18.Little girl works as a convoy


[Bal, you gotta properly tidy things up. I will be leaving half of them to you this time, alright?]




The red small machiini and the big black machiini were running through the trees in a thick forest.


They were facing against four machiinis.


The four machiinis were all dirty and they were carrying rusty axes in their hands. It seemed those machiinis were from a bandit group that would appear frequently in the road between Colossus and Morson.


[What? I´ve heard they had only an element though!?]


[Shut up. We have more numbers. Besides, that one in the right is a pipsqueak. It´s pretty much the same as an element!]


Hearing those voices, Bal made a bitter smile. Although so would be the case by looking from the appearances, Bal´s body knew the best which was easier to deal with between them. The abnormal strength of his master was hammered down into Bal´s whole body. With that said, in Bal´s view, it was good that the bandits came to attack them while thinking they were at the stronger side.


[Now then, let´s have them experience real battle for the first time, shall we? Starting from this one.]


Bal increased his speed. [Musashi] was at the higher end in specs when compared to [Aiandinna]. And so, by running at full speed, it wasn´t possible for [Aiandinna] to follow along.


[Tch, being all cocky. You guys go after that black one. I will deal with this reddy.]


[Understood boss.]


[We will butcher him.]


[That´s a really good equipment he got there. We will be stealing it though!]


Obeying the commands of the most brawny of the machiinis in the bandit group, the other three machiinis went after Bal´s [Musashi].




Because the decided amount Bal would get was half of them, he decided to first ask Bela about it. However, Bela´s answer was short.


[Fine. Kill them.]


Receiving those words, Bal drew his katana. Against the machiini that was approaching him head-on, it happened in a flash. His attack cut the handle of the axe the bandit machiini held.




Going on just like that, Bal immidiately cut the opposing machiini at the chest part.


[Gh, gya!?]


Although the bandit had raised a scream and his stance dropped down, his machiini was still moving.


“”Was it too shallow!?””


Although Bal concluded that, he couldn´t feel any fighting spirit from the bandit. He felt that he had severed his opponent´s morale with his last attack. Although Bal thought of that bandit as a coward for acting like that despite of them being the ones that attacked first, it was still convenient that there weren´t any indications the bandit was going to move.


“”If that´s how you are going to act, then I will be moving to the other ones!””(TL:I feel I might have added too many words in this line… But if I didn´t do it, it would be something like: If so, next! -.- ->であれば、次だッ!<-)


Kicking that machiini to the ground, Bal looked at the two approaching machiinis.


[You bastard!]


[I will kill you!]


The two machiinis were running towards him.




In response, Bal lightly stepped onto his foot pedal, lowering his stance and preparing himself. And then, after estimating when the faster of the two machiinis was getting close to him, he pressed forward in one go.


[Shit, too fast!]


The likes of machiinis from bandit groups aren´t able to react to such speed.


Bal´s [Musashi] pierced the katana through the chest part of the machiini more or less where the cockpit inside it was at.




[So you are the last one!]


The last of the machiinis raised its axe overhead and charged at Bal. Without moving away from the attack, Bal stepped onto the foot pedal with all he had and pressed forward. Looking at the situation, it seemed there wouldn´t be enough time to pull the katana that was pierced at the other machiini.


[Go die, black machiini!]


[I refuse.]


Warding off the axe by making use of the gauntlets on his machiini´s fists, Bal drew the knife that was at the waist and pierced it through the chest part.


“”Now, how is master doing…”


Having that thought, he looked to the place Bela´s [Aiandinna] and the last of the bandit machiinis were supposed to be at.




[Shit, a woman? I really hate women and kids.]


[Hyahaha, that´s a pity.]


Bela, who could be considered to be both a woman and a child, laughed. The bandit before her eyes was probably the boss. Although Bela still wasn´t going at her full strength, he was still someone that possessed enough skill to endure one of [Aiandinna]´s attacks.


[So you´re gay? Two dirty assholes lining up one behind the other and so. It gotta really smell.]


[Don´t make light of me. I wonder if you will be able to say the same thing after I tear your clothes and rape you dry.](TL note: Dunno if it is clothes. There is only the tear up part, so I don´t know if there is another meaning.)


[Hah, those words really show how you were brought up. What were you saying you wanted to do with me again?]


Together with Bela´s words, the plate of the hand of the bandit´s machiini was destroyed by the war hammer.




The bandit groaned at the impact and the axe fell off, getting stuck onto the ground. However, Bela didn´t stop. She rushed at him, making his machiini trip. And so, that huge build that had one meter of difference from Bela´s [Aiandinna] hit the ground.




