Dust was floating around, arising to the sky. A few barely recognizable corpses lied through the wrecked field as most of the bodies were turned into ashes due to the intensity of the battle. Two girls were standing there. One had a gorgeous dress and a long light brown hair of a tone that made it look like it was orange, and the other was using maid clothes and had a simple haircut, with her black hair reaching to her shoulders.


Though it might feel strange when saying it, it was very nostalgic to Cecile, after all, this battle was one that happened right in her last moments in this world.


“We…Are back…”


With her personal maid, Cielle, they have spent countless years living in a different world and went through many trials and hardships. The fact that somehow they were able to go back to their native plane usually would have been a bliss to anyone else in a similar situation. Yet, vicious rage surged in her heart.


“Those damned bastards from the Yitian domain!! To think they used such underhanded method! Bloody cowards!!” Although Cecile would usually be very cool-headed even when comparing to other people of her cultivation level, what had happened was something that made her enraged. That was because not only it was something that could very well mean the end of their sect, but also because they were completely powerless about it.


“Calm down, milady. Haven´t you noticed yet?”


Though many years have passed, right now, their bodies were those of young teenagers, and not only that, but also they were in the clothes they were using when they first came to the other world. In fact, Cecile had noticed it from the start, but only after Cielle mentioning it and after she saw such a sadistic smile on her face that she noticed the true meaning behind their actual situation.


“Those lesser cultivators should be celebrating on how sly they were for how they´ve just got rid of a grand elder and a shadow saint without any sacrifices… Not only it was fruitless, but to think that it would be what it would set their complete downfall…. It´s just too amusing… Too amusing… Pff” In contrast to her maid outfit, Cielle demeanor was akin to an evil god pitying stupid humans. A scene that is not seen every day.


Because the remains of battle before them seemed to be very fresh, and due to their appearances, without doubt they got back into this world not much later than when they had actually left it, or so considering the flow of the time in this world. Most likely, time wasn´t connected between both worlds, and  so, they were able to get back to their world the exact moment they had left. Though, even knowing this, it was still impossible to explain why their appearance were back to how they used to be before they ended up in another world.


Nevertheless, the real meaning behind those facts was that even if a thousand years was pass, not a second would have passed in other worlds, or at least so was the case for Lin Ner. As long as they were able to get back somehow, it would be as if they had endless time to spend as they wish. If they trained for countless thousands of years and returned to the exact moment they were forced back to their native world, what would the results be?


“Though this body is unsuited, it doesn´t seem there were any changes to my power. It´s the same for you too Cielle, right?” Said Cecile as she was analyzing the effects of suddenly getting back to such fragile body. To what she checked up, it didn´t seem like there were any major problems.


“Yes, milady, there are no abnormalities.”


The powers used in Lin Ner, the world they ended up stumbling upon, mostly focused on the soul and mind, rather than simply developing the body physically. Since they were able to remain as they had been without regressing to their 16 year old selves in mind, it wouldn´t be strange for most of their powers to remain intact.


Though she was able to feel that her soul-forged weapon didn´t have any problems, since it was in a certain way not entirely spiritual, worriedly, she decided to bring it out in order to check it. As she didn´t see any problems with it, she brought it back. There was no reaction from Cielle. Probably, she knew that her own soul-forged weapon had no problems from the beginning.


Cecile calmly looked around the scenery. Though they were in a forest, due to the battle that had occurred, there was a desolate area with nothing but craters. Even though both planes were very similar, there were many little difficult to notice differences. The smell of the air, the pressure of gravity, the environment… It just felt very nostalgic to Cecile.  The dress she was using too was very nostalgic. It has been many years since the last time she got to wear something similar to that after all. Even so, she also remembered how uncomfortable and inconvenient they were in comparison to normal clothes. If possible, she would never wear them again.


“Well, then… What shall we do now?”


It has been countless years since the last time Cecile had been to this world. She didn´t remember many things about her old life, or the world itself. Other than Cielle and a few things, she only remembered how she used to be a princess from some kingdom and a few thing about her mother.


“There is no need to rush in training. As we have endless time here, I reckon we should take our time and leisurely live our life for now. After all, it is not likely we will get a chance like this again soon. Only when we are truly ready to never come back is when we should leave from this world. Milady, maybe we should go back to your kingdom, after all, mortals don´t live for too long.”


