16.Little girl proclaims he was bought as a sex slave


At the same night Bal became Bela´s slave, the two slaves were called to the room Bela was staying in that was at the third floor.


The two were staying together in the same shabby room at the first floor. Even so, to Borudo, this was a several times better than the time he was at the building of the slave trading company. To Bal, considering the money he would earn as a gladiator, the quality fell drastically, but he was still a man of the Rahsa race, which liked to fight by nature and didn´t mind sleeping outdoors. He clearly didn´t seem to mind over it.


The reason why they were called was to talk about their future plans.


“Master, are you not checking hisガーメの首?” (TL note: This word appeared before. I still don´t know what it means, but now I know it means something dirty -.-)






Bela appropriately disciplined her slave that was impolite for doing sex harassment.


“You know, those aren´t words you should say to a lady. Do you want to die?”


“Ga, gahah, even though at that time… you said that without bothering.”


This was something that happened at the first time he met with Bela. He still remembered how the little girl in front of his eyes was appraising his value as she talked with Marfoi about his length and thickness.


“Don´t talk back. [Gimru].”




When she looked at Borudo writhing in agony, she came to realization what to do with slaves that like to talk back, thinking “I see, so I just need to increase the amount of lashing” as she nodded. At the side, Bal broke in a bit of cold sweat as he touched his own slave mark at his neck.


And then, once Borudo calmed down, she stepped onto Borudo´s head with her bare feet as she sat down at her chair.




Borudo was about to yell, but then seeing her cherry pink lips humming the word [Girmu] without making the sound, he swallowed his words down.


“Who is your master?”


“It is Be-bela-sama.”


“I don´t remember saying you could call me by my name.”


“It is you, my master.”


Seeming that Bela became satisfied with Borudo´s words, she nodded and answered to Borudo´s previous question.


“Well, it doesn´t seem that I will be needing to check it out. He is a gladiator. I´m guessing you really got invited by a lot of old hags, right?”


Bal nodded to those words. It wasn´t rare for the ladies of the upper echelons to pay the high-ranking gladiators a night with them. To say nothing of that, up to now, Bal is an undefeated man. There were many people that would want to pay money for having his chest, and in fact, Bal received many invitations of that sort. In that way, Bal would get both money and women. There was no reason to refuse that.


“Pretty much a different level from you, who got bought as a sex slave.”


“I-I was bought as a sex slave?”


Because Borudo tried to raise his head, Bela once again stepped onto his head, rubbing her feet onto it. Because she was on her bare feet, it didn´t hurt that much, but it was still disdainful to be stepped on by a six year old. This was the bitter reality of the old man, but even more was the shocking facts that left Bela´s mouth.


“What are you saying at that point? This was also written in the contract. It would be a bother to argue over that later, so I bought you with that added from the beginning. Your ガーメの首 is mine. If you don´t use it to please me, there will be no excuses.”


Borudo hanged his head at those words. To think he would become a sex slave at his age… What´s more, for a six year old…. This was the feeling of despair that affected the old dwarf. That was the peak in the downfall of his life.


“Well, if you work well, I will even give you booze and women. You will become sick if you fuck with those cheap ones, so if you go copulating on your own, I won´t forgive you.”




Although it wasn´t know whether it was because Borudo was being lured by the bait of the possibility that this might not be that bad of a deal, or whether it was because he became even more depressed by having a six years old telling him that, he became silent. Becoming satisfied with that, Bela put a map onto the table, removing the string tied around the map and spread it out onto it.


“That is?”


“This is a map I bought from Kooza. It took up more money that I thought it would, you see.”


That was the map of the kingdom of Ruuin. Because the actual roads were kept secret, there weren´t many details in it. However, there were also many lines hand-drawn with a pen onto the map too.


Bela also explained that because the map was approved by the kingdom, it was possible to have the roads written by hand with an additional price for the service. Although it was actually highly confidential to the kingdom, because the information was about something that was actually physically existing, it was only obvious it would be leaked anyhow.


“Looks like there are many roads written there that goes to the Mona region from here.”


Hearing Bal´s words, Bela answered “That´s right”.


“From what I heard before, it looks like the magician that can subdue your machiini will arrive tomorrow.”


“That´s fast.”


To Bal, who frankly said that, Bela answered him saying “It´s not like I arranged for that expecting you would join me though”. Following that, she asked Bal.


“By the way Bal, how many days you want before we can go warm up.”


Bal´s expression changed with that question.


“Three, no… In two days I should be able to settle it somehow.”


Bela narrowed her eyes at those words. There was no mistake that Bal had piloted machiinis before, but even so, her impression of it was that it was fast for him to need only two days.


“Is that so? I got the feeling from you that the controls of that one are worse than the one you used to pilot though?”


“Well, it is not bad… I guess. The one I piloted was one that my tribe had been raising for a hundred years, so it caught many habits. I was just worried that the controls would be too sensitive…”


“Hmm, then three days it is. Just so you can get used to it. Once you get finished with that, we can get to your beloved fighting.”


