31.Little girl gives out tasks



[Damn it. Jadan, you too do your work.]

[Good grief. I´m bad at this kind of work, you know?]

Their conversation could be heard coming from the former encampment of the Moudias family that had been given to the Beladonna mercenary company.

The place had been destroyed by the  surprise attack of the mercenary machiinis of Paroma. All of the machiinis of the Ruuin side at the place were destroyed. And so, all of his retainers died, with not a single one spared.

Because of the lack of time at the time, the Beladonna mercenary company wasn´t able to take with them the equipment necessary for the maintenance of the machiinis. And so, Bela and her whole mercenary company seized the encampment under the permission of John Moudias.

They were able to obtain the military-use transport wagons used for the transportation of machiinis that were left at the encampment. Bela was loudly laughing at her gains, but on the other hand, Borudo was making use of the equipment while wondering if that was really alright.

At any hate, they were able to obtain all those things by half threatening John Moudias on how they had saved him. Even if Borudo would impulsively oppose a noble, something such as brazenly asking permission from the noble himself and simply walk away after was too scary for him to do the same. Borudo was fearful that the nobles would now come at them at any time in order to get back at them.

[So, Borudo. What do I do with this thing?]

Jadan asked the worried Borudo. What Jadan was asking him was about the nerve cords that were sitting beside [Musashi].

Those nerve cords were one of the parts they were replacing.

The foundation of the structure of the machiini was composed by the skeletal structure of the mechanical body, the muscle tissues inside, and the nerves that connected the mana in order to allow its use. Of course, the body wasn´t made of only that. However, it was those three the ones that took up most of the body. The nerve cords were made of fiber silver-colored magic steel bundled together into a thread. It was made with the same magic steel that was gathered at the Diliard mountain range, the place where they were soon going to attack.

[The nerve cords at the shoulders are delicate after all. I will connect those back with the Frana, so you can put those back.]

However, Borudo replied to him saying those cords were unnecessary.

It was possible to recreate parts of the machiini by expending frana. That was especially the case for the muscle tissues, whose manufacturing method wasn´t known. It was a product that you could only obtain by creating it with the frana or by getting it from other machiinis.


Doing just as Borudo told him to, Jadan took the nerve cords to the machiini transport wagon and put them inside a place in the wagon that was used for storing things.

Following the instructions of Borudo, he used his own Salamas to help him out with the repair.

Though it wasn´t as good as a gnome, Jadan´s Salamas was still an element, and thus it was possible to use it for tuning machiinis.

With Jadan´s help, Borudo repaired [Musashi]´s left shoulder. Besides [Musashi]´s repair, they had also been told to do maintenance on [Iron Dinna] and to repair Deyunan´s machiini [Zahanain].

[But master is also asking us the impossible here. The machiini of that snotty guy is all wrecked.]

Hearing Jadan´s words, Borudo answered him with a sigh mixed in with his words.

[Look there, the main body isn´t damaged, see? That´s because she kept it intact.”

Just like Borudo had stated, the severity of [Zahanain]´s damage wasn´t to the point it was impossible to fix. But in truth, the arms and legs suffered damage, the head was cut off, so there weren´t many things that could move at the machiini. However, all those things were ones it was possible to take replacements from other machiinis.

In their last battle, they got parts from other machiinis more than they could possibly use. Borudo was planning to use the pieces of the knight model machiinis of John Moudias´ escorts, which were among the parts they got. Bela personally asked John for the permission to take those parts.

They were different from the Deyunan´s machiini. However, since both were knight models, the concept was mostly the same even though they were from different countries. The compatibility shouldn´t be bad.

““But really, for what we got here, it looks like we will be taking a lot of time on repairing all this.””

Even if it was possible to repair it, it would take time to connect all the parts. He would need to adapt the parts to the control of the main body, and in case it didn´t match, it would be necessary to make new joints by using up the frana. It would also take a lot of concentration to remove the cut and burnt nerve cords for only then to install and reconnect the new ones. Other than that, there was a pile of other problems. Those weren´t things he could solve in just a little bit of time.

However, it wouldn´t be a problem to postpone [Zahanain]´s repair.

They would get a lot of extra money if Borudo was able to get it done by the time Deyunan´s ransom was paid, and it was also a possibility to sell him as a slave. They would also get more combat strength if they were to have him join in the Beladonna mercenary group. Regardless of the choice, it was a good deal for the Beladonna mercenary group.

“”If I had to say, the real problem would be whether that Deyunan guy can still fight from now on with the way his condition is.””

Borudo felt that his mental state had decayed from the time he was captured. Bela had overdone it with him. Originally, Bela got him as an extra reward along with the chainsaw. Borudo imagined Bela wouldn´t mind much even if Deyunan was to break down.

“We are back.”

In the time Borudo was thinking about Deyunan, Bela´s voice resounded. It seemed the meeting had ended. Bela, along with Bal, Maia, and also Deyunan, who was being dragged by Bal, came up to him.

“”What? That guy was able to return from there alive?””

Borudo looked at Deyunan.

At the end of the day, he was the perpetrator of the last attack. Borudo thought it wouldn´t be unexpected even if he was to be executed at the place the meeting was occurring.

