Sorry for the delay again ‘ 3’

Karma is really a pain in the ass to translate X.X

So, I’ve been thinking of reediting the whole story up to now. I got this idea after reading again the first chapter. The writting was kinda… Urgh

Indeed, it is as you expected. Willian? Not anymore. Now it will be only William with M at the end. (People apparently are often bothered by that fact…)

Besides that, I will also finally be remodelling my site, so it would do you good to not expect any chapters until next week xD

That’s all!

Karma:61.The pincer attack

5 thoughts on “[Update]

  1. you should make it into an main domain site (i.e starrydawntranslations.com or etc)
    that way you can place ads and also get revenue for your hard work Lueyuhi
    also you don’t have a patreon account right
    better create one since people using patreon is more than people using paypal


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