28.Little girl laughs



[Hyahyahya. Ohh, so nice. It really gets me excited.]


The red machiini stood at the battlefield.


Differently from the other battles, Paroma was focusing on Ruuin´s main forces on this one. At the surroundings were corpses of knight model machiinis fallen, allied soldiers crushed and cut, having their horrid corpses fallen around throughout the whole place.


The only ones standing there were the mercenary machiinis of Paroma. Only now were their gazes filled with killing intent being focused at the red machiini, which had killed one of their companions.


Against all those gazes, the only one at the side of the red machiini [Iron Dinna] was the knight model machiini [Musashi]. It was standing behind the red machiini awaiting for orders. The mercenary machiini [Rozen] and the knight model machiini being rescued by it were already retreating to the rear. Because of that, the only ones present were [Iron Dinna] and [Musashi].


They were outnumbered.


There were at least eight mercenary machiinis allied with Paroma. Among them, one of them was now at the ground near Bela´s feet. And now, there was one more machiini approaching.


[You bastard. How dare you kill Zagil.]


[Yeah, you don´t need to thank me.]  


The approaching mercenary machiini swung down its axe, directing it at [Iron Dinna]. Stepping on the foot pedal with all her might and pressing forward, Bela avoided the attack with the minimum movement that was as dexterous as if she was weaving fabric now.


[She got at my flank!?]


[See? Now get eaten.]


Bela drew the knife at the waist and pieced it through the chest of the mercenary machiini.


That feat happened in an instant with flowing movements. From the chest of the machiini, blood flowed. Blood was gushing out from the lump of meat inside the cockpit. The liquid of life returned to the soil as if it was because it didn´t suit a body that had no life in it, hence spilling out from the chest of the machiini.


The machiinis of Paroma only required a bit of time to understand what happened. Almost too naturally, one of their comrades was killed. They had been too late to guess what the situation before their eyes really was.


[K-kill her. Kill the mercenary of Ruuin!”


Receiving the angry yell of one of the machiinis, the machiinis of Paroma charged at the red machiini [Iron Dinna] all at the same time.


[Hyahyahya. Bal, how is it? Isn´t that a funny spectacle? Isn´t it?]


[Yes, that´s right, master. I can´t have enough of that.]


Bal nodded at Bela´s words.


[Well, for the time, you will just be getting used to the controls now. Don´t go getting too much animated today, alright?]


And then, silvery smoke also blew from the pipe coming from [Iron Dinna]´s back. Bela dashed forward.


[This is my show.]


Saying that, she dived into the crowd of machiinis. Normally speaking, this couldn´t be seen as anything but reckless. However, for Bela, this was far from being so.




In her first attack, she lowered her stance, having her war hammer come from a lower position. Holding the handle of the war hammer right at the utmost tip of the handle and using all her might along with the centrifugal force, she hit the machiini in front of her eyes at its waist.




[This guy]


And then, Bela deflected the attack of the approaching spear-wielding machiini with her buckler. Following it by kicking down the machiini whose frame at the waist was pulverised, Bela jumped back.




[Stop there. Danilo´s machiini is under you.]




Together with the scream was the metallic sound of the machiinis falling down.


Machiini´s had bad field of view. It was bad to the point that one couldn´t react to sudden movements made at very close range. It was to the point one wouldn´t be able to react to an obstacle that suddenly fell to the ground even if one had a good amount of skill.


Among the machiinis that came charging, two machiinis were caught by the machiini that was at the ground, falling down. The spear-wielding machiini hit by Bela also pulled back due to the damage it had. Bela decided to focus on the axe-wielding and the sword-wielding machiinis, which were coming from another direction where the fallen machiini wasn´t at.


[Now then, I wonder if you can take this from me.]


While saying that, Bela threw her war hammer against the axe-wielding machiini.


[Don´t take me lightly.]


However, as to be expected, the opponent wasn´t soft to the point he would be defeated with only that. Because of how they were assaulting a base where there were knight model machiinis, there was no way they weren´t skilled. Before the impact, the machiini readied the axe it held at hands. And then, the axe-wielding machiini deflected the flying war hammer. However, that action had him to stop his feet. Without stopping, the sword-wielding machiini at the right advanced.


It became established by that that it was going to become a one-on-one fight now.


However, the red machiini let go of its weapon. Its knife was also stuck at one of the fallen machiinis, being impossible to recover. Having all that in mind, the sword-wielding machiini decided to finish the red machiini at once.


And then, the approaching sword-wielding machiini raised its sword






Deflecting the swung down sword with her buckler and stepping on the foot pedal, Bela got close at range to him.


[This damn idiot!]


The sword-wielding machiini shouted. The enemy didn´t have any weapons she could kill him with. Because of that, he smirked. Even if the red machiini was to grapple him, there were only allies at his surroundings. And so…


“”It will be you the one dying here.””


It happened immediately after the man thought that. Something red appeared before his eyes. And then, his own consciousness disappeared in the physical sense along with the container that carried it.




