20.Little girl gets more slaves



After having decided the name of their mercenary group, Bela, who was in good mood because of the name, arrived at the slave trading company recommended by Kooza.


When Bela and Bal went through the gate of the slave trading company, a employee from the company went to guide them to the guest room. At the room, there were people that seemed to be the slave trader waiting for them with a smile on his face.


“You must be Bela-sama, correct? Nice to meet you, I am Alta of the slave trading company of Mouve.”


“I am Bela of the Beladonna group… Well, that´s the name I´ve just decided though. Either way, I am Bela Heiroh. I came here because  Kooza introduced you to me, but it seems like he already contacted you.”


No matter how one would look at it, Alta took the lead in the conversation without commenting about Bal being a slave and lacking any puzzlement on his face despite looking at Bela, who was just a young girl of six years old.


Having guessed that Alta was treating her like that because Kooza contacted them, Alta nodded to her. Originally, there usually would be surprise of some extent when one saw Bela. However, there was none of that in Alta. Bela felt he was a person that had quite the nerves of steel.


“Now then, on what business have you come here today? I´ve heard you desired to buy battle slaves.”


Hearing Alta´s question, Bela said “That´s right”.


“I want one element pilot. I´ve also been thinking to buy more slaves if there are any other good ones there. Is there any good one?”


Hearing those words, Alta said “Yes, there is” while strongly nodding. Alta said Bela was very lucky for coming to his company at that time. Apparently, they had bought new products in these last few days.


Bela didn´t know whether this was true or not, but after seeing the list Alta showed her, it seemed that it wasn´t necessarily a lie.


And then, Bela decided she would meet the element pilots that went by the starting line of twenty million goldin, and also some of the slaves of the giant Daina race that she wanted to see.


Alta came with three elfs, five dwarfs and three slaves of the Daina race. Alto brought the ones as requested, so their quality wasn´t bad. But having that in regard…


“All of them look more or less good, but were them the ones that were sold to you in a bulk?”


Those slaves were of equal quality compared to the ones from Colossus.


“Yes, that´s correct. Just as I have mentioned before, yesterday, we had a new shipment of slaves. They were the personal belongings of lord Loua, a noble from the south, but since he has passed away, it became that it was to be left for the local companies to deal with the belongings of the deceased lord.”


Alta answered.


“…I see. Well, since the quality is good, you don´t need to go over the top like that. Either way, take away the women. Even if they can do it with my slaves and birth some brats, it will be a pain to have them.”


“Ah, yes.”


Alta´s eyes became blank after hearing Bela´s honest words. Behind her, Bal showed a wry smile


And so, after moving out the female slaves, the only ones left were one Elf, five Dragonyults, and two Dainas. Bela looked at the leaving female warrior of the Daina race with curious eyes, being surprised she was a woman. Even so, although she was curious, it didn´t mean she particularly had any interest in her. After that, she started appraising the slaves.(TL note: The word used is “admire” xD)


“That elf there seems like he lacks a few nutrients.”


Looking at the weakly figure elf that was made to stand naked just as, Bela said. With that said, he should have the strength since he remained among the other slaves. By seeing he had some trained muscles despite having a slim body being a trait of the elf race, it was possible to noticed that. However, it seemed it was below Bela´s standards.


“I get the feeling that one got used to being fucked.”


Bal said rudely. Seeing the Elf becoming reddened due to Bal´s gaze, Bela asked.


“Is that kind of guy your type?”


“It isn´t like I didn´t do it with men as well, particularly…”


Bal answered to Bela´s question. Bal believed that one shouldn´t be picky when having that kind of thing dealt with when in the middle of the war. Bal was the type of man that was essentially fine with things as long as he could fight. All other things would be the next priorities.


“Well, that guy is gay. I don´t need that kind in my mercenary group.”


Saying that, Bela now looked at the group of Dragonyults. It was difficult to read the expressions on those faces that looked like both that of a snake and of a dragon, but it seemed that all of them were definitely warriors. Among them, there was one Dragonyult that had half of his face with inflamed skin.


“It looks like there is one of a different breed.”


Bela said to Alta as she looked at that Dragonyult. Compared to the other Dragonyults, she got an eerie impression from him for some reason.


“Yes, he is called Jadan. He uses a bomber model. His price is higher, but on the other hand, he has the strength to make up for that.”