Although she heard the bandit´s moans, she didn´t care and proceeded to dexterously break solely the hatch at the chest of the machiini.


[You bastard!]


Even though the bandit shouted, he couldn´t stand up due to the impact of falling to the ground. Before the bandit´s eyes, a single shadow appeared.


[Yes, being so ugly, I guess your asshole really stinks. It´s just a bandit after all, so I suppose this is to be expected. Well, I guess I really don´t want to be thrust by a ガーメの首 like yours.”(TL note: I still dunno what it is -.- I guess you can still get the general idea though ¬¬)


[Wh-who are you?]


It wasn´t impossible that the bandit was surprised. No matter how one would look at her, the one that appeared right in front of the destroyed hatch was a little kid. Besides, the bandit remembered having heard that voice before. It was the same voice he heard from the opposing machiini just a bit ago.


[You, could you be!?]




And then, the little girl smashed the head of the bandit into pieces with the war hammer she had at hands.




By the time Bela and Bal returned to the caravan that was at the road after finishing their battle, that place had already become one filled with the smell of blood. There were more than twenty human bodies fallen at the surroundings, but many of them had dirty attires and were mostly bandits.


[Ah, you´ve really helped us, Bela-san.]


The one that left the machiini and went to talk to Bela was Kooza, the tradesman. While giving her usual “hyahyahya” laughs, Bela answered to those words Kooza said with a smile, saying “Well, I´m just doing my job”.


Currently, Bela was working as the escort of the Benmark company´s caravan, which was heading to the city of Morson. With that said, this time, what Bela and the others were looking forward to wasn´t their job as escorts of the caravan, but the subjugation of the lured bandits.


Recently, losses from caravans that travelled from Colossus to Morson without escorts have been continuing to occur. Because of that, Bela had Kooza prepare a caravan purposely without any machiinis guarding, moving as a bait. Behind them, Bela and Bal would stealthily follow from the forest.


Just as planned, they subdued the bandits that showed up. The members caravan were made up with highly skilled warriors and an element pilot, so it wasn´t like they were defenseless against the bandits.


[Hah, so it´s finished? I feel this really took up some of my lifespan.]


Borudo said. He was behind Kooza, still piloting his gnome. His shield was tainted in black.


“What, did you get done in?”


[There was a salamas among the bandits. Really, I thought I was going to die.]


Borudo answered to Bela´s question. The salamas would make use of the fire it emitted as a weapon. Though it is a different story if the fight is between a machiini and an element, against humans of flesh body, it was the element that held the advantage.


“So, what happened on your side?”


“Yeah, look at those.”


When Bela took from her pocket two stones, whispering suddenly started to arise at the surroundings.


“So you obtained two dragon heart stones out of the four machiinis?”


Kooza said, half-shocked.


Those were the dragon heart stones of the machiini of the boss of the bandit group that Bela defeated and of the machiini that Bal didn´t destroy at the beginning. The machiinis were hard and sturdy. Because of that, to defeat a machiini, it was essential to destroy not the machiini, but the pilot or the dragon heart stone. But even so, Bela and Bal got two dragon heart stones from half of the machiinis without having to destroy them.


One thing was the elemental standing there at the place. However, once the hired warriors saw the dragon heart stone, they sent a gaze of longing at it. To them, to get in their hands the existence of what would be called the machiini within their lifetime was one of their goals.


“Now, I would like to buy the machiinis right now. Would that be acceptable?”


“That´s fine. The damage at the hull is just fine for getting them to move. Well, I was about to use up some money for a few investments, so this is right in the time.”


And then, Bela gave her usual “hyahyahya” laugh. They would soon arrive at their destination; the city of Morson.


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  1. Thank you Lue-kun.

    [So you´re gay? Two dirty assholes lining up one behind the other and so. It gotta really smell.]

    I really cant imagine a little girl saying this… Hyahyahya~


  2. Tks for the new chapter.
    As for ガーメの首 thingy, it literately means “Turtle’s head” or the first part of penis. But u can leave it as it is if u feel that’s so embarrased.
    Also, Aiandinna (アイアンディーナ) can be trans as “Iron Dina/D’na/Deena”.
    I always read ur chapters in smartphone, but can’t fill the text into it (wtf).


    • Considering all I´ve seen from this story, I guess this much would already come up naturally x_x

      I hate japanese english ;-; If only it would ressemble the words they originated from more -.-

      The site is kind of buggy to comment in the mobile because of the theme I chose as a model for it. I was thinking of remodelling the site, but I am so lazy I ended up postponing it until now xD


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