26.Little girl scolds



“Gah, aaahh!”


Borudo´s groaning resounded through the inn´s machiini garage. Writhing with both his hands on the floor, Borudo, who had an incredible number of swollen marks at his back, lost his consciousness due to the amount of pain and fell down to the ground.


“Master, with that, it is the hundredth.”


Beside Borudo was Bal. Holding the whip used for disciplining, he asked for Bela´s direction. Even the acclaimed Bal started to become somewhat tired after having done a hundred whiplashes. With the sweat running down his forehead and accumulating at his chin, the sweat drop dripped down to the floor.


Nodding to Bal, Bela turned her eyes to the man that was standing at the side. And then, the man nodded.


“I have certified the punishment. Thank you for the hard work.”


“Give lord Deidon my best regards.”


The man lowered his head in response to Bela´s words. Then, he left the place, ultimately leaving the garage. After a short while, passing by the man, the Dragonyult Jagan went inside the garage.


“The man sent by lord Deidon got in his carriage and left. Hihihi.”


Hearing that, Bela made a “good grief” face.


“So it finally ended. Shit, the amount of unnecessary problems only increased.”




Kooza, who was at the side, lowered his head. Originally, Kooza had been one of the reasons why Bela was invited. But even so, Bela shook her head.


“That´s not something you need to be sorry about. It is my fault for not being more thorough with this slave´s disciplining. Really.”


Saying that, Bela looked at Jadan while combing her hair upwards and gave him a command.


“Jadan, splash some water at Borudo.”


“Hihihi. Water, is it? Understood. Yoisho*”


Picking up the pot that was on the floor, he threw all the water onto Borudo´s head. Water entered Borudo´s mouth and nose, making him wake up while coughing and spitting out the water.


“So, you woke up. You idiot.”


Hearing Bela say that like everything was a pain in the ass, Borudo sweared at her while grinding his teeth.


“Damn it!”




Once again chanting the restraining curse, Borudo went rolling at the ground, screaming.


“I´m the one supposed to be saying that. You really had the nerve to put up a show there. I was about to get in danger too.”


“Shit, that guy, killed Mana.”




Kooza sent Bela a puzzled look. Bela opened her mouth, clarifying his confusion.


“You see, it´s those girls we got from the bandit group before. Apparently, they had their village destroyed. Though they were made into slaves later, it seems there were some that got bought by that lord.”


Hence, she got killed and her head was placed there. Although it might have been that she did something wrong and was subjected to punishment, there were no doubts it was that lord the one that killed her.


“Yes… I see. So he became attached to them during the way back to Colossus.”


Becoming convinced, Kooza nodded. Kooza too was worried about Borudo´s excessive reaction.


“You see, barking at nobles is stuff only idiots do. You know what´s going to happen to you if I return you, right?”


“Like I care.”


Coughing blood from his mouth, Borudo glared at Bela.


It has been two hours since Borudo confronted the lord of the region, Deidon.


After Borudo, who shouted when he was met with the row of fresh heads, was restrained by the restraining curse, he was physically restrained and tied up outside. After that, Bela and Deidon began their conversation.


With that said, it wasn´t like they talked about anything in particular. Bela had only been called to meet up with the lord. There weren´t any kind of promises or anything else.


And so, if one was to ask what their exchange was, it would be only the standard greetings, questions about the strength of Bela´s machiini, her achievements until now, the current situation of the war, and promises of financing her in the war to some extent that were at most only verbal.


After that, despite having finished their conversation, they still weren´t even over Borudo´s actions. What Borudo did was close to rebellion against nobility. If Bela hadn´t stopped him and turned him in, there would be no mistakes he would be executed at the place. Borudo being left with only a hundred whiplashes was a light punishment.


“All those things you were about to say to that lord then wouldn´t change anything. He is the type of guy that cuts the heads of his own slaves because he doesn´t have enough heads. He doesn´t care a bit about the lives of others except for those of nobility. You and me are at the same boat there.”


Hearing those words, Borudo twisted his face. It was because he knew that that he wanted to bark to Deidon so that his words could reach him. However, Borudo´s voice didn´t reach him. As she looked at Borudo, Bela continued her words.


“Besides, because of the way you reacted to the heads, he might come up with all the heads of the girls we released from that bandit group the next time we meet.”