Though the slave treatment regulated by the blue dragon pact was shared among the countries, it was still case-by-case. If nobody was to tell on then, nothing in particular would happen to them if they were to go against the pact. To say the least, the nobility and the knights would easily be able to charge someone lower than a civilian with the crime of defamation.(TL note:-><誰も何も言わなければ違反しようが、どうなるものではない- Weird wording -.- Not sure ^^)

“Borudo, how is the progress?”

“I have finished the maintenance of master´s [Iron Dinna]. I am fixing [Musashi] right now, but it looks like the damage is a bit deep, so it will take some time.”

In the last battle, Bal had also brought down six machiinis, so this could be said to be a great victory since he only had the shoulder damaged. However, from Bela´s perspective, that result didn´t correspond to his skills, so she was angry at him. Bal felt the same way about it, so he also had a frustrated face on. He was angrier at himself than Bela was at him.

“Fine then. It should be right in time for tomorrow, right?”

“Yes. There won´t be any problems about it, but wasn´t your next battle three days from now?”

Bela shook her head. And then, she laughed.

“It´s tomorrow. Get [Musashi] ready by then.”

Hearing those words, Borudo answered while shrugging his shoulders.

“I was planning on thoroughly fixing it. This will make things a bit harder.”

“Yeah, I will be counting on you. Besides that, I will also be upgrading [Iron Dinna], so tune her up after that.”

Hearing Bela´s words, Borudo frowned. That was the type of work he didn´t really want to be doing right before a battle.

“The frame is brittle right after it gets generated by the frana, you know?”

In response to Borudo´s claim, Bela nodded, saying “I know it”.

“I won´t be laying my hand on the outer parts and the frame. I will just increase the muscle tissue and expand the nerve connections.”

Borudo replied “Understood”. There was a tinge of resignation in his voice. When increasing the machiini´s output capacity, it was necessary to tune the balance after. Borudo could already see that this was going to take him the whole night.

“She doesn´t have enough strength to use the chainsaw. I want her to be able to handle it perfectly.”

“It should have already been impossible for an [Iron Dinna] class machiini to be able to handle that to begin with after all. If you are planning on taking turns switching it around with the war hammer when fighting, I guess I should be able to make it work one way or another.”(TL note: ->まあ、ウォーハンマーとの使い分けならなんとかなるだろうけどよ<- Not sure. The meaning of -><- Is so… urgh… disgusting! (to translate, I mean…))

In response to Bela´s words, Borudo said.

“That´s right. So get her ready for me. By the way, Bal, after you are done locking Deyunan up, go watch over the repair of your [Musashi]. Look at its destroyed figure and reflect on your acts.”


Bal meekly answered.

After that, Bela went on her way along with Maia to the pavilion located further inside the encampment. Although the other mercenaries were giving glances at Bela, she continued to walk as if she didn´t care about it. In front of the pavilion was Golias standing there by himself.

“How did it go?”

Golias quickly asked Bela right as he saw her face. Then, Bela answered him with a smile.

“We will be attacking tomorrow since the enemy is still exhausted.”

“I see. I would say we are also exhausted here though.”

Despite what Golias was saying, the Beladonna mercenary group had just arrived recently. Because they pretty much didn´t take part in the last battle, their machiinis were in a fine condition, with the exception being Bal´s machiini.

“The nobles here are all pissed. Well, since they are so full of energy, I guess it´s fine if they go on like that. To be fair, things are going really nicely since it would have been a pain in the ass if it was three days then.”

Golias nodded at Bela. Golias was aware about the troubles that could come along over jealousy of the excessive achievements of the Beladonna mercenary company.

“I see. People say machiinis move faster the more fervent the emotions are. I guess that´s just fine.”

In response to Golias´ words, Bela answered “That´s right”.

It is said that the performance of the machiini increased by resonating with the emotions of the pilot. It was said that this was because of the resonance in the connection with receptive stones at the magic circulation increased.(TL note:Not sure -.- ->それは感応石を通じて魔力伝達の共鳴値が上がるためと言われている。<-)

“Either way, you still don´t have anything to do for now. I will have you work hard for all you´ve been slacking.”

“Understood. I am also itching for some destruction here. I will be getting my share of fun tomorrow.”

While answering him by saying “Do so to your heart´s content”, Bela looked at the pavilion before her eyes. Despite the extravagance matching the nobility, right now the lord inside it with not even one attendant serving him. At the moment, he was shutting himself inside the pavilion.

“So, our commander is inside?”

Golias nodded.

“All his subordinates were killed, so he is all alone now. It looks like he got a bit tensed up and won´t come out though.”

“Well, it can´t be helped with those fifteen spoiled young masters in the corner.”

Facing such words, Golias could only show a wry smile. Golias wanted to say “Then what about you?”. Because it didn´t look like a good response would come out from doing it, he didn´t say it  though.

“Well, for the time I have to tell him the plans decided on the meeting. I will be going in now.”

Saying that, Bela entered inside the pavilion together with Maia. Golias didn´t say anything in particular about it and simply looked at Maia´s eyes while shrugging his shoulders.

John Moudias.

He was the eldest son of the Moudias household, a high-ranked noble family that was famous in the kingdom of Ruuin. It was decided he was going to be the next head of the Moudias family.

However, right now he was nothing but a boy that had been assaulted by the surprise attack of the enemy, losing all of his subordinates, and was now shutting himself inside his tent. To Bela´s eyes, he was a very delicious existence.


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