22.Little girl make preparations



“Really, there is nothing to do.”


Borudo muttered. Borudo was at the back of the wagon the machiinis were loaded in. He was watching over it by himself.


“Are you by yourself there? I am also here on guard duty. It can´t be helped both of us have nothing to do.”


“You´re not wrong.”


Borudo was at the storehouse that was located next to the inn Kooza recommended. It was the machiini garage of the customers that went to stay in the inn. [Iron Dinna] and [Musashi] were both inside the garage, still on the wagon. Together with them was Borudo, watching over them.


The one that came to talk to Borudo seemed to also be a slave from a mercenary group that was staying at the inn. Seeming like the mercenary group had eight machiinis, and moreover, was a big mercenary group by itself. And so, other than the slave that came to talk to Borudo, there were other three slaves.


“That´s a face I´ve not seen yet. Did you just arrive here?”


“Yes, we´ve just arrived from Colossus. Looks like your mercenary group is a really big one though.”


Hearing Borudo say that, the slave said “Well, I guess”.


“It is Jairo Don-sama´s mercenary group Don. What is yours?”


“Mine is… Hm, Bela mercenary group, Heiroh mercenary group? Maybe…. something like that?”


“What´s with that?”


Saying that, the slaves laughed while Borudo made a wry smile. Borudo still didn´t know that by this time Bela had already decided that the name of her mercenary group was going to be Beladonna. After finishing his friendly chat with the slaves that had come to talk to him, a voice came from outside.


“Those big inns are really at a different level.”


“How has it been on your side?”


“We´ve been alternating between camping outside and living in the city. We were planning on going back to the front lines right away after all. But then, I´ve heard about you from Kooza-danna and waited for you, you see.”


Hearing that, Borudo made an bitter face and said “Oh, so they came”. Seeing his expression, the other slaves also understood it was his master that had come.


“It seems that my master arrived. Now then, I will going back.”


“Yeah. If you wanna talk about something, I can lend my ears anytime. Work hard there.”


Borudo went to meet his master while waving his hand to the cheering of the other slaves.


“Yoh, it seems you´ve returned very early, mast…”






Receiving the restraining curse of his slave mark, Borudo fell down, rolling on the ground in pain.


“Yes, that´s a nice voice. I came back. You properly did your job, right?”


“Ah, yes, no problems. By the way, why did you use the….”


Having the restraining curse activated, Borudo sent a gaze of protest with his teary eyes.


“I had the feeling that you were chitchatting with some other people without watching over the machiinis. Am I wrong?”


Hearing Bela´s words, Borudo´s mouth was shut into the letter ”へ”. Bela wasn´t wrong. However, Borudo thought that it hadn´t been to the point she would need to activate the restraining curse. However, if he was to answer back to her, more punishment would be waiting for him. And so, Borudo endured it with his mouth shut.


The slaves of the Don mercenary group were watching Borudo suddenly getting attacked by a little girl with their eyes wide-open.  


“We-well, alright. More importantly, master, are those people the mercenaries master has hired?”


“Yes, she is Maia, the leader of the Rozen mercenary group, and this guy is Gauro, the vice-leader. Both are machiini pilots. Now, this guy is…”(TL: So Gauro is the vice leader? my impression of that mercenary group got a bit lower -.-)


When Bela glanced at Jadan, he stepped forward and lowered his head.


“Hihi, are you Borudo-senpai? I am Jadan. I will be on your care.” (TL note: Seeenpaaaai T.T)


“Ye-yeah. Me too.”


As the pressure given by Jadan´s inflamed left part of his face made Borudo´s face slightly twitch, he returned the greeting while trying to make a senpai-like friendly smile.


“That guy uses a bomber model. I will be grouping you up together with him, so be good friends.”


“Geh, ah, no, understood.”


Borudo leaked those complaints without thinking. Although he was looking at Jadan, Jadan was just moving his tongue like a snake. Borudo didn´t know what kind of emotion he was showing in the expression of his reptilian face.


“Borudo, first of all, have a look at this.”


And then, behind Jadan, Bal came up carrying two giant barrels and left them on the ground. Looking at that, Borudo gulped.


“That is, boose?”


Hearing Borudo´s question, Bela said.


“We will be departing on the day after. I will let you drink tonight so that you can cheer up. I didn´t have the time, so I couldn´t prepare you a woman.”


Hearing the word “woman”, Maia gazed at Bal, but it seemed that he didn´t notice. And then, seeing that Borudo´s eyes were glued at the barrels, Bela gave a satisfied laugh. After that, she said to Borudo.


“After I am finished showing Maia our machiinis, we will be going to the inn. You can do whatever you want after that.”


“Is that… No, is that fine?” (TL note: First part was said informally, and the second one more formally. Couldn´t find a way to put it in english -.- ->いいのか……いや、いいんですかい?<-)


Bela strongly nodded at Borudo´s question.


“Yes. if you want, you can even go treat yourself with those onii-sans there. They even gave some company to the lonely you after all.”


It seems Borudo was completely exposed on the fact he had been talking in his job.


It seemed the slaves of the Don mercenary group that were looking from afar were making a happy face after hearing Bela´s words. Just as she previously stated, Bela went to show Maia her machiinis, and after that, she went back inside the inn.




“Now then, have a seat.”


“Yeah. But really, the inner decoration of those expensive inns are really well done.”


Maia said as she looked inside her room, and then she sat down at a chair close-by.


“It´s not like you wouldn´t be able to get this much of a room for yourself.”


Although Bela stated that, Maia didn´t think she would want to go her way just to stay at a room of such high standards. Ignoring Maia, who was shrugging her shoulders at her words, Bela took out her money pouch from the sack she was carrying at her hands. The sound of the coins resounding, attracted Maia´s attention.


“Although Gauro decided to remain there…. Well, it looks like he want to get close to the slaves. There is also that he is interested in that gladiator though….”


“It seems Bal is pretty famous around here after all. Well, it can´t be helped.”


Saying that, Bela divided the money inside the pouch and put the other amount inside another pouch.


Although Gauro had the intention to investigate the situation of Bela´s mercenary group, Bela herself didn´t have any reason to hide it in particular, so she didn´t need to worry about that. Tying up the pouch, she put it on the table in front of Maia. She also put the other pouch together with it.


“So, this is what I will be paying you in advance. And this what I will pay that Jakan mercenary group you told me about in advance.”


“Let me check the amount.”


“Do as you wish.”


Receiving Bela´s permission, Maia opened wide the pouch and checked the amount of money inside.


“So, can I leave the negotiations with the Jakan to you?”




The Jakan mercenary group Bela was talking about was a mercenary group that had strong connections with Maia. Bela was thinking of hiring another mercenary group together with Maia´s. And so, she received Maia´s recommendation on the Jakan mercenary group.


“At tomorrow´s assembly, I will do as I promised and bring them. However, after that it is your problem.”


Hearing Maia´s words, Bela gave her “Hyahyahya” laugh.


“Well, if they complain, I can just convince them.”


“Can you stop? Gauro already has quite the trauma here.”


Because Maia said that with a bitter face, Bela laughed even more.


“Well, I will convince them with my machiini this time. If I do that, they should accept the contract.”


Hearing those words, Maia nodded while giving an even more bitter smile. Maia herself didn´t know Bela´s strength. She saw her machiinis before, but although Maia thought the machiini Bela used was that knight group model, it seemed it wasn´t the case. Although that machiini had a gimmick ability at one of its arms, Maia felt it should still be young and lack specs.


Maia was welling up in interest wondering how Bela was going to manage the situation.


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