Alta said to Bela. The bomber model was a Salamas that used explosions of etter. Its capabilities could outdo even that of machiinis depending on the situation.


“Very pricy.”


“Yes. Well, the cost is thirty eight million goldin.”


Alta smoothly answered Bela. That was a price one could buy an average machiini. That price also showed the value Alta believed that Dragonyult had.


“What do you think?”


Bela asked Bal.


“If you are getting him in our mercenary group, then he would be barely passing. If he doesn´t show results in one month, we would have wasted our funds.”


Bal answered Bela´s question. He didn´t say whether it was good or bad to buy him. The reason why he didn´t refuse was because he felt Jadan could be of use.


“I see. Well, I will think about it.”


Bela said. There could be other slaves she might want to buy. At least, considering the price, if she was to buy Jadan, they wouldn´t be able to buy anyone else. It was necessary to see whether he was really worth this much.


After that was the Dainas. Although originally they would be showing their strength at this time, neither of the two got Bela´s interest.


“If there was any that was like the one on your match at that day, I would have immediately bought him.”


“Indeed, that guy was very good. His name was Verzef, right?”


Hearing Bela´s words, Bal nodded. Verzef, the giant that tried to kill Bal in his match at the colosseum; it couldn´t be said that he was a good person, but he would make best use of his body of the Daina race. When Bal faced those dynamic attacks, even him had his heart beating faster.


With that said, among the Daina slaves Alta had, there weren´t any that had talent of that extend. With that, Bela decided to dismiss the idea of buying any Dainas.


After that, after having also checked the other elements, in the end, the only one that got Bela´s interest was Jadan, the pilot of the bomber model Salamas. Although he was expensive, Bela believed he was worth as much. What seemed that could become a problem was his personality. However, Bela didn´t seem to be worrying about that.


Bal also didn´t say anything about that in particular. Thinking that, Bela decided to buy Jandan.


“Hihi, what a cute master. I will be in your care from now on, hihihi.”


Jadan, who had been purchased, said while giving a disturbing laugh and putting his tongue out like a snake. Bal looking, but Bela wasn´t intimidated at all. She simply said “I will be counting on you” in her normal tone, and then signed the slave contract.


And then, she asked Alta about something in the list that she was wondering about. The dwarfs were the most populous spiritual race in this region. Although there wasn´t any problem in particular to her because Bela already had Borudo, she felt there was something wrong for there to not be any here.


“Yes. It seems that our knight group is being enthusiastic in making an offensive. It seems that they have been buying and hiring dwarfs. The transactions are being centered on Deidon-sama, the lord of this land.”


“I see.”


With that, Bela thought that it might be better if she didn´t show Borudo off too much. She didn´t expect much of him as a fighting force, but she couldn´t let go hands of him since he was necessary for the maintenance of the machiinis. Altas continued his talk.


“It seems that most of our soldiers that remained at the mining town were killed at their last standing. The dwarf slaves that were there for mining purposes too. Looking from the perspective of Paroma, slaves of the kingdom of Ruuin are nothing more than useless baggage.”


“Well, I guess so.”


The fate of slaves whose master died is to follow the master to death. Although the time of activation varied depending on the contents of the contract, from the point the master dies, after a certain time, the restraint curse of the slave mark would activate. With the continuous agony, in less than one hour the slave would fall in madness and meet their death.


Of course, there were ways to avoid that. If there was someone that could represent the master in the contract, there wouldn´t be any problems as long as that person didn´t die too; whether that person would release the slave from the contract, pass the ownership to another person, or perhaps to the slave trading company that made the contract. There also existed ways of releasing the slaves for the companies that used the same formula for the contracts.


But most of the cases were that the slaves would be sold dirt-cheap and live their last days in the same way they had. Being released by the company was mostly only on specific cases. And so, it could be said that the life of the master was the same as his own life for a slave.


Essentially, it was impossible for the slave trading companies of the kingdom of Paroma to release the dwarf slaves of the Ruuin kingdom. Since they were going to die anyway, it would be best to have them die sooner. If the master of the slave had submitted to Paroma and was able to keep living, then the story would be different though.


In either case, having bought a new slave, Bela left the building of the slave trading company while bringing Jadan along with her. And then, after buying equipment for Jadan and having lunch, she planned to head to the mercenary association and meet with the mercenary Kooza had recommended to her.


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