“Do we really need to go there right away?”


Cecile remembered how she used to want to go around the world explore as adventurers did, but because of her status, it would have been an impossible dream. But now, such things were no burden to her. As one that defies the writings of Siyita, a practitioner of arts that would go against the laws imposed upon the world, she couldn´t care less about it. If people dared to complain, what could they do? Just as she remembered about it, she immediately got motivated over it.


Seeing how Cielle smiled a bit, she probably had already guessed the reasoning behind her reply.


“But, are you sure?”


“Just a few years should be fine, right? It will mostly be sightseeing anyw…” She immediately stopped speaking as she noticed something she overlooked.


“Sorry, Cielle. You might have wanted to see your parents, right? If that is so, don´t worry about me. If you want me to wait for you before going on an adventure, there is n…”


“My parents… They actually have been dead long before we´ve gone to Lin Ner.”


“Ahh… I see… I´m sorry.” Cecile was so shocked that she almost stuttered, having long pauses between each thing she said. It made her face even lose a bit of color.


Though Cielle spoke in an unconcerned tone, Cecile was still afraid she had remembered some bad memories. Cecile didn´t remember well about her past life, so she had no idea how her past self didn´t know something as important as that. In fact, she was so surprised that it was the first thing that made her in shock since she advanced to the Spirit Ascendant level of cultivation. Cielle was a very important person to her; she would treat her as well as her own life. To Cecile, it was unreasonable that she didn´t know about something like that.


“Milady, don´t worry. Actually, I still have an uncle, although I don´t know where he is.”


“Then, let´s go look for him.”


“Don´t worry milady. If it is only a few years, there is no need to concern.”




Cecile didn´t know what to answer as her own argument was used against her. Cielle laughed a bit when she saw Cecile´s helplessness. Many of the times, Cielle would put Cecile´s necessities before her own.


Although Cecile didn´t saw Cielle as just a maid serving her, Cielle just couldn´t help but still want to act as her maid. Because of that, even when she thought Cielle was exaggerating, she wasn´t able to outright deny her too good of a goodwill. Of course, on many occasions at their time in Lin Ner, it could be said to be inconvenient for Cielle to address Cecile as she usually does, but even so, on occasions when it was just the two of them alone, she would address Cecile respectfully regardless of what she said. She was very stubborn at wanting to keep being Cecile´s maid.


“It´s alright, milady. We can gather information about him while we are venturing around the world. Even if we were to focus on looking for him, it wouldn´t be soon we would find him.”


” If you say so… Well, but for now, we should be leaving from here, right? People should be coming soon.”


“It is as you say, milady, but aren´t you forgetting about something?”


“I´m forgetting many things. I´m not like you to remember things so distant in the past.”


“If you put some effort, you should realize it by yourself.”


After thinking for a while, Cecile realized what Cielle was talking about. It was actually about her magic instructor. Although she doesn´t remember the details of her travelling when she went through that forest, she was attacked by a very powerful magician, or so it would be for this world´s standard.


It was surely the result of internal strife among the nobles, but even so, her magic instructor, who had nothing to do with it, risked his life to the end in order to protect her. Due to the enemy magician being in the upper hand, her instructor used some kind of forbidden magic which held great power,  and the other magician, probably due to probably assuming he would be unable to escape from it alive, responded with something similar of his own, which caused a big explosion of magic power. Before realizing, both were already in Lin Ner after that.


With a nod directed to Cielle, they both bowed in respect to the magic instructor. Albeit since the result of that exchange was a big explosion which most likely killed everyone,  it was curious to say he was their life saver, but because it was probably the nature of that magic explosion the reason both of them were sent across planes, which ultimately saved their life.


Even if it was not the real reason behind what happened, he was someone that wholeheartedly devoted himself to protecting Cecile and was deserving of her respect. Though she didn´t remember much about him, she silently swore she would someday repay her life debt she had with him. After a few moments of silence, she gazed at Cielle. It seemed there was nothing else to be done here.


“Then, I will be counting on you to guide me, Cielle.”


“Yes, milady.”


And both of them vanished as if they weren´t even there.

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