The Daina wasn´t one of the spiritual races, but it was still impossible for them to pilot a machiini with their height. However, on the other hand, their big build boasted of its monstrous strength, and in terms of fighting, in the same way it had been said by Marfoi, they were a race that could even fight off machiinis.


“Bal´s continuous position as the champion has started to become a problem. Recently, the merchants that deal with gladiators have been matching him with tough opponents. Well, they have been defeated in their own game in all those times, and it also seemed that Bal himself didn´t mind about it, but if this is to continue, then he will get crushed one day.”


Perhaps this was the reason why Marfoi recommended him to Bela.


By looking at it from Marfoi´s perspective, having a contract that was related to Bal was so good millions would jump in even without Marfoi particularly putting any effort in intermediating it. But even then, once Bal was defeated, everything would have been for naught.


Actually, Marfoi was also being proactive in publicizing Bal in these last few days, but without being able to get to any agreements, all his negotiations would end in failure. And that´s where Bela came in. Thinking of her as a god´s send, Marfoi was once again able to breath.


“Oh, it began.”


Marfoi said as he looked at the arena with his binoculars.


The instant the match had started, Verzef charged forward.


Verzer´s weapon was a mace filled with spikes. Verzerf could freely swing his mace due to his body specs, but Bal would continuously dodge the attacks with long movements. Even Bela was surprised, unconsciously letting out a voice of praise over his technique.


Those movements were done with the minimum of unnecessary movement. Fresh blood flew when the spikes of the mace grazed at Bal´s cheek, but without him stopping at all, he continued to avoid the attacks as he would slip into Verzef´s attack range.


“”He has good eyes.”


Bela evaluated Bal. Of course, the techniques for moving your own body and piloting a machiini were completely different. However, if he was actually capable of piloting the machiini well, it wouldn´t be impossible that he could reproduce his own movements in the machiini. Since he had the eyesight to see through the movement of his opponent, it was possible to think of he was capable of reproducing his technique into a machiini.


As Bela was thinking about that, Verzef´s attacks were being completely dodged and he was starting to get tired. Seeming that Verzef felt how the situation was growing worse and worse, he went on a last all-in push with all he had.


Verzef suddenly charged forward, and when one would think he was about to attack, he instead strongly stomped onto the ground, raising a dust cloud, then swinging down the mace that was high up overhead at Bal with all his might.


The screams were raised from the audience. It was clear to anyone that if that had been a direct hit, Bal would have definitely died without doubts.


However, Bal, who had been continuously evading all attacks until now, moved in reaction to the attack.


Not avoiding the dust cloud, he stepped right into it and he slashed upwards with his katana as a counter-attack, having aimed it at the arm that was swung down. And then, right in the next instant, Verzef became surprised at his mace hitting the ground, but much more than that, he was surprised at his wrist that had been cut off and sent flying to the air.


This had been an attack of the extent that even made Bela fascinated.


Going through the opening, Bal stroke Verzelf, who was in confusion, at the back of his head with the back of his katana, thus ending the match.


And then, right after the audience fell silent, cheers exploded once the victory of Bal Maskar was transmitted.


“How is it? Is that man good enough for you?”


It was the end of the match. In the middle of the cheers that wrapped up the colosseum in enthusiasm, Marfoi asked Bela with a smug face. Bela could only shrug her shoulders at all the performance that had been displayed.


“Well, I won´t know if I don´t meet him. These vibes he gives aren´t bad.”


Because of all that, Bela couldn´t help but say that.


The gladiator Bal Maskar. That man´s swordplay was the real deal.


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3 thoughts on “13.Little girl admires the match

  1. You know, I don’t mind the use of Katanas. This is a typical JP WN. But couldn’t they at least go with something a little more exotic for a race supposed to be barbaric and inhumanly powerful? Bela uses a mace/hammer. Couldn’t Bal use a kukri, a scimitar, or some other bladed weapon besides a katana or a standard longsword?


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