Bal´s expression was changed into a smile once he heard those words. He seemed to be filled with expectation from the contents of their conversation, but as to confirm that, he unintentionally showed it in his face. Bal was a man that couldn´t hide his facial expressions. It was as if he was saying it was fine for they were to begin fighting even at garage of the Benmark. (TL note: Basically, he is so eager to fight that he would want to start the duel before even leaving the garage. Better way to phrase that? Adding additional lines might be necessary to suit it to english -.-)


“Yes, you really like it, don´t you? You really have no cure.”


Because of those words, his smile vanished and the shape of his mouth changed into the shape of the letter “”  because he became a bit embarrassed. However, by that time, it was already too late to be trying to do that.


“Well, don´t be so excited yet. We might not be going there anymore.” (TL note:->まあ、あまりはしゃぐんじゃないよ<- Couldn´t find the translation anywhere. Just guessed the meaning by the lines using that I could find in google)


“What do you mean?”


Bela frowned at Bal´s questioning words. (TL note: バルト= ??? Dear japanese authors, please use your own language to write ;-; I beg you ;-;)


“Bal, be careful with the words you use. Did you use to talk to the head of your tribe like this? I´m the one that bought you. Don´t go forget that.”


As if meaning to say “That is if you don´t want to become like him”, Bela once again rubbed the sole of her foot on Borudo´s head. Borudo groaned.


“Hm… Understood. [Master], what did you mean by what you said?”


Bela was looking at the stiff Bal with glancing eyes, but then saying “Well, who cares”, she continued.


“They might get defeated there. We don´t have a name for ourselves or connections, so we might be sent to a bad place.”


Bal tilted his head to the side at those words.


“I heard that the situation changed to their side, but…. was it that bad?”


Bela said in a low voice.


“Weird, right? Actually, Ruuin is losing ground right now, but even so, it looks like they are getting back on their feet from what I heard. Those were words of people that were actually there, so it can´t be wrong. That´s info from three days ago though, you see.”


Then, Bela pointed to a certain point on the map. It was on the Moro region. There, it was written: Diliard mountain range.


“Borudo, being a dwarf, you should know well about the Moro region, don´t you?”


“By saying “knowing well”, it would pretty much be only about the mine there, you know?”


“I don´t care. We will be going there if you can give a good premise, so speak up already.”


“Yeah, whatev… No, stop whispering like that… Please…”


Bela was moving her lips in the wording of the restraining curse chant [Gimru] without letting out the voice.


“Ah, well, the thing about the back and forth capturing of the Moro region is pretty much about them fighting over who can get their hands on the mountain range, which has the demon steel mines.”


“I see.”


The demon steel, a metal that was used to assist magic power control, was a rare ore that could be used for weapons, machiini and for many other utilities.


Although the Ruuin kingdom and the Paroma kingdom were presently disputing over the Moro region, they were actually fighting over the ownership of the Diliard mountain range for the demon steel mine.


Since a few weeks before, the Ruuin kingdom was in control of the mining city of Mord, but then Paroma´s general Koudin and its subordinates were sent in, recapturing the place.


“Since two or three weeks back then, it was the Ruuin kingdom that was on the advantage. But then, they were forced back to the mountain range, up to the mining city of Mord. General Koudin took a roundabout path at the mountain range and sent Ruuin kingdom a surprise attack, which got them to end up pushed out to the Dorowa plains. Well, I don´t know what the situation on Mord is now, but now that they lost contact with it, it probably got recaptured by Paroma.”


Borudo said “I guess” in response to Bela´s words. There should be many dwarfs just like Borudo working at that mine. This wasn´t something unrelated to Borudo.


“Mord is a place easy to attack but difficult to protect. The gist of it is whether you have control of the whole foot of the mountain or not, but well, Paroma got them with some alternative plan there.”


So Borudo said.


“So you said that Ruuin is being pushed back right now, but how far were they?”


Bela answered to Bal´s question.


“They lost control of the fort there is at the foot of the Diliard mountain range in our side and are contesting over the Dorowa plains right now, but we got bad crops this year you see. It seems that the pockets of the landlord Didon Robunarl are already in the red.”


“But well, including the many cease-fires they did along the way, it will already become two years since they started fighting after all.”


After he finished saying that, Bela took her foot off his head.




Borudo let out a glad voice, but because Bela was glaring at him, he immediately stood up.


“Well, so this means that the Ruuin kingdom needs to take back the Dorawa plains, the fort at the foot of the mountains, the mining town of Mord, and march in even further to capture the fort at the other side of the mountain range, right?”


That would also need to be while the funds of the landlord are not exhausted. That situation was quite the hurdle.


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  1. That moment of despair when you realize you were also preemptively made a slave with sex options, and might end up having to screw your boss, who’s a loli, rather than some other pretty slave or servant that’s less-likely to get you into all kinds of trouble.


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