Borudo, who was taken by the shock, was showered with words by Bela.


“After all, you see, you didn´t back down even after what happened then. He hates your type the most in this kind of competition, so he will be eager to try getting you to submit. For that, he will do anything no matter how excessive. He has the money, so he might gather up all the girls. I would do that if it were me. If you have money, you have power. He is the type of guy that would go to that extent in order to force the other party to submission.”


“Don´t screw with me.”


Hearing Borudo´s shout, Bela said in response.


“You don´t screw with me, Borudo!”


Hearing those words, his face became twisted in anger.


“If you don´t have any ways to stop him, then you shouldn´t be barking. Justice with no power does nothing but harm. Think well about that. Your words almost killed me, those two there, Kooza, and the girls, you see.”


Borudo glared at Bela after hearing her words. However, he didn´t have any words to answer back with. And so, he dropped down his eyes in frustration.


“Well, he isn´t a guy with time to play around, so the chance of him doing this kind of thing against someone that doesn´t have hostility against him is low. However, it isn´t zero. From now on, think well what your actions will bring before acting.”


“…Damn it.”


As he let out those words, Borudo fell to the floor. He was still in pain due to the whiplashes. He probably reached his limit. It seemed that Borudo lost his consciousness.




Bal looked at Bela. Bela nodded in response to his gaze. While telling Bal to take care of Borudo, she left the garage along with Jagan and Kooza.




After that, Bela parted ways with Kooza outside the inn, and was now walking at the city along with Jagan. And then, along the way, Jagan spoke.


“But master held on really well.”


Hearing those words, Bela let out an “Oya?” without turning her head to Jagan.


“Did it look like I was holding on?”


“Yes, kinda.”


As Jagan was putting his tongue out of his mouth like a snake, Bela responded to him.


“Are you saying I sympathized with my own slave and got angry because of that?”


“If it´s about getting angry for that guy, then nope. Not at all.”


“You hurt my feelings like that.”


“Hihihi. Rather, if it´s about sympathizing, then aren´t you doing that? You should at least be thinking of them as pitiful, right?”


Bela said “I´m also a human after all” while acting like it wasn´t that big of a deal.


In fact, Bela too thought it was pitiful. However, at the same time, she also knew it couldn´t be helped.


To the nobility, common people and slaves weren´t humans, but an existence closer to livestock. Although not all of the nobles were like that, at least the man Bela met was of that type. Mana, who was dead at that time, would have costed from about five hundred thousand goldin to a million goldin. That was the price of a life. To a noble, this was a cost you could play around with. He didn´t illiberally cut the head of any of the people like the ones that were now walking around at the city, so although it was settled in her contract that Mana would have some extent of freedom, it could only be said it wasn´t unfair. (TL note: Not sure how to translate this ->自前の奴隷<- in english. Remember how it was mentioned that Mana would be able to amass money so that one day she could buy herself her freedom? It would be referring to that there.)


“”Well, for us, that guy is easier to get on with though.”


So Bela thought. From what Bela had of talk with him, Deidon had the flexibility of recognizing people that can bring out results. He should be an adaptive one among the wise of the nobles. He was someone that was thankful of having impressive people working for him even if they were common people like Bela or Kooza.


“But you hate that kind of type, right?”


Bela laughed at Jagan´s words with her usual “Hyahyahya”. It was because he was right on point that she couldn´t help but laugh.


“He is the type that makes me want to punch at the eye.”


There was a ferocious glint in Bela´s eyes when she said that.


Deidon Lobunarl was indeed a person that it would be easier for Bela to ally herself with. However, in terms of personal feelings, he wasn´t the type of person she could forgive. In short, she didn´t like him.


Bela didn´t intend on impulsively doing things she couldn´t do in the same way Borudo did. However, she didn´t have the naivety to misread when it was the time to kill. As she was imagining the day a blade would be protruding from that man´s chest, the young girl walked at the city.


Her destination was the bar the Rozen guild was gathered at. Deidon left her with the preparations of the war. Clicking her tongue at how she was going to become busy from tomorrow on, Bela walked forward.


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  1. Sankyu for the chapters once again~

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    Barely should be changed to nearly. As Barely is still sufficient enough to kill, while nearly is just a little bit short.


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