The sound of machinery resounded.(TL note:What would ガコンッと be? =.=)


Bela´s stinger had pierced her opponent at the chest, going through all the way to the cockpit. After taking the stinger out of the chest of the fallen machiini, Bela stole its sword and charged at the axe-wielding machiini that was charging at her in a suicidal manner.




Raising its axe upward, the opponent challenged [Iron Dinna]. The allied mercenary in front of his eyes; his companion that came to war together with him had been killed. The axe-wielding machiini was boiling with anger. However, in regards to her angry opponent, Bela simply threw the sword she had just stole at him.




And then, the sword pierced the axe-wielding machiini at the joint of the left arm.


[Tch, so that´s how far you go?]


[Get crusheeeeeed!!]


Kicking up the war hammer that was fallen on the ground and grasping the war hammer that was then sent to the air, [Iron Dinna] swung it down at its opponent´s head.




Along with the weird scream, the head of the machiini became carved into the torso. The cockpit made up most of a machiini´s torso. In other words, the torso was mostly hollow, making machiinis weak to impacts that came from above. Without knowing what was happening, the pilot inside had his whole body compressed. With that, he should have died.


[How dare you do this with Miguel…]


Behind Bela, the other machiini that didn´t fall down to the ground before assaulted her with his spear. Because of how he was mumbling, it made one wonder if he was crying.


[A man that really loves his comrades. Hyahya.]


However, the spear wouldn´t reach Bela.


By the time he came to notice the sound of impact, [Iron Dinna] had taken a step to the side, letting the spear pass by, while he had been hit at the chest by its buckler.


Although there were crystal eyes at the back because of how machiinis couldn´t move their necks, it was harder to see the details compared to when using the ones at the front. Although it wasn´t possible for one to react to an attack coming from behind no matter what, Bela had just done so. Using the stinger that was still out, Bela pierced at the cockpit from the gap between the opened legs, destroying it by making use of the basics of torque.




[Hyahya, now we meet.](TL note:I dunno how to put that in english ->ヒャッヒャ、ご対面だよぉ<- She is commenting about how she was now meeting the pilot now that he was out of the machiini)


Just like that, she pressed the index finger of her machiini onto the scared pilot, crushing him. That finger was now tinged in fresh blood.


And then, the red machiini stopped.


This battle happened in less than one minute. In this little time, five machiinis in total were destroyed. The machiini whose waist was destroyed also seemed to be unfit for combat.


The two machiinis that had fallen to the ground were now stepping back while shrieking. However, Bal came at them from the side and killed them. Although there were those two remaining, Bal dealt with them.


[I wonder if I shouldn´t have done that, master.]


[I don´t really mind.]


Bela cheerfully answered Bal. Even if she was to kill opponents that already lost their will to fight, it wouldn´t be fun after all. Even if he had the two stolen away from her, it didn´t really matter.


[Shit. You guys… If the leader Dyunan was here, you would….]


[You are breaking the mood. Shut up.]


Saying that, Bela stroke the same war hammer that had broken the waist of that machiini at its chest. After that, the voice vanished.


[Really, those are really boring fellows. Depending on others… Really a disgrace for machiini pilots. You are piloting those big ones after all. I was hoping someone with some fiber to appear soon.]


While saying that, Bela looked at the direction killing intent was coming from.


[I wonder if there isn´t any.]


The one standing there was a machiini that had been reconstructed into a knight model. Its body was heavily armored and had white and black lines blended together. The ambiance wafting around it was clearly different from the machiinis now fallen around the place.


Bela guessed it was the machiini pilot called Dyunan the pilot from before was talking about.




[That´s my prey.]


Although Bal was crying out a bit, he gave one step back after feeling Bela´s killing intent. That intent was telling him it was dangerous to go against the instinct of a warrior.


[I heard my subordinates were having a hard time, so I came. But to think it was such a tiny machiini.]


The voice coming out from the opposing machiini was one of surprise. It was raw surprise without any scorn mixed up into it.


It was a machiini that had just grown over the three meters high, and was mostly unmodified from its base model. His subordinates were killed by such a machiini one after the other. To Dyunan, this could only be seen as a nightmare. However, looking at the situation of the surroundings, it was possible to see it was reality.


“”Oh, so there was an interesting one.””


On the other hand, Bela picked up a certain weapon that was at the ground without minding her opponent´s gaze. That weapon was even more interesting than the opponent before her eyes.


It was a chainsaw. It was a peculiar weapon of exuberant thickness made up of bizarrely small blades lined up one after another. Without thinking, Bela clicked her tongue at the atrocious design of the weapon.


“”This looks interesting.””


And then, her machiini adapted itself so that the supplying of mana from the left arm that held the stinger would become possible. Better explained, Bela connected the circulation of mana used for the stinger into the gimmick weapon chainsaw, making it available to use.


[Hyahya, that´s good stuff.]


Bela thought that weapon was a really incredible thing. Retracting the stinger, she looked at Dyunan´s machiini while holding the chainsaw with the left arm.


To Bela, he was going to be nothing more than a training partner.


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